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  1. [quote name='wateroftyne' post='1279415' date='Jun 23 2011, 10:01 AM']Was Kenny wearing the same trousers as he had on at the Newcastle City Hall gig? What a pair of troosers. Magnificent.[/quote] The answer to this question is definately YES! They were indeed a magnificent pair of trousers. The inside leg measurement ia 18 inches I believe.
  2. I saw KP play bass for Stephen Stills a few years ago. I shook Stills' hand at the end of the gig. A very memorable night. Kenny did mention that his knob was as big as Heathrow Airport.
  3. Never had fret less GAS ... until now.
  4. Oh, and Mr Fudge, I would enjoy your whole show, I would shout for more, and then you would play ELO at me, and I would get huffy and walk out. [/quote] I know what you mean. ELO/ Queen/ Eagles et al ... fantastic songs, musicians, production but I really would not be bothered if I never heard or played anything by them ever again. Hopefully our "Vision On" Outro would negate too much huffyness.
  5. [quote name='Bilbo' post='1276692' date='Jun 21 2011, 09:33 AM']Desafinado Tarde Em Tapoa Final Feliz Se Chiclete Com Banana Mas Que Nada Fotographia Incompatibilidade De Genios Jade Drao A Novidade Eu Tiro Onda Clandestino Flor De Lis Fato Consumado Xote De Alegria 100 Anos A Luz De Tieta Luiza Espanahola Nem Un Dia Palco Soy Loco Por Ti America Vamos Fugir ….all the hits really (Excuse spelling; this was all off the top of my cabeca)[/quote] Which ones are the vegetarian choices? Sounds delicious though
  6. [quote name='paul h' post='1273928' date='Jun 18 2011, 05:25 PM']I am pretty sure Mr. Fudge's lot do that. He should get on this thread, they do some great stuff.[/quote] kind words ... Like other people we literally have played thousands of songs over the decades. Current set looks a bit like this. Set 1. My Sharona I Got your number Up the Junction. Patience (yes , Take That) Shout. TFF not Lulu Run. Snow Patrol. Just what I needed. cars Brain Damage Floyd Don't believe a word. Waiting for an Alibi. Rockin in Free world (the last 3 I play g****r on Set 2. This town aint big enough, Sparks. Turning Japanese My prefect cousin/ jilted john Gangsters/ Too much Baggy Trousers/ Night boat to Cairo. Walk like an Egyptian China Girl Cars. Numan Swords 1000 men Come up see me Encore Mr Blue Sky Vision on music
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  8. I am no expert but there is some great general info here ithat you probably already know. I have a 62RI neck on one of my jazzes and I just used a screwdriver. Con't know how faithful the RI necks are though tbh. [url="http://garywillis.com/pages/bass/bassmanual/setupmanual.html"]http://garywillis.com/pages/bass/bassmanual/setupmanual.html[/url]
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. This is one of those "parody" videos isn't it?
  11. [quote name='neilb' post='1269681' date='Jun 15 2011, 09:24 AM']Put it back together and play the bloody thing![/quote] Great basses + the one.
  12. [quote name='Beedster' post='1263982' date='Jun 10 2011, 02:48 PM']Not sure if I'm meant to, but I'm going to have a damn good laugh at that [/quote] I think I know what i meant ... but couldn't say it. I think what I meant to say is this looks such a great bass I would shelve my Jazz gas to pick up this P bargain, if it's as great as other Jap stuff I have played. Please remember I am from West Bromwich ...
  13. After years of only playing Jazzes I bit the bullet and bought a 2010 Jetglo from Paulie (fantastic bloke to deal with) in January. I had played 3/4 in Guitar Guitar in Brum in the preceding months, sometimes loving them and sometimes not. Paulie assured me that his immaculate 2010 Jetglo was a real pick of the litter and boy was he right. This bass is fantastically well built. 6 months into my ric I am still struggling with the balance a little bit and it is not as fast as my skinny neck Jazz basses (not that that matters) but it is a fantastic bass and has changed my approach to playing again, which I feel is a positive. It is great for more melodic stuff and the tone sits great within a band to "add to that wall of sound" with tracks with strings etc.. Previously I decided I hated P basses. Tone too bland, neck too wide. I tried a Lakland the other day and loved it. I think I now get it about the P and as a result have major gas for one, possibly vintage As a result I take my Jazz and Ric to gigs and give both of them a rum out.
  14. Not a Jazz .. but this looks a cracker for a first bass/ serious quality upgrade. [url="http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=127715&st=0&gopid=1263751&#entry1263751"]http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=...p;#entry1263751[/url]
  15. [quote name='Beedster' post='1262685' date='Jun 9 2011, 01:58 PM']I simply can't understand how this hasn't sold [/quote] +2. There is a newbie looking for a jazz here somewhere. I think this great P could make him very happy.
  16. There are some great Jap Fender basses that come along on here reasonably often, IME as good and sometimes better than US. 75RI great nodel
  17. Wizards are total quality IME
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  19. The Band were magnificent. I have some footage of Danko playing "Unfaithful Servant" on acoustic guitar, spine chilling. Garth is God. I have Classic Albums, the band on video. I have rewound the sections where Garth is interviewed countless times. WoT, I'm not sure which of those lovely ladies is your missus but I would defo have a cropped picture of just me and Garth had I had such pleasure in meeting the great man himself. The Last Waltz is a must watch. I look forward to reading through the links. Thanks for posting
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  21. This is like a Howard Carter Tutankhamen moment without the sand or surprise. Stunning !
  22. Jazz, Ric, P ... In that order ... What have I won?
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