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  1. My opinion on compressors is the same as my opinion on a*sholes .... They are both useful for getting rid of excess volume.
  2. This thread is incomplete without the full, unexpurgated details of the “less than friendly” parting of the ways with the drummer. ‘What exactly happened ?
  3. Glencoe played at Friars in Aylesbury around 1972/1973 and at the same time Ian Dury’s band (Kilburn and the High Roads) used to play Friars.....maybe that’s where NWR met Ian Dury ?
  4. Thanks very much - I see what you mean about the 2 pages per Bank - I hadn’t really appreciated that, so I will experiment !
  5. Thanks - but I didn’t want to use 2 of the existing switches on the box to do that.... so I have experimented with a “momentary” switch plugged in to one of the EXP sockets on the back of the MC6, and that scrolls the banks up and down. You have to configure the MC6 by holding down button D whilst powering it up, and then you can change the function of those EXP inputs to “Fixed SW1” See full details here: https://morningstarengineering.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MC6MKII/pages/524689/v3.4#Change-Expression-Input---ExpInpt The switch I used was the one that I have been using for my BeatBuddy...
  6. Attention MC6 experts !!......Are there any better ways to change the banks on the MC6 other than the simultaneous press on buttons A & B, and B & C ? Thanks.
  7. milford59


    I sold my Boss tuner pedal to Dave - the transaction was as smooth as silk - thanks Dave !
  8. I have noticed that a few people are using the MC6 with their Stomp, so I thought that a thread to discuss this combination would be a good idea.. i have an MC6 on order so I will be keen to hear the experiences of existing users. Thanks for all contributions
  9. Why does the Blue HX Stomp not have a colour display ?
  10. I have had this unit just over a year and it has had had very little use, as I upgraded to a HX Stomp about 6 months ago, and that is why I am selling this item. It is in excellent condition and comes with all original packaging and the user manual. It can run off 4 AA batteries (included) or alternatively you can use a PSU (not included) I am sure you will know this unit, but just to say that there are loads of effects which you can tweak on the unit itself, or you can connect it to your PC and tweak them via software. £80 including postage to a UK address.
  11. I fitted this for a very short time on a short-scale bass I bought, but I quickly realised that I didn’t like short scale, so I put the original bridge back on and sold the bass. It comes in the original box with the screws. £20 including postage to UK address.
  12. Beat Buddy Mini - £50 including postage to UK address. I stopped using this a while ago as I upgraded to the full Beat Buddy. i am selling it for a very good price because the right-hand knob (which is PUSH for Genre, Song & Tempo......and ROTARY for adjusting those items) is a bit wobbly. It does not appear to affect the operation of the Beat Buddy at all - and in fact I have found that if you tighten the hex-nut at the bottom of the rotary stalk, then it does not work so well, and the switch needs a much more solid press to work consistently. So that is full disclosure, but at this price you are getting a very good box that plays a lot of cool rhythms. More than 100 songs in over 20 different genres. https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/singular-sound-beatbuddy-mini
  13. Boss LMB-3 - Bass Limiter/Enhancer. Hardly used at all, and in excellent condition as I bought an HX Stomp, so this LMB-3 has been in my cupboard for the last 6 months. The LMB-3 gives you control over your bass guitar’s dynamic range using a limiter effect and an enhancer circuit. Comes with it’s original box. Uses a 9v battery or a power supply (neither is included) £40 including postage in the UK.
  14. Reviving an old thread in case anyone has any up-to-date opinions or information on the ROR “Expressiv” MIDI bass. ? https://www.rorguitars.com/products/expressiv-midi-bass
  15. The “4 plastic rests” on top are actually covers - underneath are 4 screws that you undo if you want to remove the amplifier part of the combo. You can lever them off carefully with a thin-bladed screwdriver , or similar, to access the screws. Good luck with the sale -it’s a brilliant combo (I have the 7215 SMC which is similar)
  16. Only 15 of the patches in the HX Stomp , out of the box, are for bass..... and ALL of the DIR patches have been set up with Guitar amps and cabinets..... so the first thing I have done is to replace every one of the amps and cabs in the DIR patches with Bass amps and cabs. Then I can start to audition them and see whether any of them can be adapted for bass. Note that I am no expert and any other approaches that anyone else has will be gratefully received !
  17. VERSION: HX Stomp 2.70 TITLE: Tip - Numbering your patches DESCRIPTION: If you don't like the format of showing the letters in the banks of patches - 28A, 28B, 28C etc. , you can show numbers instead.... IN DETAIL: Click :- File - Preferences - Pre-set numbering format and just change it to 000-125 Very simple tip, I know - but hopefully it will help somebody ....
  18. I think that’s a great idea to have a separate thread - I was going to start it, with my question - but as I am quite new to the forum I didn’t like to do it in case it was bad form..🙂
  19. I have started to mess around with my Stomp - I like it.... perhaps there are some more experienced people than me who could answer a couple of questions: What is the significance of the order that you put the blocks in ? Should the amp and cab be at the end of the chain ? Thanks very much !
  20. I bought a GT-1B about a month ago.... so I foolishly thought that I didn’t need a Stomp....... do you honestly think THAT stopped me buying one ? Of course not - I got the discounted deal from PMT Music and my Stomp arrived today....
  21. I would like to buy this. Please send me a message with payment details.
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