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  1. [left]A friend of mine is considering selling me his [font="'lucida grande"][color="#333333"][size=2]behringer bx 600, but doesnt know how much it is worth so would anyone know how much I should be looking to buy it off him for?[/size][/color][/font][/left] [left][font="'lucida grande"][color="#333333"][size=2]thanks UG[/size][/color][/font][/left]
  2. I'm currently looking to up grade the bridge on my yamaha RBX270 and was looking for some suggestions. I have Previously asked on here for some suggestions and was told to go for this http://www.thomann.de/gb/schaller_bass_bridge_2000_4s_black.htm Only problem is it is takes rather a lot of my budget up and I'm looking to buy more for my bass. And one got any ideas?
  3. I love my epi Tbird pro to bits. the neck dive isn't that big an issue.
  4. [quote name='janmaat' post='1336651' date='Aug 11 2011, 04:35 PM']stick up some pics m8 i have done the same biggest change was the bridge, but some yummies have ok bridges.[/quote] I will when I’m over my mates (keeping up there). It’s not looking to good atm though. I’ve just striped it down to the original primer and looking round at designs for it. I’m thinking of putting some of Banksy’s graffiti art on it. [attachment=86788:before.jpg] this is what it looked like before. looks alot better on the photo. [attachment=86789:banksy_toxic_rat.jpg] the stencil I'm going to use.
  5. I’m currently rebuilding a Yamaha RBX270 that I bought for £50 a couple of months ago and I am finally getting round to sorting it out. At the moment I’m looking to put some new pickups in as the old once have given up. I was looking to put in some Seymour Duncan BBSP-3 and BBSJ-3. Have anyone used these, and if so how good are they? Also if anyone has any subjections of any other pickups I should buy instead it would be appreciated. thx UG
  6. I am currently doing up my Yamaha RBX 270 and am looking for New passive pj pickups and was wondering what people would recomend. I have looked at other post at what other people have used fir there RBX's but was thinking of going for something different to them. Thx UG
  7. Still got my B10. Damage a bit now tho. :/ it could do with some work on it but it will always have a place i'n my heart.
  8. Just reeding on here about peoples first bass's so was wondering what every body had. My first bass was my dads first bass. A Washburn B10.
  9. Second hand yamaha RBX 270 way to go. I got one for £40. Nice and easy to handle. UG
  10. Thx will have to look into them
  11. I am currently doing up my RBX 270 which I bought for £40. Was wondering what pickups you would recommend to put i'n it??? I currently play in a melodic metal band if that help on what I should buy. UG.
  12. [quote name='dc2009' post='1238425' date='May 20 2011, 05:10 PM']It is great, but I'm keen to change the pups, not overwhelmed by the sound imo.[/quote] I've just been looking and found someone who has put Gibson once i'n the epi
  13. I have been looking for a stand for my thunderbird and was wondering if anyone knew of a stand that will hold it????
  14. I have the Epiphone Pro IV and is simply the best. The sound, the look it's just yes!!! Also you get used to the neck diving.
  15. Every band you seem to see live, there bass players seem to play fenders. I've played a couple and I cant see what all the fuss is about???? Ive played much nicer basses for a lot less money.
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