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SOLD - 1964 Fender Precision - Sunburst


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2 hours ago, ClassicVibes said:

How would they know it's Brazilian rosewood though? You could say it's a different type of wood... they would have no way to prove it.

Just not worth the gamble at all!


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14 hours ago, Bridgehouse said:

Only for certain rosewood types. Brazilian is unaffected and still covered by CITES

I don't think so. The Chicago Music Exchange and others dropped the certificates this year and I think I saw article about it on Reverb that it's not needed anymore.

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#1 Dream bass for me, this one! Also loving the Shuker fretless in your profile pic, I've always fancied a go on one of those infinity fingerboard things. Although I suspect I would sound terrible...

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Please look at the official statements from CITES or NAMM. By 2019 CITES decided to confirm an exception to CITES II for Musical Instruments. CITES II was effective since 2017 and contained restrictions on a lot of Dalbergia and other wood species like all Rosewood, Cocobolo, Bubinga etc. The restrictions keep to be effective now but because in Musical Instruments the part of these woods are quite small CITES accepted an exception. 

Brazilian Rosewood is listed since 98 in CITES appendix I and has been banned for all officially undeclared exports. And this appendix I is NOT changed by the exception rules of 2019 ! By the way - Export from Brazil is forbidden since 1968 !  

So unfortunately it is still risky to ship Brazilian Rosewood across EU borders. In between EU across all countries (and until end of 2020 for brexitted countries) there is no risk as it is an unregulated trade zone. I am not sure whether flight passengers from UK to Germany have to pass the customs since Brexit. I don‘t think so. From Jan 1st 2021 this will happen.  

Do not underestimate the knowledge of customs guys ! In Germany they are well trained people !

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3 minutes ago, mrbassman_de said:

Sure. Sorry !

Good luck with the sale ! Wonderful bass at a super low price ! I would buy it in a heartbeat if I would be in UK...

:) I don't think our Bridgey was having a pop at you. You've been helpful.

Anyway, you and him could meet up on a North Sea Ferry and do the deal. He'd probably like a nice ocean cruise.

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