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  1. Dynacord powered desks are fantastic bits of kit. EV speakers and some Wharfdale powered subs. Will handle bigger than pub gigs with ease.
  2. Hopefully Peggy may be playing with us at the Robin in June. he has been trying to replace me on the bass for years ...
  3. Just ordered my first set of flats to try on my "Ric". Theoretically not the obvious string choice, but I did jam with a trad rock n roll band a few months ago and loved the sound and feel of them as a punter and guest player. I figure I can always use the bridge pup on the ric and/or tweek the tweeters on my berg AE12's if I need some more zing. Looking forward to having a dabble
  4. [quote name='autostop' post='1127717' date='Feb 14 2011, 10:05 PM']salut Claude, ya un truc trés bizarre là j'ai l'impression de voir ma basse sur tes photos même le numero de serie a l'air de correspondre mais je vois mal, le mien est 99mj12082 j'hallucine ou quoi?[/quote] +1
  5. [quote name='BurritoBass' post='1127586' date='Feb 14 2011, 08:36 PM']Everyone here seems to dislike the Hercules ones (from past threads) but mine has served me just fine with my Jazz.[/quote] I love em. Rock solid, especially the one with the padded legs rather than the pull down rest.
  6. Played skinny neck jazzes for many years (and still will). Had my ric for 2 weeks. Took a week to get used to the neck and balance and try out a few different gauge strings. I really had to just play it for a week as it was very different to what I am used of. I gigged it and took an old Jazz last week and spent about 50/50 on each bass. This week Im just taking the ric
  7. [quote name='niceguyhomer' post='1112333' date='Feb 2 2011, 01:21 PM']Stringbusters[/quote] [quote name='Platypus' post='1112354' date='Feb 2 2011, 01:29 PM']You should phone Stringbusters and see what they say[/quote] Who ya gonna call? STRINGBUSTERS!!!
  8. Bought some light gauge rotosound for my Ric. Got them home and they looked, felt and sounded they they had come from the bottom of the ocean. Never got to put the d string on I just binned them. Straight on ebay and ordered the ernie ball blue packet. 1,000,000 times better. Never again with rotosound for me.
  9. [quote name='Fat Rich' post='1118418' date='Feb 6 2011, 11:16 PM']My favourite Fenders have all been Japanese, usually cheap and a bit dog eared but they feel and sound great. I definitely wouldn't buy an American or Mexican Fender without trying it first but I'd be more prepared to take a punt on a Jap Fender I'd not played.[/quote] I have a Jap 75RI, and I put a skinny Jap neck on my US standard. All the Jap stuff I have tried has been excellent
  10. "A bass clinic" Does he look after poorly fish? My kids lost two to fin rot last year. A mate of mine said I had been a bit heavy handed changing the water and the said fin rot was caused by stress. If Jeff does feel comfortable to come back I would appreciate his thoughts.
  11. I'm not a P player, but I have put wizzards in both my jazzes to get a bit of growl. Check them out, there are lots of happy customers here.
  12. Strange ... the world of bass that is .... I put my trusty super slinkies on 100 - 45 and the strings seemed really tight. I have now swapped for the lighter gauge (blue packet) 95 -40 and it has made the world of difference. Lots of give and this bass has gone from good to fantastic. I really didn't want to mess with the neck and its a real quick win. My jazz basses have 100 - 45 and have lots of give. I just do not understand string tension.
  13. Wow, I've just had a look at that "leather" bass in this thread. I'm now wondering what could be done with artex?
  14. I have become the proud owner of a Rick 4003 this week. I have put on my usual Ernie balls 45 - 100 and the strings seem a little "tight". I know the neck is dead straight and I have read on forums that this is preferred with a rick. I have put a bit of relief into my jazz basses over the years and this has helped. I may well slip down a guage to give a bit more flexibility in the string. I think the factories may have been 45-95ish? I will be taking the rick into battle for the first time tomorrow night and tbh probably wont notice. Just wondered if other rick users have any thoughts. cheers.
  15. Bought a Rick Jetglo 4003 from Paul. Bass immaculate, exactly as described. Packed really well and shipped super quick. Paul answered lots of questions I had. Top Bloke to deal with.
  16. Hi Paulie, Where are you? Or PM me if not for public knowledge. Could be interested but would like to test drive first if convenient? logistically possible?
  17. Great stuff. Very accurate to how Neil plays this live with Crazy Horse, perhaps as WoT said a knacker too quick. I played in a NY covers band in the 90's called Sugar Mountain. Every venue was cover artist competition mad so we did it for some regular gigs. If we could ever muster up a few people to vote for us we would usually go through to the next round I was the guitarist ... All the best. I'd love to see a good Neil covers outfit and it sounds well on it's way.
  18. Geddy Sig and stick some wizzards in. You will have a great bass for £500ish
  19. I only have 2 basses (at the moment ), both 50% Jap/US Fender Jazz with skinny necks. Both basses are mongrels with different necks and bodies from where Mr Fenders magical elves made them. The one bass I have to really keep my eye on is my maple board 3 bolt with the extra micro tilt. The other a rosewood on maple has always been as solid as a rock but I do tweek the maple on maple every few months. I like my action pretty low so I am fussy/anal/autistic about this kind of thing. Hope this helps.
  20. I blindly bought a Tech 21 VT bass after reading reviews on here. I absolutely love it. It gives my Markbass a little bit of grit for certain cover songs we do. It also gives you that great Geddy tone for Moving Pictures I have been after without having a second mortgage on a top notch valve amp. I know exactly the ilk of stuff you play and this pedal may be a bit too much, but if you get a chance to test one out I would. Also if you are interested in DHA I have the basic valve model that lived on my pedal board for a few years and I never really got on with. Im not sure that mixing a valve pedal with a solid state amp was the best thing to do. I am certainly no expert though. Let me know if interested. There would of course be a further reduction for a fellow Gram fan.
  21. What a fantastic city! Welcome
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