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  2. What strings are on on that first clip (brand, type and gauge)? They sound great!
  3. And this kind of finish is my second thought...great ideas here guys!
  4. Owned two of them, an early 2000's SVT2 Pro, (gun metal grey fascia), and a mid '90's model (black fascia). When working, a truly fine amp, when not, a total ballache to fix (assuming you can find anyone with the knowledge and willingness to tackle one...). My '90's model was by far the superior amp, much more reliable, and better build quality, I sold it years ago. purely because of the weight of the thing, (and due to complaints from the guitarist in my band at the time...). Fantastic at giving you "That sound", and much more versatisle than you'd think, given that it's tagged primarily as a rock amp. My biggest complaint was that it doesn't develop the true Ampeg tone at low levels, it has to be pushed, otherwise it sounds very ordinary to my ears. The Pro2 has the Drive knob, which gives it more life, but it still has to be used at higher volumes.....
  5. Yep , that is straightforward enough and I don’t have any issues, it is my replacement however, he has had a spam email and with one thing and another it has spooked him , and he has hung up his gig shoes and left the lads a bit stuck!
  6. Met Bram (Bolo) during a bass trade, he traveled all the way from the Netherlands to London as I didn't want to send my bass. Absolute legend and was extremely helpful
  7. I was told if its unbalanced to unbalanced it should be OK but not unbalanced to balanced Do you think I would get a better signal if I went from my mixer from 1/4" TRS to XLR to the speaker rather then 1/4" TRS from my mixer to 1/4" TRS to the speakers?
  8. Bought Andys EU Soundtap. Not only a brilliant price, but he managed to get it me with two days of sale. No mean feet over a bank holiday weekend. Cheers!
  9. You can sack a venue supplied sound guy? Agree though, they should be on the ball and listening out for things changing. Back on topic, I’d vote for either a GK MB800 or TCE BH800. The GK is more powerful and smaller than the BH800, but theBH800 has a great EQ section and of course the tone prints. Nice to be able to add a bit of compression if needed. I also agree with the OP about MB heads sounding boring, but i look on mine as a blank canvas that responds well to my pedals.
  10. Still for sale, oddly enough...
  11. For Sale or Trade/Partial Trade * Benavente SCB5 Single Cut * * Korina body with rare Karelian Birch top * * Stabilised Black Palm fingerboard with wooden binding * * 35 inch 3 piece maple neck with accent veneers / neck through construction * * John Suhr 3 Band Preamp + Active/Passive * * Dimarzio Ultra Jazz Pick Ups * * Black Palm wooden knobs and pick up covers * Link to this exact bass at Lowend page: SC 5 Karelian birch Top & korina body | The Lowend Bass Shop Very nice playing and sounding Benavente Singlecut in good condition. Its got a super solid low B and the neck feels great. I recently got this in a trade but I have a much cheaper 5 String that I use for gigging so ultimately I figured I should pass this on. Bass is located in Germany but I can ship anywhere in Europe and possibly overseas. As for trades: a cheaper bass + cash is preferred (6 String bass,, headless bass, a solid P-Bass, fretless 4...or just try me). If you have any questions please pm me, thanks.
  12. Have to admit that this is still my favourite finish - not my bass btw - and not a scratch plate in sight! What it would have looked like before, below it. Was half tempted to buy back my old BB 425 which has come up in the FS just to get it re-finished in a similarly wicked way!
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  14. the sparcely populated seems tempting, I have experience of that. I just might not be woke enough, I guess it depends on how late it is.
  15. Likewise I never picked one up until just over 2 years back and now I have four of them!! It's a slippery slope! Trouble is: 1) they are often a LOT of bass for the money (and mid range ones seem to get a lot of the benefits of the high end ones, but without the price tag); 2) that P/J set up just delivers such a delicious take on the P bass tone! A touch of growl added to P thump. Love it. Makes them hard to resist. Which model are you going for?
  16. Rick05

    Octaves and synths

    Looks cool but a bit pricey for what I need
  17. Squier Bullet Bass '84 Pretty scarce bullet bass from the highly regarded SQ series. This is the Japanese version with the mustang style pickup: This longscale bullet bass plays great. It has a very nice neck that plays great with a low action. The sound is in the ball park of a precision bass, but somewhat more mid orientated in comparison to my former fender P. For its age, the bass looks great. It has a few dings and a lot of fine surface scratching, but nothing serious. It actually looks pretty good. The pickup was not working when I got it, so I had one coil rewound. As you can see there are 2 holes where a thumbrest had been mounted in the past. This bullet plays and sounds great. Unplugged you feel that it resonates nicely. It is a pretty light bass, weighing in at 3,8kg on my kitchen scale. I'm sure I will regret the sale at one point, but I just don't take it out much due to other preferences when playing with the band. Price: €550 (which is about £485 nowadays) The bass is located in the Netherlands, but I am happy to ship within the Europe/UK at buyers expense and risk. Costs will be from around €35 and up, depending on insurance.
  18. Do you know @Al Krow, I've never played a Yammy. I have just offered a trade for one though...
  19. There were a couple on Facebook marketplace in orange. Debated getting a second...
  20. Ha! I was gonna say if you ever get bored of your Super J5 (or 4) let me know I don’t think I’ll be letting go of my Super P though - it’s the best bass I’ve ever played!
  21. Well there will be lots of spares there....
  22. Looking like you're a BB man through and through, then, Mr Black!
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