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  1. someone is going to be very happy with this.
  2. great bass for a great price IMO. I love these, but already have 2.
  3. [quote name='Bobby K' post='1212961' date='Apr 27 2011, 06:31 PM']While we're on the subject, somebody just sent me this, check it out.... YYZ with the bass isolated [url="http://www.musicintheabstract.org/rush-oddities/audio/yyz-rhythm.mp3"]YYZ bass[/url] It was posted on Rushisaband.com, along with other goodies Find them here: [url="http://www.rushisaband.com/blog/2011/04/26/2593/New-Rush-audio-odditiesrarities-from-MitA"]Rush oddities[/url][/quote] Yes, I look on rushisaband most days. Been a Rush fanatic since 1979 aged 11. Not missed them since signals tour. The NEC makeover is great as the LG, so Im looking forward to see how this works for them. Im Block A row D, Alex side, but I/m looking forward to seeing his new Les Paul sig up close. Happy Days Indeed
  4. Neil Young, CSN Tom Petty, Gram Parsons, The Byrds and many other greats have dabbled very successfully IMO. Always been a gig Lyle Lovett fan. This is fantastic though.
  5. I am a very proud owner of the best of George Jones. Good music is good music the genre doesn't bother me.
  6. Wow, this is a fantastic bass for the money. I already have 2 Jap basses that I have loaded with wizzards. I wouldn't swap them for anything US I have tried in the shops over the last few years. Have another BUMP for my favourite basses. Jap Jazzes.
  7. Sorry I'm playing lead on this one, but you can see my new Ric being played by a mate of mine
  8. [quote name='geoffbyrne' post='1198879' date='Apr 13 2011, 11:02 PM']He played most of the bass with the Wilburys too. G.[/quote] Exactly The Wilbury's and anything that Jeff Lynne has ever touched is total w***!
  9. [quote name='wateroftyne' post='1198291' date='Apr 13 2011, 03:34 PM']This drummer is at the WRONG GIG! LULz [/quote] Like Tarzan said ... Ungowa !!
  10. I have been a TP fan for nearly 30 years and never realised that he started as a bass player. I got hold of his Mudcrutch album where he is the bass player with a reverse headstock "Macca" type Ric. Massively got back into TP inthe last few months. This is fantastic. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlYeq5f9lqM"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlYeq5f9lqM[/url]
  11. [quote name='wateroftyne' post='1198774' date='Apr 13 2011, 09:52 PM'] [i]'...and remember, kids - always look after your grandparents.'[/i][/quote]
  12. I will be supporting the Blockheads in a few weeks at the Robin in Wolverhampton for the 3rd time in as many years. You just can't take your eyes off Norm when he is playing. He is also a top bloke, very sociable and happy to have a beer with the support band at the end of the night.
  13. I have exact same spec 2010 Ric that i bought from paulie about 3 months ago. I don't know about older Rics, but the quality and playability of mine is fantastic. It took me a while to get used of a wider neck, different balancing, finger positioning and thumpier sound than my skinny Jazz necks, but it was worth it. I really enjoyed your review. Thanks for posting it.
  14. great bit of kit. I farm mine in to my laptop and play along to Lizzy g****r parts on youtube. Bass sounds pretty good as well.
  15. I have 2 Jap 75RI basses. This looks a great buy IMO. You will have a seriously good bass for this money. White/ tort with rosewood/inlays is a dream combination. Bump from a Jap 75RI fan.
  16. I have ended up with 3 great basses, all of which I am happy to pick up and gig with. I restrung them all at the same time a few weeks ago and I am now practicing a form of crop rotation, not unlike my Medieval antecedents. if you can get another bass you will be happy to play all the time if it came to the crunch.
  17. Ahh .... St Austell ... the West Bromwich of Cornwall. I will be down for a pub lunch in the Galleon in Fowey during August sometime. All the best.
  18. +1 for Gotoh. I have a Badass and Gotoh on my 2 Fenders. Not much to choose IMO, A Badass soes look the bizz though.
  19. hello mate, Im from West Brom but support the Wolves! Nice to see the Black Country BC cohort grow.
  20. Found it! Tony Joe White. This is amazing. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRPO9qXCyyg"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRPO9qXCyyg[/url]
  21. Someone (can't remember who) did a duet with Johnny Cash of this song on his 70's show. Classic.
  22. I like the ultra clean too, but recently I find a bit of growl on the VT bass and that's it! The only pedal I hit is the tuner at 1/2 time. All my other pedals are in the loft. I have found that the sound I am getting really complements the sound of the band I play in. I like the idea of having one sound for everything and just focusing on playing my bass at gigs. Obvious thing to say I know, but a great band is the sum of all it's parts, so Im trying to make sure that the noise I make is the best for the whole band, not just me. I wish I had thought like this years ago ...
  23. I think I may have cracked this .... A few years ago I spent some serious cash and went high end. MarkBass SA450 and 2 x Berg AE12's. This rig has been fantastic. Lightweight and very powerful. I play in a covers band and gig in pubs one week and town halls the next, very often without PA support, so I often split the bergs the length of a big stage and stick them at the front of me. Guilty secret time .... I recently bought a tech21 VTbass valve jobbie, because my ultra light kit doesn't give me the warm, growl I like. I really think the difference between what I have and a big ampeg valve and 4x10 cabs would be negligible. After all there is probably only ever me at a gig who would know the difference ... and I don't think there is much of one. Add to this I play a Rick and Jazz basses loaded with wizzard 84's.
  24. "Back in the Day" the first Mrs Fudge gave me an ultimatum about her or the band (and my love of music in general I suppose) The 2nd Mrs Fudge and I have been very happy for 10 years.
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