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  1. [quote name='AlexiaSpring' timestamp='1483890157' post='3210874'] Still available? [/quote] yes
  2. [quote name='AlexiaSpring' timestamp='1482608302' post='3201906'] Considering trades on this? [/quote] what do you have in mind?
  3. [quote name='LewisK1975' timestamp='1481556623' post='3193249'] Use a lighter touch and let the amp do the work. Even the more 'beastly' bassists you could think of play with a lighter touch than you might imagine. [/quote] Sadly, I was taught to play that hard with my fingers, and now it is difficult to me to focus in order not to play like that. I do all I can do, but I think that raising will compensate my style and the buzz.
  4. [quote name='Grangur' timestamp='1481527207' post='3192849'] Get your frets leveled and a good setup before spending time and loads of cash on a wild goose chase through string gaugesand makes of strings. [/quote] They are already leveled, but I play like a beast with my fingers
  5. [quote name='Jecklin' timestamp='1481306841' post='3191426'] Precisely this. Just using gauge as an arbitrary guide, the "heaviest" I'd ever contemplate using would be 40-100. The idea of using my preferred strings in 55-110 gives me tendonitis just thinking about it We need more detail [/quote] [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1481302598' post='3191397'] To the OP. What are you actually after? An increase in tension/stiffness or thickness of your strings? [/quote] True. So what I intend is to increase the tension. My goal is to have less of this fretbuzz that you cannot hear in the mix, but you can feel in your fingers. It drives me crazy
  6. I have acknowlege that I have been living a lie for a long time. I though that I would always feel more confortable playing 40-100 because I have small hands. Now I am wondering what is heaviest string gauge I can use to play in EADG. Would I be able to do it with a 55-110 or will it be too much?
  7. [quote name='scrumpymike' timestamp='1480877351' post='3187762'] Especially in view of the big Marra following on here (me included). Right number of strings but wrong scale length for me. [/quote] It is a full scale bass 34". If you like them shorter, you can always cut some wood
  8. Does anybody know where I can get such a piece in Europe? https://reverb-res.cloudinary.com/image/upload/s--W8T6q5MA--/a_exif,c_limit,f_auto,fl_progressive,h_620,q_75,w_620/v1375369356/ekcgaeqvbjvccecqqtqc.jpg
  9. [quote name='Musicman20' timestamp='1463504762' post='3051897'] Cheaper here which is good! [url="http://www.projectmusic.net/music-man-809-c.asp"]http://www.projectmu...c-man-809-c.asp[/url] [/quote] Not cheap enough for most of us haha. I guess we will have to wait for the Sterling by Musicman version
  10. And when are they going to make a shortscale run of these basses? It would be so cool ;_;
  11. I would also really appreciate if somebody could give me some advice about what pickups I could use to upgrade it I already know the ones made by The Creamery, but I find them quite too expensive
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