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  1. If you’re interested mate then drop me a message. I might drive it up to you, I do like a road trip.
  2. Thanks mate. You're right, it's a superb amp! If I was planning to play regularly I'd keep it, but I think those days are gone. It's in perfect working order and was just serviced prior to me listing it.
  3. Thanks mate. I was very tempted indeed but it’s the right thing to do. And I didn’t want to cause problems for whoever buys the bass in the future. I’ve said on here it’s gone missing and put the serial number up and I gave the serial number to the courier’s claims department, so I thought there was a chance it could be flagged if it came up for sale in the future. Probably very unlikely but I wouldn’t have been able to sleep! No surprise that I haven’t heard from Interparcel yet after yesterday’s email.
  4. Update: Yesterday afternoon I took @joeystrange‘s advice and contacted the place in Nottingham that I thought my bass had been sent to. Amazingly, they had it - so I drove over there this morning and picked it up. What a relief. I don’t know how Interparcel and Parcelforce ‘conducted a thorough investigation and concluded the parcel was lost’. I told them where I thought it was and the guy in Nottingham said they had called Interparcel last week to say they have it! It honestly beggars belief. I had an email last night saying Interparcel were paying out £900 on the insurance. After a bit of soul searching, I’ve just told them I’ve found the bass so not to pay out. I’ve asked for reimbursement of my travel costs and some compensation but I won’t hold my breath. Anyway, the happy ending is I’ve got my bass back. I’ll be putting it back up for sale soon, so if you see a 5 string black and maple P bass in the marketplace, it isn’t stolen!
  5. I’ve got the address but Interparcel reckon Parcelforce have carried out a thorough investigation and declared it lost. I might try calling them anyway.
  6. Thanks mate. The communication from Interparcel is awful but I’m going to hassle them on a daily basis until I get the insurance through. I hate the idea of someone nicking the bass as well, it was absolutely pristine.
  7. Hi I sold a 5 string Precision to @smileegee on here and arranged to courier it up to the buyer in Newcastle. I booked it through Interparcel as they were recommended on here and they were using Parcelforce. Parcelforce didn’t turn up on the agreed day (last Monday) and then forgot to rebook it, so they eventually picked it up on Wednesday. The bass was supposed to be delivered on Thursday, but instead my buyer received a deep fat fryer. My bass ended up at some repair centre in Nottingham. After countless emails and calls with no-one getting back to me from Interparcel, they’ve finally told me today they have lost the parcel. Thankfully I insured it, but they’re saying it can take up to 28 days to pay out. They have also asked for proof of purchase and value – I’m not sure why, but I’ve provided this anyway. I wouldn’t wish Interparcel on my worst enemy. So my bass is out there somewhere, some toerag in Nottingham will be looking to sell it. It’s not on ebay. It's a black and maple 5 string Fender Precision and the serial number is US. Please keep an eye out for it. Mods – please feel free to move this if it’s in the wrong place. Many thanks, Andy DRAMA OVER - I phoned the place I thought it might have been delivered to and they had it. So I’ve been over there and collected it this morning! Thank goodness, what a major stress but I’m so relieved now. And huge thanks to @joeystrange for offering to help.
  8. Hi Marc. It’s 20cm H x 53cm W x 43cm D. Cheers Andy
  9. I’m away tonight, back tomorrow so will measure it then. Thanks for the replies @status1 and @Dad3353
  10. Lovely bass, I love black and maple. I’ve got two like this - a 4 string that I’ll never sell and a 5 that’s up for sale. GLWTS
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