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  1. [quote name='bartelby' post='1129181' date='Feb 16 2011, 07:21 AM']You'd have thought the reviewer could have at least got Mike's name right... [/quote] yeah, what a douche, but hey look, it seems to of been corrected.... I wonder how that happened.
  2. yeah, I'm looking for an acoustic bass, hopefully with a nice thin neck, 38mm width at the nut if possible and hopefully not to expensive, any suggestions? cheers in advance
  3. [quote name='SignsOfDelirium_bassist' post='1088709' date='Jan 13 2011, 10:48 PM']Just a thought, but if you do like the idea of an aerodyne, perhaps get one of the Retrovibe Aero basses? [url="http://www.probass.co.uk/Home.html"]http://www.probass.co.uk/Home.html[/url] they're pretty cheap, plus with the left over money you could slap in some CTS pots/switchcraft jack and upgrade the pups! I've only heard/read good reviews of them so far, main bad thing about them it seems is that the J pup is a bit weak, but of course with the money left over you can easily buy a nice Wizard 84 or something I'm thinking of doing this once if I manage to sell my 5 string, hopefully I'll have enough from that sale to fund it [/quote] that's actually not a bad idea...
  4. [quote name='Paul S' post='1088095' date='Jan 13 2011, 02:56 PM']Fender Jaguar also has a skinny neck. As in width and depth. Also a Fender Precision Lyte.[/quote] i looked into them, they sound lovely.
  5. [quote name='absolutpepper' post='1087945' date='Jan 13 2011, 01:34 PM']Its a 5 string mate so wouldn't really match your criteria if you are looking for a narrow neck, etc. Great basses the Sterling range is though. A lot of tone for the money and although i've not tried an SB14 my RAY 35 feels largely identical to an SR5.[/quote] good point good luck selling it
  6. [quote name='absolutpepper' post='1087884' date='Jan 13 2011, 12:55 PM']I'd say a +1 on a Geddy Lee Sig, widely regarded as having one of the best necks Fender currently produce. Also I can vouch for the Sterling by MM range. Great basses. Even though I am selling mine its not because its fallen out of favour, its just because I have WAAAY too much gear haha.[/quote] do you have any pics? what price are you selling it for?
  7. OK so I tried the Music man stingray, my god that is such a nice bass... the width at the nut was too wide for my liking, I prefer the thinner neck. I was a bit gutted that non of the 3 big music stores in Liverpool had a sterling in stock as that's the one I really want to try.... if any of you know a music shop in the north west that does stock them then give me a shout please
  8. [quote name='gjones' post='1076507' date='Jan 3 2011, 05:24 PM']by the way is this what you're looking for? [url="http://essex.gumtree.com/essex/17/65357417.html"]http://essex.gumtree.com/essex/17/65357417.html[/url][/quote] thank you
  9. anyone had any experiences with the Sterling By Musicman SB14 Bass Guitar?? that's topping my list at the moment
  10. oh gawd that sting ray is beautiful, if you are still selling it in march then i maybe interested
  11. [quote name='Lozz196' post='1076091' date='Jan 3 2011, 10:15 AM']Welcome to Basschat James[/quote] Cheers lozz196
  12. [quote name='xgsjx' post='1075945' date='Jan 3 2011, 12:41 AM']Welcome to Basschat & constant GAS [/quote] cheers xgsjx
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