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  1. We cancelled a little pub gig which ironically is less than a mile from where we all live. Our van resides in a valley and with ungritted roads we would be lucky to get it 20 yards up any of the roads out. Then of course returning home on the same un treated roads at 1 in the morning with temps -4 and below. Also get to the pub and no one is there. It's a no brainer ... Good luck to those who have private gigs on
  2. I have played a selection of basses in guitar guitar in Brum and they were all top banana with regards to set up and condition. I had a very good experience of the shop as a whole from start to finish.
  3. I only ever had one bass until ...... I discovered Basschat ....
  4. dynacord powered desks are great. on board effects loads of chanels and power. we have some EV tops and powered wharfdale subs, that are bloody heavy!! For smaller pubs we only use ine sub and crank it up a bit.
  5. The rare occasion we have been asked for this I have always asked the people booking us to sort it for their event. This has usually happened because a venue wants to push their band on the bride/groom etc... but they have insisted on us. I know not a direct answer to your question but my experience of it.
  6. Looking for a volume controllable flanger recommendation. I use the flanger on my Boss ME50 but it gives a massive increase in volume for some reason. having a pedal board sort out over Xmas and the ME50 will probably disappear. Suggestions greatly appreciated.
  7. This happened to me about 6 months ago. I thought something was drastically wrong with my neck/set up. Replaced the (new) string and everything was fine. Very strange.
  8. Still looking at this beaut. My PM about a possible trade didn't get a bite then???
  9. [quote name='mrtcat' post='1046223' date='Dec 3 2010, 12:27 PM']I picked up a s/h fender 1975 reissue jazz bass for that exact sum. It was in pristine condition and has a beautiful glossy finish, maple neck, a nice big body and they hold value really well. I never want to part with it so it's not for sale but they do come up now and again and I'd certainly recommend one. Only issue for you may be that a jazz neck is not your cup of tea. I always had warwicks and a p bass before but found the slim jazz neck surprisingly easy to play.[/quote] 75RI stuff is great and any CIJ Fender stuff in my experience.
  10. I'd jump on the M5 and go in Guitar guitar in Brum. Some great high end basses in all shapes and sizes. some nice Fender sig stuff and some great Lakland stuff. The Lakland jazz I tried recently was a beaut and all as I remember in your price range.
  11. [quote name='simon1964' post='1043688' date='Dec 1 2010, 12:47 PM']That was my Ric through my Mark Bass Jeff Berlin combo. Sounds great to me - I set the vintage loud speaker knob thingy to twelve o'clock and everything else flat. With the Ric on the bridge pickup setting it gives a great rock tone. I'm sure it would sound even better through a massive valve stack, but my back is much happier lugging a Mark bass to gigs...[/quote] yeah .. I've just got to try it. My back is very happy with my SA450 and 2x12 Bergs I will play in shop but will never really know until/ if I do get a Ric and gig it in a band scenario. the way I play bass in a shop and in the heat of battle after a few shandy's is a very different animal.
  12. [quote name='JMT3781' post='1043743' date='Dec 1 2010, 01:34 PM']the bass player he knows was in fact me in this situation... so thanks for all the kind words about my opinion... "rather snobbish" and "prone to making silly statements" were my favourites..[/quote] Sorry mate, I seem to have opened up a can of worms. I'm still a bit confused. the best thing to do will be to hopefully try the Rick that might come into your shop through your MB gear. cheers.
  13. [quote name='paul h' post='1043692' date='Dec 1 2010, 12:51 PM']Yes. Of course you have. How silly of me. More importantly...is it the the black one your after?[/quote] yes mate , the black one
  14. [quote name='paul h' post='1043510' date='Dec 1 2010, 10:58 AM']I'm the only bass player you know.[/quote] Sorry mate .... I've moved on. I tried a rick about a month ago and it blew me away. I'm going back in a few weeks to give it another good workout and will take my MB with me. Guitar, Guitar do 0% interest and I will convince Mrs Fudge it is an investment for our future given current Bank of England interest rates.
  15. My friend is more technical and a much softer player than me from what I have seen. I am a very aggressive finger style player, that's just the way i play, no great technique etc ... and I'm usually the first to post on here saying that tone is all in the fingers. I think for me that's definitely true. These posts are encouraging but could be expensive cheers
  16. I am thinking of getting a Rick 4003. Will it make much of a difference sticking it through my SA450, or should Ricks ideally go through Valve amps? I didn't even consider this until I had a conversation with a bass player I know about it and he pulled a face at the thought og Ricks through Markbass heads. Is the difference in tone negligible or drastic? Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  17. great. up there with a badass, a fraction of the price
  18. Intro - Honey Forget those Blues - Kim Mitchell. Outro - Theme from Vision On.
  19. [quote name='Longmayyourun' post='1034754' date='Nov 24 2010, 09:19 AM']I put 84s in a self build this summer. At its first outing a regular audience member at our gigs commented that I must have been practising as I was playing a lot more notes (!) I had to dis-illusion him and say I was playing the same as ever but now what I'm playing is cutting through. Also my bandmates have forbidden me to go back to my old bass (Fender p - special) as the improved clarity and depth is great on stage. I'm very happy indeed with Wizards. Best of luck with your choice[/quote] + 1
  20. 84's to my ears have more output, depth, bottom and growl but still with a jazz honk Andy was great to deal with and I think they are great pups.
  21. I desperately want to like P's but can't get on with them, God knows I've tried enough times. Jazz all the way for me.
  22. Mr Fudge

    Its not A Fender

    Ah .... I was only riffing to some Dwight Yoakham last night. What I could have done with this. A beaut. Congratulations.
  23. Christ ... this looks better every time. If this is still here after Xmas I might have to put my money where my mouth is ...
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