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  1. I would just like to say that we've not been friends that long on recently found out about this bass myself. I knew it was gonna be a long shot but you've gotta help out fellow 4-stringers where you can.
  2. More info on the Bass. It went missing about 10 years ago, dark sunburst, non standard knobs and a repaired headstock crack.
  3. I'll try and find out for you.
  4. Can anyone help? A friend of mine has lost her bass and would quite like to get it back. It's an Ovation Magnum 4 in a Bill Bird case. Was last seen at the Feathers in Basingstoke where it had been loaned to a band. As you can understand she would quite like it back. Many thanks.
  5. In answer to the previous questions mine is a bass, serial number 266 and what I'm having trouble mostly with is finding period correct 'hydrant' style tuners.
  6. Hi all, I need some help. I'm restoring my '63 Verithin and I want to try and use as many original parts as I can to keep it authentic. Can anyone suggest anywhere to look? I have messaged Hofner themselves for advice and am monitoring EBay but any other help would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance!
  7. The drummer for the EntangledBand has had to quit due to health reasons. Can anyone fill the empty drum stool? We are primarily a retro style originals band but our tunes cover a lot of other styles so we would like someone versatile. We are based in Glastonbury/Street area. Anyone interested can contact Richard on 07595436342 or Paul on 07801851957 for more info. Many thanks.
  8. It's not the headlessness thats the problem its the bodylessness,
  9. stoker

    Extension cab

    I believe the amp is rated at 4 ohms but I'll have to check. If it helps it's a Harley Benton CB-110X. http://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_cb110x.htm
  10. Im thinking about maybe, sometime, getting a 1x15 cab to go with my 110 watt 4 ohm combo. Any suggestions for one on a very tight budget?
  11. I've got a (don't laugh) Harley Benton CB-110X combo. Used it for rehearsals and gigs including an outdoor one and its a great little thing, 110 watts, 1X12, very well appointed with a 4 band EQ, a couple of built in effects, Di out, extention cab out etc etc and all for around the £100 mark from Thomann. Well worth a look.
  12. I'd get a custom build done. Single cut semi with 2 'buckers, short scale and a fiendish wiring idea I've got in mind. In cherry or wine red. And a '60s VW Beetle.
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    Hi, hello, howdy. welcome to the club.
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