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  1. Come and try something different tones from the old days to the future and fanfrets dont even feel different to normal, i know that sound strange but it true!!!! Open to offers and partial trades, cash my way. Cheers
  2. I must say the best 4x10 i have ever owned, also has a great tweeter. Now down to £300 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grab a bargain. Also comes with the padded TC cover. TC Blurb: Stackable 600 Watt bass cabinet with tweeter offers extreme portability and superior tone for stage and studio use ? Vertically stackable with other RS range cabinets for uncompromising full-frequency sound Compact and lightweight bass cabinet design 4 x 10" custom Eminence* drivers for deep fundamental bass tone 1" titanium diaphragm tweeter with 1.5" aluminum coil for increased percussive attack and definition Dual speaker link connections on premium Neutrik speakON* connectors (8 Ohm impedance) L-pad control lets you adjust to get the perfect amount of high-end detail Stylish ?anti-skid? covered plywood cabinet designed for toughest life on the road Designed and engineered in Denmark
  3. Just put up 3 of my nicest basses, have to reduce the collection for financial reasons, take a look.

    1. TheGreek


      Couldn't see them...

      Change of heart??? Seen the light???

    2. big rob

      big rob

      No there all still there chap, search by starr date. 




    3. TheGreek


      Ah...found them.




  4. Absolutely as new Musicman stingray 5 string not a mark on her. Lovely low action with 3 band active eq. Comes with Musicman hard case. Currently retail lowest price i can find is £1999. Grab a bargain
  5. Claas Leviathan Custom 4. Handmade in Germany Info: https://claasguitars.com Body:Ash Neck and Fretboard: Flammed Maple. SeymoreDuncan Musicman and Jazz Pickup. Richter 3-Band EQ. The bass is in good condition and the frets are like new. The jazz pickup and preamp are modifications from the original bass. She may look from the future and has all the modern tones but can also do old school really well. Looking for £1600 £1250 , down from £1850 might consider other trades or partial trades (cash my way).
  6. This is a great bass was mine at one time and is the same spec as the one Mark King played at the hammersmith gigs years ago. A bargain for a real status. Good luck.
  7. I only have the below available for trade at the moment:
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