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  2. Even better then Dave, because I've had both in the past, and the VM was better than the Standard PJ, having said that, the standard wasn't a bad bass at all, I just didn't like the J pup.
  3. The quality of lower end price bracket basses now is astonishing. Sire, Squier... all offering very useable instruments for really not that much money. Kudos.
  4. Some bracing - I'm going to stop there for now and see how it performs, I can add more if it seems like anything's vibrating and the slot port blocked:
  5. Does anyone know how much it costs to have it done, also can it be done to a vintage jazz to get the action lower
  6. Thought that those of you of a slappy persuasion might be interested in this - pictured at Camp Bestival yesterday. Not sure if this is a permanent switch back to the Jaydees, but it's good to see it get an airing...:)
  7. I had it velcro'd onto a pedal board, but I guess you could also attach it onto an upright. I would suggest that you use something like 3M dual lock or similar though.
  8. JapanAxe


    I’ve picked up some dep gigs with a rock’n’roll band, some on guitar, some on bass. The existing players (and deps) all go through the PA, with results ranging from ok to godawful. I have okayed it with the BL to bring a small amp, so for bass I will use my BF One 10 and a small head, but I should probably be prepared for situations where I have to go direct to the PA. I’m quite taken with the EBS Microbass 2, not least because I love the EQ in my EBS head, and currently weighing up the pros and cons of versions 2 and 3. However, my best recent recorded bass sounds have been achieved by plugging straight into my interface (Focusrite Scarlett 6i6). Also, as noted in another thread, this is currently a DI/EQ bargain.
  9. The impression it gave me is that on a qualitative level this new model is much more similar to a vintage modified than the model of the old series.
  10. I’ve been using d’addario, but spotted some fenders at £13 a set so bought a load. think these had come to me with 45-105’s and I’ve gone down to 45-100, not huge jump but they had mega low action to start with…
  11. What strings are you using on your BB's? I usually string them with D'Addario steels. But on the red BB of the recording I tested some Rotos. I'll stick to the D'Addarios...
  12. Yes they can, but the tunes are dreadful. No more or less to it than that.
  13. Has a look of the other westone - was it a raider? edit - is was the dynasty I was thinking of, but it’s like a mix of the 2…
  14. Just been recording some bits, the new strings have settled on the 424x’s - need another tweak - Bit buzzy 😩
  15. It sounds like the Affinity is now of the quality that their Standard PJ was 15 years ago.
  16. No it just means you should adjust when you change, and definitely not have a Plek with the wrong strings fitted!
  17. First gig since I replaced my TKS212 with two OneTens. Korg rack tuner, Samsamp RB1, GK Fusion 550, 2 X Barefaced 110s.
  18. Hi, Is anybody using the Gallien Krueger CX410 8 Ohm cab? Looking at Gallien Krueger website https://www.gallien-krueger.com/cx-410-specs . This seems like a very well thought out design. Proper bracing and sound dampening. I know Gallien have a reputation for being able to handle drop tunings all the way down to A. Doesn't look like I'd be able to connect two cabs together though? What's the sound like? Has anybody stacked two together?
  19. Al, can you hear the more straight sound of the reverse pu in the recording? It is not as boomy as a normal P.... I like this, every sound guy loves it 🙂
  20. I didn’t before I bought a Sandberg 👍
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