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  2. My Gear Cull continues with My Status Electro bought on here from Tim in N.I. about 7 - 8 years ago I have made some changes to suit my needs these are - A John east pre-amp made to buffer between the Piezo and Mag pickup ( volume, blend, bass/treb' , para/ mid.) the original Status pre-amp will be included. I have tried just about every nylon coated string available and settled on Labella clear wrap nylons currently installed. This involved changing the nut/string guide and now has a Yew string guide. The original machine heads would not take the larger string diameter of nylon wrap strings down the center hole so it now sports a set of Hipshot's that do. As you can see the bass is a great example with a fantastic quilted maple top, Body is Walnut, Rosewood board. There is play ware but nothing major a small swirl on back of neck but you cant feel it, also some button rash on the lower bottom edge at the back. Prefer collection as I have no case or bag for this at present as it shares one with another bass depending in which gets the gig. UK only please sorry
  3. Back in about 1991 I was in a band that was doing quite well - headlines at the Marquee, reviews in NME and Melody Maker, big supports with Carter and Gaye Bykers. Our manager felt we would be "making it soon" so our guitarist and keyboard player left their jobs. But we never did make it; guitarman went to college to study furniture restoration, keys went back to removals, then moved to Wales... With new keys we were making the best music we ever had, our stageshow was exciting but somehow it just fizzled out. Luckily I didn't leave my job until 10 years later, and that was only to escape That London!
  4. Just wondering about room for a largish 7 piece, but 3 of those are singers so dont take up much space as the intruments, as they cram togther at the front They asked our guitarman how much we charge. Bearing in mind pubs dont pay a great deal, and The Bell dont charge entry, so has anyone played there and what is a reasonable fee ? We kind of figured around £245, which makes dividing up the money easy
  5. I admire guys that just walk out of the ‘day job’ and follow their dreams. Even more so when they have kids and a mortgage to worry over. It was an interesting point that Dan made above about music being the new ‘job’ and not ‘fun’ like it used to be?
  6. ? However, it's at this stage I point out that heaviness is relative ! I've just pulled this lot out, on my own, to photograph it, and get it back inside before the rain started again, and I have a bad back . There is something special about those old W-bin designs.
  7. Listened to One Hot Minute on the way to work - bloody ace. Listened to I’m With You on the way home. Fantastic.
  8. Hi All 1996 SE Trace Elliot bass. This is the very limited edition from 1996 with Maple board and Inlays as opposed to standard and deluxe models with Trace Hardcase At the time these were £200 more than than USA deluxe Jazz/Stingray so not cheap Its in good condition but needed a bit of work when I got it due to previous owner lack of care 😤Fixed (glued )the nut/battery box ( spacer required) but need to draw attention to the crack in the finish by the controls (through the finish but not as far as wood ) Also some buckle rash.There is tape over the pick up covers as the pole pieces are just blanks of solder glued on. More into Trades at the moment .. must be 4 string Fretted..I have had a lot of basses over the years so don’t be insulted if I say no but open to all All the best Mick
  9. Another smooth and hassle-free deal with the super Basschatter that is Tim. This time I was the seller, Tim bought my Yamaha fretless. All excellent business as usual.
  10. Sold a Genz Benz amp to Mark. Good communications, prompt payment and no hassle at all. A good Basschatter to deal with.
  11. That is my actual rig, including the Rob Allen just out of shot. Quality gear, GLWTS
  12. I remember it differently. The prices didnt creep up until later, but it was common knowledge how much of a barging these were, and why, from very earl on.
  13. ..it's worth mentioning that most of the pics are mine, but the official gig shots (obv) and a handful of the earlier rehearsal shots are by the official tog.
  14. Thank you 🙂 I did lodge an official protest when I saw the stage plan, but I was overruled. Drat. Obligatory 'Sirens of Scotswood' snap, taken from my position of limited visibility:
  15. The Staves. Would have been Lana Del Rey, but she stood me up.
  16. Today
  17. Could well be that the backup battery has failed. The battery is a standard CR2032 and can be accessed by removing the base of the unit.
  18. If i use Scottish Blend will it affect the tone ?
  19. Great pics / write up / thread! Really enjoyed following the progress of the event, as well as your great contribution. Brilliant job sir, hope you'll be doing the same at the next one.
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