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  1. OK here's another, the little syncopated figure of semiquaver/quaver/semiquaver:
  2. OK perhaps the simplest, maybe I should have started with this one: http://rcmjbass.blogspot.com/2020/09/sixteenth-note-practice-1-e-a-aka.html
  3. I am slacking a bit but here's another:
  4. OK after a little pause, the next in the series...dotted quaver and a semiquaver:
  5. Another new one: https://youtu.be/RzCBv4tKDRg
  6. Next one is up, more to come!
  7. So, here's my current project, following on from the videos I made with quavers: (see here: http://rcmjbass.blogspot.com/2020/03/rhythm-playlist.html,) I've now started on a series of videos to illustrate semiquaver rhythms. I guess I should have called it "Quarantine" though!
  8. I've found exactly the same thing! I now always write out whatever set I do with a particular band, if I don't get a call for a year or two, I'll still have it written out and can jump in with the barest of preparation ( although I guess the preparation is the process of writing out all the charts.) and often no rehearsal.
  9. OK I am still working on Carol Kaye's stuff:
  10. I wonder if the play a long videos I made might help you, I made them to help people learn some very simple rhythms. I explain a bit more on my blog page: http://rcmjbass.blogspot.com/2020/03/rhythm-playlist.html Come and check it out , and please do let me know if it's useful, or not....!
  11. Hi folks, I've uploaded a new video as part of my continuing mission to help bass players learn to read rhythmic notation. This latest one contains most of the basic quaver patterns you can get across two beats (at least in terms of placement) with each one played twice. I've used a pick, which might also help illustrate getting picking patterns together in terms of upstrokes and downstrokes, but whatever works, you can play finger style or slap or whatever:
  12. Here's my channel which I started just earlier this year: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsZ-ndJ2jXTFm4ELq9HCqJA There's some basic rhythm exercises, some bass duets (I've done a bunch of the Carol Kaye ones, some Bach and some Telemann) and few blues play a longs...but there's a lot more to come so please come check it out and say hi!
  13. A sad loss. Matthew Seligman also played on the Stereo MC's album "Connected" which was a massive hit in the early 90's, some very simple but tasty grooves on that one. He also played some great fretless with Peter Murphy (Bauhaus) on the Love Hysteria album which I loved at the time.
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