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  1. Angel eyes - Jeff Healey Band Angel eyes - Wet Wet Wet Angel Eyes - Eyeopener (i believe that's the band name)
  2. Bass_Guardian

    Godin Dorchester Bass

    No sorry, i was commenting on the video.
  3. Bass_Guardian

    Godin Dorchester Bass

    Looks good, wasn't blown away sound wise though
  4. Bass_Guardian

    On HOLD : The seismic Alembic

  5. Bass_Guardian

    ** SOLD ELSEWHERE ** Trace Elliot T-Bass 5 String

    I think the monorail bridge was an optional extra or standard on the SE version. I've got a '98 SE and it has the mono rail bridge.
  6. Bass_Guardian

    Rare Basses

    Loving all these submissions 😍 Keep them coming!
  7. Bass_Guardian

    Status Graphite T-Bass 5-String SOLD

    Absolute belter! I've got it's granddad. I can only imagine how good this sounds. GLWTS
  8. Bass_Guardian

    Rare Basses

    Bloody hell mate! That was some ride
  9. Bass_Guardian

    Rare Basses

    On the right: My '98 Status Trace Elliot SE in candy apple red They only made 50 5 string special editions so not sure how many where this colour combo. Gotta love a matching headstock *Will try get a better photo tonight. Just found an old one on my phone.*
  10. Bass_Guardian

    Identifying Japanese fender jazz body...

    That looks awesome, nice find
  11. Bass_Guardian

    Rare Basses

    Hello All! Quite intrigued to see what rare basses people have on this forum. I'm not meaning one off builds to meet peoples specs but production basses. Who's all got a rare bass out there? Pictures are of course a necessity
  12. New couch day! Yuss

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    2. itsmedunc


      Never a new couch day at mine. Four dogs and so no point really. Quite a few new bass days though!

    3. SpondonBassed


      (Chaise) longues scale?

    4. discreet


      Obviously we'll need a full, in-depth review with LOTS of pics.