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  1. This bass would be perfect with my W&T zoid 33’
  2. which brand of preamp ? Emg ? Barto ? thanks
  3. Of course it s an american ! The one with inlays, black and mapple fretboard...
  4. hi, I have a jazz deluxe 2011 inlays black and mapple, if you agree to ship to France...
  5. Whaouuuu ! A 34’ scale Mtd bass,... love it !
  6. Like I said : just want to try something else, only 34' and 33'...and no fretless. I used to play some jazz and soul stuff.
  7. For trade my MTD 635-24, just want to try something else, only 34' and 33'...and no fretless. Year: 2011 Woods / Woods Body: Ash / Ash Neck: Maple / Maple Keyboard / Fingerboard: Maple / Maple Table / Top: Walnut US / American Walnut Finish / Finish: Satin Hand / Rubbed Oil Stain Satin Dimensions / Specification Number of ropes: 6 Diapason / Scale length: 35 Sillet / Nut width: 5.31cm / 2 '1 / 8th Bridge / Bridge: 8.75cm / 3'1 / 2th String spacing / String spacing: 18mm Number of frets / Number of frets: 24 Mechanical / Tuners: Buzz Feitin Pickups / Pickups: Bartolini Pre-Amp: Bartolini Case / Case: MTD Box
  8. Hi I'm selling my Mtd Kingston AG 6 in good shape : 35’ scale 24 medium jumbo frets One-piece neck with satin polyester finish Alder body with Maple Burl top MTD quick release bridge, 3/4’ (18mm) spacing Double-action truss rod Purpleheart fingerboard Five controls:volume (with push/pull preamp bypass), blend, treble control, mid control (with push/pull mid shift: 250Hz - 800Hz.) and bass control Bartolini pickups and active Bartolini 3-band preamp Shielded electronics compartment Buzz Feiten Tuning System No problem to ship the bass in Europe. My Feedbacks : https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/238522-feedback-for-tournesol74/?tab=comments#comment-2469912
  9. I have just sold a bass to Theo, from France to Greece. Very good communication, thank you for your kindness I Hope to se you again arnaud
  10. Hi, I'm selling my bass made by Christophe Huort in 1991. In good shape, it use to be passive bass but now active with a norstrand preamp, bartolini mic. I don't know anything about the wood. sorry... No problem with shipping.
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