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  2. Yup... Isn't that most of us? I live in Cornwall, so making a living from playing in bands is nigh-on impossible unless you're an acoustic guitar and vocals act and can bag enough gigs, and even then you're going to be looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend with a house. I can't honestly think of any local musicians that don't have a 'day job', even if it's just a bit of teaching or few hours in a music shop or studio. Maybe there is more opportunity in the cities? I can't comment on that...
  3. I've been informed that there will be further announcements /info this week, starting from tomorrow.
  4. Fantastic...they're that good you'd better watch out for Cease and Desists from Gibson... 😕😀
  5. Gibson are trying to protect their IP about 40 years too late, as has been said already. Legally if you don't use it, you lose it. They tried to go after PRS and failed. So now they have gone after Dean on similarly spurious grounds with the added bonus of threating Dean dealers with legal action as well. Fender are in exactly the same boat as Gibson, if not to a worse degree. How many world class luthiers are churning out "Super Rippers"? Not many posts on here or Talkbass about the latest 5k "Victory on Steroids". But Fender of late seem to be focusing on giving their customers what they want, which is a quality instrument that has the look they want, the playability they want and also the headstock they want. Gibson have still got another 20-30 years worth of customers to tap into, what with people who were teenagers in the late 80s - late 90s coming to an age where they may be more financially comfortable to buy the instrument they lusted after as a youth and the dyed in the wool Gibbo fans who still want to want a Gibson have still got some mileage left in them. When cheap Chinese counterfeits (the real problem in all this legal kerfuffle, not Sheldon's nod to an old classic that probably stems as much from his passion for classic car design as anything) and the second hand market are taking as huge a bite out of manufacturer's bottom line as it is, questionable lawsuits are probably not the way to go. Morally and ethically it's a bit more of a grey area, guitar designers have been stealing, borrowing, taking inspiration from and downright copying each other since the damn things were invented. Nobody is going to mistake a D-Bird for a Thunderbird because the D-Bird would be available in nice colours.
  6. I'l wear Spandex but I'm not sure the publicity will be the sort your band wants!!
  7. Yep reminds me of the early Camel albums i bought. That was tasty. Dave
  8. That's very commendable Lozz but judging by another thread no one wants to gig anyway 😉
  9. They give them away at the Reception desk when you pay to go in....
  10. ordered mine this morning. and manuals out... https://www.sourceaudio.net/c4_synth.html
  11. I've still not decided whether to go; it slightly depends upon whether & where I'm working at the time. My only must-do is to remember to take my earplugs!
  12. Just some pictures to show what I'm wittering about The bass side has had just a light sanding with 600 grit, you can just see the gloss bits left With just a tiny bit more sanding the surface is evenly sanded, a position I've been in twice already So after a coat of lacquer (excuse the orange peel) the surface is like this, near perfect Fingers crossed even with shrinkage I hope this is just about there now. I'll give it a couple of days hanging then I'll give it another sand down and a couple more coats just to be sure. I think a lot of the problem has been that the very gentle but even curve of the top along with the gloss just highlights the tiniest imperfections. Whereas the twins with their heavily shaped top just hid them, flat surfaces are dead easy. The moral of the story is that I should have gone satin or kept it flat.
  13. Pah, Henry Rollings. If he started that sh!t with me I'd kick his @ss.
  14. I work in print and we do various thickness of business cards, going from 300gsm up to 450gsm and sometimes beyond. There can be quite a difference in thickness, especially for this task.
  15. I thought my amp was fixed but it started doing the same thing again. Anyway, I took Ashdown up on their offer to repair the amp and couriered it down to them at a cost of £7(interparcel uninsured). I sent it to them a week gone Friday, it arrived with them the following Monday and was fixed and sent back to me by the Thursday of the same week! And there was no charge for the repair or the courier cost to send it back to me. 😀 I can't fault Ashdown's customer service, and this was on an old amp, not even a brand new one... If you are buying an Ashdown amp then you can rely on these guys to sort you out if anything ever goes wrong. 👍👍👍
  16. I measure mine like Carl from Lakland shows in a video on YT. He puts a feeler gauge of the thickness he wants on the 8th fret, then uses a straight edge (like an 18" steel ruler) placed along the frets going up the neck. If the ruler rocks back and forth then the relief is not enough. I normally go for a pretty flat .010 but recently been trying .012 or a bit more, although strangely my P34 wont go to that. It keeps dropping back to .010. I understand those that say just go by feel, but when im setting up my basses i know that if i use a common amount of relief then i can (in theory) get the action common across the basses as well. Doesn't always work out that simple but it does seem to speed things up for me.
  17. Mine had a tiny raised spot just below the fifth fret position on the A-string, gave a slight buzz when playing a D. Barely detectable with a straight edge, a few seconds of scraping with a scalpel sorted it, probably only noticeable because I'm a low-action freak.
  18. Whilst there is a gap in the market from the supply end, I'm not too sure there is enough demand here to justify. A couple of promotion companies have gone under trying and there is another who I believe is doing modestly (in a breaking even kind of way). As @Leonard Smalls points out, there's a good number of people out there who are happy to sink their drinks and shout at one another. I remember playing a gig (several years ago now) where we went on before 11pm and despite having a pretty good number of fans we played to an empty room because they were all still in their preferred boozer. Walking 10 minutes down the road to a venue hosting a band they liked was completely outside the realms of possibility because they were having a drink in the pub. And the venue in question also served alcohol! A band I was in was once invited to take part in a local arts festival and as a result we were given a couple of free tickets that could be cashed in at other events that were part of the festival. One such event was seeing British Sea Power playing a new score to an old film (Man of Arran"?) at the local Opera House. It was half empty because the bar wasn't open...
  19. Mike Walsh of Zoot basses fame is based in Witham (well, Silver End actually), a gnat's fart off the A12. That's the custom fretless he made for me on the Home page. http://www.zootbass.com/
  20. The Thorns - used in the last episode of Ricky Gervaise's 'Afterlife' .
  21. I may well take you up on that! How do you feel about wearing spandex?? 🤣
  22. Carbon fiber = Status. Their selection includes non-lined, no front dots versions and many more. Even that woodish color as one option. Matt lacquer, tints... On top of these, Rob and Dawn are very service-oriented. http://www.status-graphite.com/
  23. Wear one on your front and rent yourself out as a walking bass rack
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