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  1. Dear All, I have a Boss-532 and it has been collecting dust for a couple of years now, I have used it very little and it just seems a waste to let it sit there. Therefore i am thinking of selling it or possibly trading it for a Bass Multi effects unit (something good by Boss or Korg or someone). If i were to sell it i was looking for £100, as it is as new condition in the box with the instructions and with a power supply. Regards Big Rob
  2. Could you put a picture of the damage up please?
  3. Would you be willing to sell the 2x10 cab looking to buy one for around the £100 mark?
  4. [b][/b]Brought this new two weeks ago but it does not suit the music i am currently play (shame as it sounds funky and i so wanted it to work). I brought this for £59.99 but i am willing to sell it for £45, it has only been activated a couple of times and not even by foot!, comes boxed with instructions. I am based in Kidlington Oxford.
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a guitar tech to do some scratch removal and polishing on my black gloss bass. Does anyone know of anyone good who could do this work for me at a reasonable price? Regards Rob
  6. Thanks for the advice all, has anyone had any scratch removal done by a guitar tech or have any idea how much they may charge?
  7. I have just purchased a Black Warwick Dolphin pro 1 and i love it, (was for sale on this site). Its 20 years old and as you would expect has a few light scratches and some not so light ones. My question is how much would it cost to get a guitar tech to polish as much out as possible? and the second question is could i do it myself if its costs the earth for a guitar tech to do? Would be grateful for some advice as i don't want to be ripped off by a guitar tech. Also does anyone know the controls on the early dolpin pro 1 (one with bartolini pickups). Cheers all Big Rob
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    Hello all

    Hi, I have been playing bass now for about 18 years man and boy. I started with a Washburn bass and a carlsbro amp, moved to a washburn status bass (still miss that one) and started to use Trace elliot amps and cabs. From there i went to a Jaydee Mark King which i wish had never sold and traded in for a Status series 2 (great bass don't get me wrong but still miss the JD). Current set up and the same for about the last 10 years is a Alembic Mark King standard in walnut and a Trace Elliot GP12 amp with a 4X10 cab, still on the look out to rekindle my love for the JD so if anyone knows of any up for grabs then please let me know. Currently playing in a band which mixes alot of technology with the standard guitar bass and drums setup, not techno but trying to use the tech to add an extra layer to the sound, also love to try and chuck some funk in whenever i can. Current bands name "The Nicole Steel" Rob.
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