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Overwater Progress Series III 5 string. Sold.


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I have played many, many nice basses. I have owned many nice basses. I once bought a 6 string version of this. It was sublime. But it made my head go mushy. I sold it. However, I did promise myself to buy a 5 string when one appeared. Between this appearing and selling the original 6, another 6 appeared. I was ashamed that I did not actually practice on the original 6 so bought the 2nd 6. The original 6 was set up by Overwater. It was sublime. I had the 2nd 6 set up locally and it was just not right. I wanted to send it to OW but Covid, so I gave up on it. Then this appeared. I had it. It did all I expected it to. If it was made in the US we would be laying eggs with excitement about them. Then OW got in touch with me and said they would take my 2nd 6 in and make it lush. Change preamp to OW instead of what someone had put in, new pickups (one was only operating half a coil - or something technical) , set up bottom F# to G. Yummy. I am going to practice and make it work. 


This leaves me with 2 OW monster basses. This is a definitive 1st world problem. 


If this was the only OW I had I would keep it. A multi laminate, through neck 36" scale makes B strings do delicious things. However, I do not need 2 of them. And lockdown has increased my stock of basses and something has to give. 


It is whisper quiet. Wenge facings (I think). It sounds just right. There are a few dings on it (as shown). But it is a BEAST. 

The price is firm and includes shipping in a HSC (not original - Yamaha as it happens). Price includes shipping. No trades, no offers. But thanks for thinking about them.


Worth it, you know you are. 









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What a stunning Bass! I too have owned many Overwaters, Fretted and Fretless, lovely Basses can’t think why I moved them on. Also owned briefly a behemoth 6ixer….. 36” you say, I wish but no band, mind it would help my physio🙄🤔 GLWTS

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  • Owen changed the title to Overwater Progress Series III 5 string. Sold.
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