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  1. Wow would love that cab, don’t suppose you’re coming to Banbury anytime soon?
  2. I’m gonna chance my arm here and ask if you would consider a trade for my Yamaha BB734A?
  3. Yeah perhaps by the sounds of it I do lol
  4. Will do mate, probably gonna flog the Berg and get a second TE 1x10 elf
  5. Nobody has a bad word to say about BF gear, I know a couple of players who rave about it. but I love the sound of the TE One Ten and think two together as the potential to be tight and loud. The portability is a bonus as they are pretty light.
  6. Hi, was just wandering if anyone is currently using two Trace Elliot 1x10 elf cabs stacked together? and if so how would you rate the output and low end quality? I’ve currently got one that I pair with a Berg HD112 and my Orange Terror Head. Sounds lovely but the Berg is heavy and having just recovered from a back injury I could do with a lighter modular gigging rig. So just considering advice and options.. thanks in advance for any feedback.
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