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  1. Cajon

    Have a look at Meinl, they do some inexpensive and well made cajons
  2. Squier Standard P Bass Special (Sold)

    Definitely sold this time!
  3. Squier Standard P Bass Special (Sold)

    Thank you MB1.Have been let down by a prospective buyer so my bass is still for sale.
  4. Unlock my post?

    [quote name='Hobbayne' timestamp='1450880292' post='2936652'] You could try sending a PM to MB1 or Rich. These are the basses for sale moderators, although I suppose any mod will do. [/quote] Good idea, have done that now.
  5. Unlock my post?

    Hi, I have a bass on here for sale, I thought it was sold, pending payment and said so and now my post has been locked! It seems the guy that said he wanted it no longer does as he's gone very quiet and obviously not paid for it. Is it possible to get my post unlocked so that I can receive other offers and maybe bump my post?
  6. Squier Standard P Bass Special (Sold)

    Little bump for Christmas
  7. Squier Standard P Bass Special (Sold)

    Yes, it has the P body, but J neck.
  8. For sale my P/J Bass special. A very nice example in very nice condition with upgrades by way of a Badass11 bridge and Bassline pups. Very playable, nice arctic white with new tort pick guard.Solid bass with a nice smooth action and lovely sound. Looking for £200 posted. Straplocks and a nice gig bag included [attachment=206574:P Bass Special 021.JPG][attachment=206575:P Bass Special 022.JPG][attachment=206577:P Bass Special 023.JPG][attachment=206578:P Bass Special 024.JPG][attachment=206579:P Bass Special 025.JPG]
  9. Ultimate Guitar Tabs-Guitar Pro

    Thanks for your reply. I've sussed it now, I wasn't scrolling down far enough to see the download button!
  10. Flats

    Would quite like to try some flats. Any recommendations?
  11. I'm just getting back into playing bass again after a couple of years out. I used to occasionally download tabs from Ultimate to Guitar Pro which I found quite useful. I tried to do this today, but was unable to! It seems that Ultimate Guitar Tabs has it's own player thingy now! I don't want to download that as I already have Guitar Pro. Is there a way round it, am I doing something wrong here? Apart from actually using tab that is!!
  12. Bass-ic Beginnings

    Hi Loula, welcome from another in the South West
  13. Feedback for rallyeluke

    Bought a Marshall MB30 amp off Lucas. He offered to set my bass up for me as well. . Easy transaction, top bloke.
  14. Feedback for Iana

    Just bought a Mega bass strap from Ian. A pleasure to deal with. Great communication and super fast delivery. Many thanks, top bloke.