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  1. Or in my case, the knob that's using it....
  2. It's tabbed for a 4 string, but played on a 5 string?
  3. I would like to be able to play 'Swing' by Japan/Mick Karn properly. The lick at the end is relatively straight forward. It's all the beautiful stuff earlier on that's harder to figure. Is there a score for it anywhere?
  4. You could call it 'the Old Man of Hoy' (rock climber's weak gag there), but if the neck is straight it would stand up to a re-finish and still be reasonable value (unless you like the paint falling off on your white shirt)
  5. Chuck Rainey on Steely Dan numbers (or at least you can tell when it's not Walter Becker (RIP))
  6. Billy Book cases start at £15. You'll soon be able to afford a load of them🙂
  7. Please don't take this the wrong way (because you have a truly beautiful bass there), but why is it the volume knob looks like it's had a lot less use than all the others?
  8. I understand the b....s aching bit, but I did like that Ovation Bass
  9. ....that would stop every time the long hand hit the G or the A.......? (but a great idea all the same). We invented a car game called 'bump on the head' for alternative uses for an object (you can usually hit yourself over the head with most objects). I can feel a New Year's Basschat game coming on of 'alternative uses for a 70's Precision headstock'
  10. I bet it belonged to Paul Simonon
  11. It had nothing to do with those incredible strides (last seen on a Round the World yacht)
  12. A big shout out to Happy Jack and Sylvia for all the hard work organising this and humping gear in and out last night. It was great to meet a few BassChatters in the flesh (and prove that this site is not one big conspiracy to buy more bass gear) and some really friendly band members too. Piers
  13. Here you go then: most recent fantastic work from John......fret plane on the top end of the Stingray and fret markers on the Wal. Both brilliant pieces of work
  14. They have serviced all my basses and I have bought and sold basses through them over the years. If something ain't right Martin and John would be the first to want to fix it. Lock-down taught me not to take for granted really fantastic specialist shops.
  15. I popped my head in at the bar just now, and they are expecting you! You can even try out my leftie bass Silvia.
  16. There are a few things about the body that don't look right. This is what a 72 leftie should look like: https://www.hendrixguitars.com/Lh366.htm The thumb rest is on the wrong side of the strings. The neck joint looks like you could get your little finger down the side,and the back pickup looks like a replacement. Maybe a 72 neck on a newer body
  17. It's pretty unusual for a bass to still be being discussed after it has been sold, albeit a few here sound they think it was a (£4.5k) bargain. Does anyone know what the most talked about (post-sale) bass has been (and, as a leftie, please don't talk about Macca's Yamaha!)?
  18. A member of the band who has the PA App on their phone (and preferably understands what all the settings mean)
  19. Just to dispel a few myths as to how punk Ad Edmonson was. I think this was 1983
  20. Does anyone remember Lemmy appearing on the Young Ones? Is there a vid link? And getting back to the Police for a second, Sting's intonation might be a bit ropy, but it's hard enough to play fretless, let alone sing at the same time in a 3 piece (unless you are Jack Bruce I guess).
  21. Of course it's much much easier on a fretless! (how old is your Wal?)
  22. The Drayton is my local (former alumni include Ho Chi Minh). Have you got any details you could PM me?
  23. Not a stage to play on if you've had one or two drinks
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