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  1. These are great basses i have two four strings, lucky this does not have 4 or i would be counting the pennies for this one too 🙂 GLWTS
  2. Any trades i have something you might like its different
  3. £1000 for an Alpha, if i did not own 2 already this would be on its way to me. These bases are something else they just make you play better and i have played allot of top end basses. Come of guys grab a bargain.
  4. Hi All, I have my lovely Mesa Boogie 400+ up for sale, as you will see from the photo it comes in the Mesa Boogie flight case which will look much better soon as i currently in the middle of refurbishing it. I was told by the original owner that the Valves had all been replaced with matched pairs and this was done around 2 years ago and since has had very little playing. I use it at home manly and it is a dream of a head. I also have a the matching road ready cabs 4x10's and 1x15's so could do a deal on the lot if interested.
  5. Hi All, I recently brought a big back line of Mesa Boogie bass stuff and within it was a 1x15 diesel road ready cab. The cone looks perfect but when plugged in it farts. Anyone interested in it as a repair project? OPEN TO OFFERS.
  6. Great 75 watt amp head with built in effects and amp modeling. As new condition.
  7. Look these things dont come up often and when they do they have seen alot of use. This ones as new.... dont live in regret chap 😁🤪😜
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