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  2. I used genuine Fiebing's Leather Dye. I'm going to put a second coat in these days
  3. Definitely an under valued bass compared to other comparable quality makers.
  4. Listening on catch up to 6Music - Gideon Coe's bible-themed special (5th April). A mix of secular and non-secular songs with a bible reference. Here's a gospel choice - Doris Troy , "Jacobs Ladder". Nice bass line.
  5. He does not charge more for SB. If this P is the same one I think it is it was listed several weeks before your Jazz and the Jazz was priced higher. I really considered buying the Jazz at the time (and wish I did as I'm in the EU and would have to tack on additional VAT if I were to buy one now). Besides, a proper vintage blonde is itself a burst of sorts, albeit subtle; the outer edge should be sprayed opaque to cover end grain and lamination joints. This is a detail even the Custom Shop instruments missed for years. On the restoration of my '66 J he did it over a SB and the upcharge was nominal. It was sort of a shame as he sent photos while in progress and it was an absolutely beautiful SB! I don't know if the tactic of trying to sell for more than new is going to work. I think Oliver is correct and around 1500 has been what most I've seen go for used (which is still great retention of value for any new instrument).
  6. @Al Krow has just got one of those GR Bass Aerotech cabs, has had I think Bergantino and Vanderkley 212’s as well as BF BB2, SC and a fearless 112 for further 12” info. His preferred set up is a 212 so he should be well placed to help here
  7. I would add that there is no good reason NOT to go down the passive speaker/powered mixer route. the one caveat is that powered mixers are not usually as flexible as non powered mixers.
  8. The fact it’s on gumtree will slow down a sale. Wait a little while, offer £1500 which I think is about right and have yourself a superb bass. Still much better value than Fender custom shops.
  9. Mick, how dare you!!! I'm only just starting my mid life crisis!!!
  10. It could be stuck on an island with Tom Hanks.
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  12. Bought New 27/03/2018
  13. Yeah, I was trying to remember. I think it's had another 100 added on over what it was new IIRC, though not absolutely certain.
  14. That's exactly it. And when he posts a completed bass (or guitar) they almost always sell within a day. The bass in this OP was a real exception in that it was on his site for about a week. I recall this same (I think) P-bass from just a little earlier and the price was the same or perhaps even less than the asking price in the ad, so that's interesting to see. I had him do a restoration and he actually did give regular updates and send photos along the way. I had no problems with his communications. It looks like he just checks email once in the morning and again in the afternoon and then focuses on the work as he's a one person shop. One can see how his groove would get thrown off by constantly having to interrupt what he's doing to answer the phone. Plus when it's in email it can be referred back to so no subjective misinterpretation of phone conversations. His work is top level and miles beyond stuff like Nash.
  15. While no doubt your typical vocalist is a gear hauling absentee, in my experience some of the females put the guitarist to absolute shame.
  16. That P Bass is more than I paid for my Jazz brand new last year 🤔 Edit - maybe SB is more pricey than blonde due the elements? Still, I think his basses are easily worth that money, the quality is awesome. I’m not really into relics, which made me nearly sell mine once or twice, but it’s just too good to actually let go. If that P was nearer to me then I could have been in trouble.
  17. If you’ve got the money and room isn’t an issue then buy whatever you like, it’s not harming anyone. Most basses I had at one time was five but that was when I had a studio, and I wasn’t the only person playing them. Now I’m down to a P copy with flats for most occasions, and a hollow bodied Hofner bass just for fun. I don’t absolutely need it but it’s fun to play and if I ever need a 60’s sound it’s right there. My main instrument is percussion and so I only do occasional bass sessions and gigs but If I joined a band as a actual bassist I’d get another bass straight away, something more versatile, and be done with it. Have what you want, there’s no rules. If you buy something that doesn’t turn out to be right for you, you can always sell it and get something else anyway. New gear is always fun. Don’t overthink it, just have what you want, you might regret it later on if you don’t buy ‘that’ one you wanted!
  18. Interesting set of compromises between the SRF700 and SRH500f; The former is neck through, has magnetic pickups and a more flexible EQ. I think the key to the SRH500f might well be the fact that it's semi-hollow. It'd be interesting to try them out together.
  19. Almost per Downunderwonder, my H122SMX became a head and a 2x10- a slimmer version of a 2103H with a different horn tweeter and no attenuator. I even managed to save the carpet covering and fold the excess over the new form factor. I also fitted a recessed connector plate for the speaker cable. Used the end result for years, one way or another until divorce/ house downsizing forced me to sell it along with my 1153 and 1048h.
  20. https://www.themusicinn.co.uk/bass-guitars/electric-bass/yamaha-bb-2005-pre-owned nice bb5 for decent price
  21. From a personal experience, yes. If you're running just vocals through them, they should be more than adequate. If using the whole band, you'd need to pair them with subs (or a single sub). To make sure you're not trying to do too much with them. RCF is great, but more expensive and Wharfedale is good as well, although I don't have any experience with their active range. If you're looking at analogue mixers, they're available for pennies (slight exaggeration) but if you're buying with a view to expansion, make sure there are enough groups, or aux sends to handle the entire band if you want to go the way of IEM's or individual monitor mixes.
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