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Ha ha, thank you.  I was astonished to see that it was misspelled in both the look-up table, and on the links on the 'P' page!  Both corrected now.

A new batch of bass transcriptions coming soon.  I'm pretty certain this is the biggest free bass notation website in the world, and it is very gratifying that fellow bass players are so appreciative of the resource.

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  • 3 weeks later...
Just added a batch of 30 new bass transcriptions to my website. Now 575 bass charts on there - and all free - so reading bass players, help yourselves with my compliments (and please share!)
The recent surge is as a result of my own prep for various gigs (Motown, Frankie Valli, Robbie Williams etc) and customers who have taken advantage of my half price offer - if they allow me to publish the transcription I've done for them on the site. It seems everyone is happy to save themselves a few quid and help out their fellow bass players!
There has been a slight price increase for the transcriptions made-to-order which had been frozen at the introductory level for three years.  However, the price is now inclusive of currency conversion charges and other PayPal fees.
The main library of 575 bass transcriptions, remains completely and utterly free though, of course.
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8 hours ago, stevie said:

That's an amazing collection of transcriptions. Thanks for making them available. You don't know how helpful this is.

I probably do, as the vast majority were written by me to help me on some upcoming gig or other!  And written, usually, because I couldn't find one online myself!  Glad you like them.

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18 new bass transcriptions just uploaded to http://tomreadbass.co.uk taking the library to a total of 593 bass guitar charts, all in standard notation. And they're all FREE, so please help yourselves.
New items include a disco anthem from Yvonne Elliman, a couple of soul/funk classics from Tower of Power and many more in all sorts of genres.
Bespoke transcribing / transposing / arranging / tabbing services all available too - see the website for details.
(And still available for a gig tonight due to a cancellation...) 
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Now up to 606 free bass transcriptions on the website.  A couple of Northern Soul anthems in the new batch, plus Omar's classic "There's Nothing Like This".  I also wanted to transcribe the bass part for Chicago's "Wishing You Were Here" - but decided to do it directly from the Leonid & Friends recording rather than the original due to the superior audio quality.

Here it is - https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/238d8f_19537bb0194a4ddaa24605051259e2b2.pdf

The other six newly uploaded charts, all 606 free bass transcriptions, and details of my bespoke transcribing, arranging and tabbing services - plus of course me-the-bass-player - please visit the website:


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Merry Christmas from tomreadbass.co.uk - the biggest free online bass transcriptions library anywhere on the web.

Every year at this time, I choose a classic Christmas hit to add to the site, and this year it's Wham!'s "Last Christmas", on which the bassline was played by George Michael himself.

Here it is: 

Furthermore, a total of 17 new FREE bass transcriptions have been added to the website this evening. All sorts of things from Tower of Power to Frank Sinatra, Beatles, Major Harris, KC & The Sunshine Band and Status Quo - and many more!

The library stands at 623 free bass transcriptions in standard notation, and fellow bass players can simply help themselves to any chart they need.

Bespoke chart writing and tabbing services are available, with big discounts - see the website for further details.

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OK fellow bass players.  I've just done my first update of 2019 and uploaded a new batch of 30 bass transcriptions to the website.  I've also made a few improvements to a handful of the existing ones.

They are all completely FREE for you to download or view - please help yourselves.


To see which the new charts are, type "Feb 2019" into the search box!  We've got new bass transcriptions for Jefferson Starship, Mumford & Sons, Manic Street Preachers, Ocean Colour Scene, Deep Blue Something, Simon & Garfunkel, Green Day, Blur, Killers, Coldplay and many more!

We're now up to 651 free bass transcriptions - the biggest resource of its kind in the world.  I found out yesterday that bass tutors around the world are using my site for learning resources for their students!  I thought that was rather cool.

Please do share this information, and let your fellow bassists know about this resource.

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  • 5 months later...
Now up to 686 FREE bass transcriptions, in standard notation, on http://tomreadbass.co.uk
57 new PDFs have been added to the site today, which is 22 with minor added details / layout enhancements, and 35 brand new transcriptions.
The site remains 100% free to use and download charts from, and remains (I think) the largest free online collection of bass notation anywhere on the internet.
Additional customised services, such as tab or key transposition are available, but the main resource continues to be completely free. Do help yourselves! (And feel free to share).
Edited by tomread
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Well today I've uploaded a further 28 transcriptions to the site.  
http://tomreadbass.co.uk  ...and click on TRANSCRIPTIONS.
This takes us to 714 accurate bass charts, all in standard notation, and all completely FREE for you bass players, with my compliments.
If you want to filter the lookup table to see what's new, simply enter "Sep 2019" in the search box.
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  • 1 month later...

28 new charts added to http://tomreadbass.co.uk - the world's biggest FREE online library of accurate bass transcriptions!

Now 740 charts on there for all you bassists to help yourselves to!

Some tasty basslines in the latest batch uploaded this morning - some 60s belters from The Love Affair ("Everlasting Love", "Rainbow Valley" etc), the iconic bassline from Eric Clapton's "Layla", the brilliant bass part from Chris Farlowe's original version of "Handbags & Gladrags". Plus stuff from U2, Beatles and Wayne Fontana & Mindbenders, all, as usual, resulting from preparations I have made for recent and upcoming gigs.

