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Pair of Semi Hollow 4 strings - Fretted and Fretless

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Mistakes are a part of life. I used to say that the only people who don't make mistakes are those who never do anything, but never doing anything is a mistake in itself isn't it?

Sorry for getting all philosophical there for a minute. 

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So a bit backward compared to normal build threads but here's a couple of pictures of the finished bass that I'm going to dismantle!! 







And the neck removed


I've measured everything up and will need to make a new neck template as the new one will have a zero fret and a scarf joint on the headstock so the dimensions from my previous template are slightly different. I will also need to make a second neck template for the fretboard as this will extended to include the thumb rest.

I've also ordered a router bit for cutting the slots for the graphite neck rods (not something I've used before but we'll give them a go on these builds) as that is one of the next jobs.

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Posted (edited)

I've made both the new neck templates for this from MDF using the old template as a starting point. It's great when you have a bunch of templates from previous builds that you can use as a starting point.





The router cutter for the graphite rods has also arrived so I'll be doing a bit of experimenting to see how best to do this. I made a simple neck jig recently for slotting truss rods so I should be able to use this for the graphite rods too.

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1 hour ago, Hellzero said:

Simply put the link, not need to use the embedding banners.

Thanks for that! I did nothing different to what I've done before so I'm not sure why it picked up the banners - I guess that PCs for you!! Some setting changed somewhere...I'll have a dig.



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Slotted both necks for the carbon rods and the truss rods. I used a couple of equal sized spacers on the router guide to give me the three different distanced from the neck edge - just adding or taking out spacers makes it easy and repeatable to cut the slots. The spacers are just two equal thickness pieces of ply. 




Quite pleased how these have gone so far. I've not got any basses with carbon neck rods and I've never built one with them so I'll be interested to see if I notice any difference in the end. 


Next job is to drill the hole for the truss rod adjuster.



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