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  1. So i need to downsize the collection of fine basses, but which ones to let go...........its so hard to decide......

    1. big rob

      big rob

      So its going to be one of the following or both:

      Nightingale 4 string

      Fender flea 

      Or maybe i should trade them 😁

    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      @big rob - I'd start with your least favourite, or least used one of those two....
      Or if they're equal in both respects, perhaps put them both up for sale, and see which goes first?
      If you sell one at a time, it may not seem such a "wrench"

    3. TheGreek


      I'm nearly interested in the Nightingale....No I'm not...well maybe if...stop it!!!

      I hate you!!

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  2. Hello all, Recently had two new additions to the family a lovely custom shop Enfield Lionheart and a Fusion. If your considering a new bass give these a go they really are good.
  3. I would contact TC directly through there website, their customer service is great and they may even send you a new fan.
  4. Sorry just seen no trades good luck with the sale.
  5. Yes this is sold now, was speaking to him about that last night.
  6. well you don't have to turn them on if you dont wont too.
  7. This bass is perfect, i have seen her in the flesh and it is nothing short of spectacular, I would have purchased this but i only play 4 strings. To the person above go for it great bass and great seller.
  8. You are indeed in a bad place, have you received or have sought professional help. I think you may need to consider this before you end up on a park bench gently rocking back and forth in your underpants. Just remember until you have tried all you will never know....... I hope you grow out of this phase and come to your senses before its too late. This might help....
  9. I have one and i love it, i'm not normally a Jazz man at all but somehow the Flea feels so different. For me i think its a combination of the road worn finish and the stacked knob controls, just so much better than the VVT for me. Get one you wont regret it.
  10. Such a shame on the trades! i will Send you a PM....
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