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  1. Bump for a whole load of Trace power.
  2. Just sold my 5 string P to @Lozz196. What a top guy, really easy to deal with and everything went smoothly. Cheers Lozz, hope you enjoy it.
  3. Thanks Jim. It is indeed still for sale and a monster of an amp. Hope you’re well mate. Andy
  4. If you’re interested mate then drop me a message. I might drive it up to you, I do like a road trip.
  5. Thanks mate. You're right, it's a superb amp! If I was planning to play regularly I'd keep it, but I think those days are gone. It's in perfect working order and was just serviced prior to me listing it.
  6. Thanks mate. I was very tempted indeed but it’s the right thing to do. And I didn’t want to cause problems for whoever buys the bass in the future. I’ve said on here it’s gone missing and put the serial number up and I gave the serial number to the courier’s claims department, so I thought there was a chance it could be flagged if it came up for sale in the future. Probably very unlikely but I wouldn’t have been able to sleep! No surprise that I haven’t heard from Interparcel yet after yesterday’s email.
  7. Update: Yesterday afternoon I took @joeystrange‘s advice and contacted the place in Nottingham that I thought my bass had been sent to. Amazingly, they had it - so I drove over there this morning and picked it up. What a relief. I don’t know how Interparcel and Parcelforce ‘conducted a thorough investigation and concluded the parcel was lost’. I told them where I thought it was and the guy in Nottingham said they had called Interparcel last week to say they have it! It honestly beggars belief. I had an email last night saying Interparcel were paying out £900 on the insurance. After a bit of soul searching, I’ve just told them I’ve found the bass so not to pay out. I’ve asked for reimbursement of my travel costs and some compensation but I won’t hold my breath. Anyway, the happy ending is I’ve got my bass back. I’ll be putting it back up for sale soon, so if you see a 5 string black and maple P bass in the marketplace, it isn’t stolen!
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