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  1. That Blue one is very nice, i had a black one from 89 and was the bees knees, Paint was so thick you could not see the serial number. Wish i had something to trade at the moment that met your requirements. Good luck Rob
  2. Had no idea you felt so strongly about it.............sorry had to be done 

    1. SpondonBassed



      If you are going to troll out a textile based play on words on the front page of Basschat just because of Jono's dislike of felt covered cabs you need to be prepared for the consequences.

      Where IS the best place to get felt?


      The back seat of a car does it for me.


  3. The RH750 is the dogs i had one before my blacksmith and would not have changed if it was not for someone wanting to just swap for my RH750. The RS410 is a great cab to pair it with but if weights an issue i would go RS210 or 2 of those if you have the funds. Welcome to the TC club.
  4. I Have been using TC stuff for years, first i had just the RS212 cab and the RH450 head, that was great. Then i added a RS210 and it got better. Then i got the RH750 and it got even better. Then i swapped my RH750 and RS212 for a Blacksmith and a RS410 so the rig was 6x10 with the RS210. recently sold the RS210 and i also purchased 2 x Mark Bass 104HF cabs so was using the blacksmith with the 2 markbass cabs..........result bloody awful, not enough warmth and too clanky for me if that makes sense. So sold them and now have the blacksmith and just the RS410 and i am not changing anytime soon, yes its heavy but its well worth it. If i change at all it will only be to another RS / Blacksmith configuration.
  5. Nice I had a Dolphin pro 1 gloss black from 89 it was a beast would like to own another. Will PM you as i have a P bass that might be of interest. Cheers Rob
  6. I found the Markbass cabs very harsh in the treble.
  7. Oooo, I like the look of these and i'm just up the road in kidlington. I had Markbass cabs recently and did not really get on with them, are these voiced in a similar way? Regards Rob
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  9. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/277673682983388
  10. HI I have a TC electronic RS410 for sale if it helps?
  11. I Have a TC RS4x10 for sale if it helps.
  12. Or buy my TC RS410 best 4x10 i have ever owned.
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  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. I have one of these and they are great, i had the RH450 and the 750 before picking one of these up in a trade. There is something about these amps yes feature wise they are similar but sound wise this just has something on the others. Massive Bargain good luck with your sale.
  16. Is this bass now sold? Would you consider any trades if not?
  17. oooooo must resist another bass
  18. Bum just ordered a new one on saturday.
  19. I have a retroglide and have no issue volume or tome wise, never go's above 4 in a very loud band and have comparable volume output to my TC RH750 head. Not sure if some have had a fault causing the volume issue but mine is fine. Regards Rob
  20. Hi, TC is great stuff and i currently have the blacksmith. However i do have a back up amp that i will be moving on if your interested. It is a Ashdown retroglide 800, light weight 800 watt rms until with 12 band eq, take a look on the net for details. Its very loud and very light and mighty cool. Regards Rob
  21. Hi and Welcome, If you ever fancy selling your flea bass let me know. Kind Regards Rob
  22. ooooooo dear me that is noce
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