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  1. what a beauty ! I'd like to have one in 34 '. I still have this 33' scale zoid on the video, and have two chronos more...
  2. Everytime you're selling a bass, this is ecaxtly what I like...
  3. I don't understand V/V/T and pickup selector...How does it work ?
  4. I have exactly the same, really great bass ! And rosewood fretboard...not as 2nd gen.
  5. Do you know the difference with the BB1500 ?
  6. I think it sold, cause it cames to me in France...
  7. Yes I understand, I haven’ t think about it when I bought the bass on reverb.com
  8. I thought that 89-90 jazzbass were all "Longhorn"...
  9. How does it work now for shipping between Uk and the rest of Europe when you buy a used bass ?
  10. the perfect bass for my son. Any idea of the weight ?
  11. Thanks, it’s an app called « Big band essentials « I believe it’s 18mm but I ll check and let you know
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