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  1. [quote name='BassBod' timestamp='1503934423' post='3361655'] Swapping the valve is easy and pretty cheap, and there is only one - try that first. My experience is that preamp valves go on for many many years, and usually just stop working after getting banged about in transport. I'd also check the speakers/tweeter. Its quite a lot of power into some not very great speakers (by current standards) so its easy to damage them by putting too much into them. The original version was something like 240w but the Super version upper that quite a bit..something like 350w into the internal 2x10" cab. SWR's always get hot (by design), especially those without internal fans - if the valve makes no difference and the speakers seem ok then get it checked over for failing components. [/quote] Thanks a lot, that was very helpfull. Could you ecommend any valve?
  2. [quote name='Dan Dare' timestamp='1503895196' post='3361349'] Like for like unless you know what you're doing. Get expert advice. [/quote] Hi Dan, the amplifier is in Portugal, it has been very hot. I wonder if that can not affect either. I hope it's nothing serious
  3. Hi, My SWR is starting to overdrive a little. Could this be a tube issue? What tubes would you recommend? Cheers
  4. [quote name='3below' timestamp='1476131327' post='3151674'] Or the more 'direct' method, loosen truss rod, hold neck in left and right hand with middle of fretboard resting on or against knee. Give the neck [b]slight gentle pressure [/b] to aid the forward bow, no need to remove the neck. If this terrifies you (no reason why, I have used this method on many basses with no ill effect) you can achieve the same by placing the bass strings down on a flat surface (table) and putting a thin paperback book in the middle of the neck. Apply [b]gentle[/b] downwards pressure at both ends of neck. [/quote] [quote name='Manton Customs' timestamp='1476133279' post='3151705'] I've done that before also, but the clamping method is more effective and having both hands free with a clearer view of what's happening is a plus. If it's a double action truss rod it obviously wouldn't be necessary though. Fender stopped using the bi flex rod in 95, so it's a slight possiblity this bass could have one being a 96. To find out just try and back the nut out. Edit: and no, removing the neck is not a necessity, just my preference and wise if you're using clamps [/quote] Thank you guys, your help was precious. At this point I have put down some old 0,50 flats, so I'll wait a little longer and if the neck does not reach the desired point, I'll try something more drastic.
  5. [quote name='Twincam' timestamp='1476101948' post='3151235'] I don't think you understood my meaning there. [/quote] That is possible I do not know if this is a double action truss rod. I have put a heavier gauge of strings and put in a stand, and it seems to be working. Cheers
  6. [quote name='Twincam' timestamp='1476015551' post='3150425'] Isn't it a double action truss rod? Turn it anti clockwise a more to add relief the truss rod won't be as loose then as its acting on the walls of the cavity in the opposite way to tightening. [/quote] Hi, I am not having the bass on the wall for the momment. Cheers Hélder
  7. [quote name='Manton Customs' timestamp='1476010812' post='3150373'] Tightening the truss rod nut removes relief, so don't do that! To induce some relief you have a few options. Heavier gauge strings would work fine and after being on for a few weeks you could most likely go back down to regular gauge and the relief will hold. Alternatively you could tune up a note or two and leave it for a few weeks. Or remove the neck, loosen truss nut fully (if it isn't already) clamp into a slight forward bow and tighten the nut. All three should work, but as you're selling it I'd probably just put some heavier gauge strings on it and sell it like that. [/quote] Hi, I have some old 0.50 flats on it now. It is starting to show some relief. I will leave them on this bass for a while. I am not having it hang on the wall for now. Cheers Hélder
  8. [quote name='markstuk' timestamp='1476011954' post='3150386'] Does the truss rod adjuster actually do anything? [/quote] Hi, yes it does work. Cheers Hélder
  9. [quote name='MoonBassAlpha' timestamp='1475963744' post='3150181'] Stick a heavier gauge set of strings on it? [/quote] Hi, I have done that and it seems to show a litle relief now. I will wait. Cheers Hélder
  10. Hi, I wonder if you guys ever had a bass with a straight neck with a loose trus rod. As far as I know, the Bass has been hanging on a wall for more than 15 years. The truss rod is loose and there seem to be almost no relief on the neck. The strings buzz a litle after the 17th fret and a litle more on the 21th. I am no expert on this, any advice is welcome. Forgot to mention, it is a Fender American Deluxe from 1996 I bought one year ago and I must be certain it is not damaged because I am trying to sell it. Cheers
  11. Good evening, I'm so sorry for the purchase commitment I made and I can not now meet. Jody was a spectacular person throughout the exchange of messages. I regret that it happened. All that remains for me is to apologize once again and wish for a speedy sale. Kind regards
  12. Hi, that was very helpfull. cheers
  13. Hi, I have checked a Fender Jazz Jaco Pastorius from a friend and I noticed something strange. It seems the Decall on the headstock easily peels off. There is no varnish on top off it. Is this normal??? Cheers Hélder
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