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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Bottesini method book and solo double bass vol 1 and 2
  3. [quote name='fatgoogle' timestamp='1409082035' post='2536206'] There are many bow makers making bows with snakewood and experimenting with other woods due to the lack and expense of pernambuco wood. Sue Lipkins i think only makes her german bows out of snakewood. [/quote] And what wood is yours?
  4. carbon bow up to about £700+ don't waste your money on something that isn't pernabuco
  5. I know kent music council do rental scemes pay like £100 a year for a double bass etc
  6. any Case with a onyx wheel brah
  7. Pete I know you're not a troll! I was just saying if you do get powder rosin I can tell you some tips on using it. Via pm!! @Jake - cheers mate! Innovation 140b are really nice have to play close to bridge and straight for the g string as it's quite thick! But I love then they are the bomb I paid £90 inc delivery and they opened my bass up a new level! I had belcantos pretty much standard strong sets! but for half the price and a great set can't go wrong to be honest! http://www.innovationstrings.com/inn_products.htm
  8. Set of innovations b140 and goldflex is what I use. http://www.ackermanmusic.co.uk/pirastro-goldflex-rosin.html?utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=price_comparison&utm_content=224451&utm_campaign=google_shopping&gclid=Cj0KEQjwmayfBRDo25CR9un4hvEBEiQAv9fBbWZ9JUoEJnhoiC6ks_4u-fGx-oIpB5OAVHSRR_RC8ksaAtdZ8P8HAQ If you want any tips pm me. Prefer to help people who are interested in bass as opposed to trolling what I have to say.
  9. I personally wouldn't look for answers in a book. Experiment. There is no harm in it sounding crap as the positive side crap... is... you now know what not to play etc... I probably would start with knowing the triads of each chord with their inversions and how each triad relates to each other. then add passing tones for the musical side... as step 1.... Then I would extend them to full chords/ then experiment with a few lines for musical purpose... Whilst working on the bread and butter you can still add your favourite jam... -f
  10. focus on straight bows >.< and an open sound.
  11. It's quite hard to understand information over the interwebs... as jake has pointed out. It might be worth taking these ideas away to a recommended bass tutor on how to play in Thumb position with posture and full the shabam!!! From what I know and shizzle... Don't collapse your fingers when playing. when you see your tutor ask about finger shaping in the dusty end... And practice 3 octave scales. = )
  12. Lift iron drink whey! Get swole as fk
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