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  1. Man that's a beauty What year is this my friend?
  2. Wow havent you just got this off mojobass? Some of those are my pictures!!! Just to add this was mine to once upon a time Note i think its a 2008 model not 1998
  3. [quote name='marcus bell' timestamp='1356746239' post='1913275'] Having to sell my status kingbass artist tomorrow, a bass which I strived to get for 7 months after wanting one for 11 years! All because of a stupid motorcar haha.. The saving begins again! And when I have enough cash I'm going to get another kingbass or maybe my new found love of alembics will overcome me and ill get one of them... Watch this space [/quote] Seriously dude have you not just bought this king bass? I lusted for years over owning a Satus S2 and when I finally bought one it was a little bit of an anti climax, dont get me wrong I enjoyed owning/playing it was by far better than anything else I have ever owned. Although the bond I had with it just wasn't strong enough and I gladly sold it. It was i'm afraid to say a hard sell with Status basses you either love them or hate them.
  4. deanbean502


    Top bloke, Just sold my Zoom B3 to Simon he turned up straight away with cash. No messing Highly recommended.
  5. Thanks for the info Giblett123
  6. [quote name='charic' timestamp='1350029916' post='1833618'] I thought this was... [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/177330-first-shuker-bass-ordered-pics-added/page__st__20"]http://basschat.co.u...ed/page__st__20[/url] Thought it was a quick turnaround [/quote] No mate thats has a different neck. At the time i bought it I was in the transition of changing jobs and now I have done that my work load has increased 10 fold, causing me to not have as much spare time as i like. Due to this i have decided to take a break from playing. gutted really because the band i'm currently in really do have something special, its just bad timing i'm afraid. So for obvious reason I can't have this beauty sitting in its case forever
  7. [quote name='Ian Savage' timestamp='1349790273' post='1830548'] You giving up playing dude? [/quote] hey up Savage hows things? No mate i'm not giving up just taking a break. New job is taking up a lot of my time and i'm to knacked to do anything in my spare time. The band needs to practice every week you know how passionate they are! I just can't offer them the full amount of commitment they need, which really is a shame. Hence the reason i'm selling some gear Im gutted to be fair but the band understood my situation
  8. [quote name='fender73' timestamp='1349764665' post='1830087'] Hi, where abouts are you based please? [/quote] Wolverhampton
  9. [quote name='blunderthumbs' timestamp='1349711456' post='1829462'] I Know you said you where packing up playing but would you be interested in swapping the head for my Ashdown Abm 500w 2x10" combo? [/quote] Sorry blunder its not what I need right now, perhaps we can strike a deal if you sell it
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