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  1. Wow, would love to see the others too.
  2. Saw them in Brum last Sunday. Fantastic as always. I think the fretted Jaco bass would be my dream bass.
  3. Interestingly I thought a lot of the basses on the show last night soun ded great. More to the point they could be heard. Whoever did the sound mix to come through my TV should be commended. The 50's P bass sounded exceptionally good IMO
  4. There are about 4 or 5 in Guitar Guitar in Brum. They look fabulous. I dare not try one.
  5. [quote name='chris_b' post='1241319' date='May 23 2011, 11:03 AM']Did you know that Crosby and Nash are touring the UK in October?[/quote] Yes thanks, but I have chose not to go. Stephen Stills is my big hero in CSN. I saw him solo 2/3 years ago and it is one of the best gigs I have ever been to. C&N have done some good stuff but Stillsy would have to be there for me. Saying that I probably will pick up a ticket nearer the date.
  6. Although I like to be a busy player in my covers band I would live to play with a real great/ heroes of mine. I would knock out the roots on an old P and throw a bit f harmony vocal in. Neil Young, Tom Petty, CSN would do. On the other hand playing something fantastic and challenging would be good. A tour with Spocks Beard for this one Nice thread.
  7. [quote name='silddx' post='1238867' date='May 21 2011, 12:18 AM']I use black silk gloves to play.[/quote] April 1st? Just like my favourite w*** is wearing a pair of boxing gloves .. right ..
  8. "Ow bin ya?" Your Black Country cousin.
  9. What's your favourite humming noise? [attachment=80138:frpurcell.jpg]
  10. A friend of mine is looking for a swing band to play her wedding August 2012 ( can't remember exact date ). The venue is in Shrewsbury. I'll send on any myspace/ youtube links to her or PM me if you'd rather. Cheers.
  11. Mr Fudge

    RUSH tonight

    Greatest band in the world ever .... Not missed them since Signals and seen them multi times on each tour. What am Im going to do? Sit at home and pick my arse when Rush are up the road.
  12. We always likw to come out of the intro music with some drums. We have been opening with My Sharona for a few months now.
  13. played there a few times, have a good un.
  14. wizzard 84's and Badass bridge, God I love my Jazz basses ...
  15. [quote name='MattB' post='1229240' date='May 12 2011, 08:01 PM']Good god I'm loving this forum! Right - while i'm in the learning mood... In English (becuase you people are actually making sense to a non-techy like me!!) what is the difference (in real world terms) between a single 15" 250w /8 Ohms like: [url="http://www.ashdownmusic.com/bass/detail.asp?section=mag&ID=22"]http://www.ashdownmusic.com/bass/detail.as...n=mag&ID=22[/url] and a 2x10" 250w/8 Ohms like [url="http://www.ashdownmusic.com/bass/detail.asp?section=mag&ID=23"]http://www.ashdownmusic.com/bass/detail.as...n=mag&ID=23[/url] If i was gonna plug a 500w head into one of these as my start for a gigging rig, which would I go with and why? Again - thanks for the great responses you guys have been feeding me thus far. It's an education! Matt[/quote] 10's are a bit warmer and rockier I would say. Depends what music you play also. Its all down to preference. Better still would be to plug into both, but then you are back in that lugging loads of gear about.
  16. It cost a few £ a few years ago but I got a MB SA450 and 2x12 Bergs. Fingers crossed this gig will last me years. I did play through an Aguilar head a few months and that did create some serious GAS at the time. Like others have said I definitely don't miss lugging the 4x10 in and of the van and up stairs etc...
  17. I used to do exactly the same thing with my acoustic guitar until I turned up at one gig and found that it had accidentally re-tuned to DADGAD. I took me 18 months to get out of Fairport Convention
  18. [quote name='mark_ir' post='1224441' date='May 8 2011, 08:04 PM']jeez! anyone know why he selling it? would have thought it go to the grave with him..[/quote] Money .... Seriously, I supported him a few weeks ago and in the past he has told me that his old basses are all at home and he needs the dosh. He always gigs with his sig bass anyway. Also another excuse to post this pic ... [attachment=79374:fudge_no...nd_heron.JPG] Its a lottery win bass alright, I love the fag burn in the headstock. Would 10K be enough?
  19. Mr Fudge

    Jazz pickups

    wizzards are great. lots of options if you roll the tone down.
  20. [quote name='jonsmith' post='1214384' date='Apr 28 2011, 11:57 PM']Don't know where you got this from, but my understanding - mainly coming from interviews with Geddy - is that he didn't really use the Jazz [b]until[/b] Moving Pictures, but it features on most of the tracks on MP (including Tom Sawyer, which many people think is a Rickenbacker and confusingly he uses a Rick in the video). The first album was a Precision, after that it's mainly Rickenbacker (bit of P on By-Tor apparently) right through to Permanent Waves (where the Jazz starts to appear). Red Barchetta on MP is Rickenbacker. Signals is mainly Rickenbacker, with some Jazz (?Digital Man). Then Steinberger for GUP, Wal for Power Windows to Roll the Bones (although the Jazz appears in some videos), then back to the Jazz on Counterparts onwards.[/quote] correct.
  21. I have a "made Jap jazz" and a "crafted Jap jazz". Both are superb. All I did was replace the pups with wizzards. The originals didn't have enough uummphff for me.
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