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  1. 😭 wrong side of the Irish sea again!!! Bargain...
  2. Are they longer truss rod nuts? Can't see how you get that in behind a truss rod adjustment nut!
  3. I think you may be reading what you want to read there boss... I didn't see any reviews of that cab for bass when I looked at it a few months back. The one that does now said the speaker didn't work for them. Yes... Well I'd take that with a HUGE pinch of salt at that price if I were you... But don't take our word for it! Get a couple bought and come back and tell everybody how they fair at WAR volume!
  4. Had it continuously for last 6 years. Had it intermittently for a few years before that - the transition occurred due to a rather nasty head cold. Blew my nose too hard, heard a loud crack, shooting pain under my left eye. Lo and behold the ringing has been there ever since. Chronic rhinitis and sinusitis was the NHS (and private) diagnosis, but both consultants were less than useless when asked about the tinnitus - "oh, don't listen to that"... easier said than done! I've found low background noise helps greatly if it's getting on your nerves, ASMR type stuff, or just listen to music. Worst thing you can do is have a constant drone of any kind - that highlights it. The road noise in my mk5 GTI Golf sends it BANANAS! My mum has hearing aids specifically because of here tinnitus and she has said it pretty much disappeared - as long as she's wearing the aids. I'm 44 and don't really fancy hearing aids, but it's heading that way... @Woodwind interesting you say that diet helps. I'll have to look into that more. My diet has been pretty terrible during lockdown which might explain why the tinnitus has been so bad! Anti inflammatory veg doesn't sound like a bad idea since her-indoors has been having more trouble with her arthritis this year too...
  5. This sort of ad makes me want to weep... Too far away...
  6. There have been other Ian Hill models in the past - I mean different from the current P only version. The one you mention is listed with a slimmer nut width in the listing than a Euro 4LX, although Bassdirect listings are all best taken with a pinch of salt. Never seen more mistakes than the short ads they put on Facebook!
  7. There's a chap on the Spector nation Facebook page getting rid of a load of Spector's for the widow of a bass playing neighbour - i think they are the same basses. Some seriously nice basses there...
  8. Bigwan

    ACG newborn

  9. That's a lot of bass for the money!
  10. I picked up the 300 watt head version of this combo recently. It's a bit unwell with broken valve and compressor sections, but it was bought as a project. Looking forward to getting it up and running!
  11. I think ashdown have really missed a trick here. Their 200 watt "Ant" pedalboard amp just can't compete with what the opposition are offering...
  12. If this had been around a few months ago...
  13. Serious question - have you tried a different amp? I borrowed a Streamliner not long after they were released. I couldn't get the bottom end of the Streamliner to work for me at all, but when I switched back to my Orange Terror it worked perfectly. I think you may be fighting a battle you can't win there. Also, you say you like a modern sound... but you're playing flats?
  14. Bill's rig for this weekend... https://www.instagram.com/p/CRrRzjAH_9o/?utm_medium=copy_link
  15. From my recent playlist - Devin Townsend Project (oddly tuned to match open C on guitar - GCGCG), Plini (5 string in drop C#), Tesseract (typically in drop A).
  16. Pay cash on collection. Bring your own amp to try it out. What am I missing that screams scam?
  17. First port of call will be the bypass JFETs in the footswitch/panel switching section, but we'll see! The compressor chip isn't completely unobtainable thankfully and the amp operates fine with the tube and compressor stages bypassed so still lots of Trace goodness for little outlay.
  18. Update: Shipping sorted, money paid, amp shipping this week!!! Needs some work as the valve and compressor stages aren't working, but looking at the schematic I've a fair idea where to start looking.
  19. With low tuned guitars the OP would probably better inverting that EQ setting (within reason! Nothing too extreme!). The biggest mistake anyone in a band can make is to EQ solo, because you'll only sound good solo.
  20. Need to high pass those bad boys at about 150Hz...
  21. Do you mean a hybrid amp? Valve pre, mosfet power? Ashdown ABM would be my first thought, but I wouldn't disregard class d amps too quickly or you miss out on the glory that is the Orange Terror Bass.
  22. Tube amps? Was that an autocorrect?
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