Furthermore, bass players ordering bespoke transcriptions from me, have again opted for the half-price deal and shared their charts with you on my website - so resulting from this we also have the classic bassline of "Keep On Running" (Spencer Davis Group) and "She's A Beauty" (The Tubes).

740 bass transcriptions there - all free - no catch! Just help yourselves - download / print off and PLAY!

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  • 2 months later...
Bet you all thought I'd forgotten didn't you? Well I did forget to post it on Christmas Day as I usually do, but I didn't forget to transcribe a Christmas classic bassline and publish it for free on http://tomreadbass.co.uk !
This year, it's the rock & roll festive smash from Roy Wood & Wizzard - "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday", which has a cracking bassline. This might sound like a song you can "just busk" - but to get the proper driving feel, you really need to use the exact notes, details, octaves etc from the original recording (plus the modulation via the 3/4 bar of course!).
Well here is all that detail - enjoy - and Merry Christmas!
P.S. We've got no less than another 64 new FREE bass transcriptions being added to the website over the next couple of weeks, taking us to over 800 - so please share with any fellow bass players. It's the biggest free online collection of accurate bass notation in existence - by quite some margin!
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  • 2 weeks later...
67 new charts added to http://tomreadbass.co.uk
Now over 800 FREE accurate bass guitar transcriptions - in standard notation - the largest such collection on the planet! Please help yourself - and enjoy!
These have resulted from an intense period of work throughout Autumn 2019 during which I needed to chart up bass parts for the Explosive Christmas Live shows, Serious Hat Band, Sixties Gold Tour and other projects.
Additionally, all customers who ordered a bespoke transcription from me took advantage of the half-price offer - which means their completed transcription is now available to you all on the website.
To see what’s new, type “Jan 2020” into the search box.
Please feel free to share on your walls, with other bassists you know and in any bass player online communities.
Happy New Year 2020 from tomreadbass.co.uk !
Edited by tomread
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  • 2 months later...
17 new bass charts just added to http://tomreadbass.co.uk - still the biggest FREE collection of accurate bass transcriptions in standard notation anywhere on the internet.
The new ones are:
Across The Line - Robert Cray
And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda - Pogues
Blitzkreig Bop - Ramones
Breathe You In My Dreams - Trixie Whitley
Ever Fallen In Love? - Buzzcocks
Goodbye Mr A - Hoosiers
Hold The Line - Toto
I Can't Get Bouncing Babies By The Teardrop Explodes - Freshies
I'm So Excited - De Toppers
Kids In America - Kim Wilde
Kissing My Love - Bill Withers
Life's Been Good - Joe Walsh
Old Shep - Johnny Cash
Rhymes - Etta James
Strat Struttin' - Sammy Dee Morton
Teenage Kicks - Undertones
Zombie - Cranberries
This takes the collection to 819 charts. No log-in or subscription necessary - just go to the site and help yourself for free!
Please share!
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  • 4 months later...

A new batch of free* stuff on http://tomreadbass.co.uk

The biggest free online bass transcriptions website in the world just got bigger again!

Normally, the bass transcription library grows when I've got dep gigs with new bands and need to learn new bass parts quickly! Obviously, I've not any any gigs during Covid, and no prospect of any for a while yet. However, the bass transcription service continues, and all my recent customers have taken advantage of the half-price deal - which means after I've charted their chart, I get to publish it on the website for everyone else to have it for FREE!

The latest bass part transcribed for a customer was "I Just Wanna Stop" by Gino Vannelli: https://youtu.be/m_oPMpNY9Rc

They took the half-price option, so here it is for y'all:


Other newly added bass transcriptions include:

Grits Ain't Groceries - Little Milton
Midnight Rider - Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
Murder - Dave Gilmour
Roll With It - Steve Winwood
Sho' Enough - Tommy Castro
Work To Do - Average White Band
You Don't Know What You Do To Me - Sam & Dave

We're now up to 827 bass transcriptions on the website. They are all free - help yourselves. If you need key-changes, arrangement changes or a TAB chart for any of these, then I can do that very quickly and very cheaply! Anything that's not listed that you want charting - contact me for a quote. But unless it's ridiculously complicated and/or ridiculously obscure, I'll offer the half-price option if you let me post to the website and keep it growing for the world's bass players!

Please share to bass players and bass player groups!

[* I get paid, the customer pays, but gets it for a discount if they let me share it on the website]

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Dear @tomread,

Your work raised some discussion a week ago in our rehearsals. The song was from your archive, and the g-word player and the piano man said I should play a D instead of B in one song. I just said: "But in the score made by Tom there is a B."

We listened the song a couple of times and then they admitted that: "Yes, your Tom has sharper ears!"

Thank you for your active effort, it seems that I will rely on your excellent work in the future, too.

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BASS PLAYERS - here is your treat for today!

My dad introduced me to this recording about 33 years ago. Blood, Sweat & Tears released it some 19 years before that. It's a fantastic arrangement.


For most of the last 33 years I've been "meaning to get round to" transcribing Jim Fielder's superb bassline. Today I did finally get round to it. For your enjoyment, here it is.


Play the chart along with the original - you know you want to 1f609.png;)

[plenty of time signature changes, articulations, phrasing, accidentals etc - get yer reading goggles on!]

Loads (800+) more on http://tomreadbass.co.uk , including Chaka Khan's version of "A Night In Tunisia - And The Melody Still Lingers On", added earlier today.

Edited by tomread
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