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  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head. So I tried to get some comfort as RB suggested but couldn’t find any the local shop, seems locals prefer persil! I saw I post on another forum about using baking powder. first I tried leaving it on a tray in the case closed. It got the smell out in the general area but not overall. So I changed tactics and sprinkled a couple boxes directly onto the lining, then left the case open with it on for a day. it’s taken three rounds with the Hoover to get the bits out but the smells totally gone 😅
  2. Yea I didn’t think of that until the other day, just assumed the coat on the bass would stop any discolouration . But I bought a Hercules stand for the bass and was reading the disclaimer about how the rubber padding was designed to reduce discolouration but there was still a chance 😯
  3. Thanks 🙂 I’m going to have a go at Mrs RB’s suggestion. If you like I’ll let you know how it goes so you could have a go if you’re not in a rush to replace?
  4. Thanks that’s great help! I’ve got a lint roller and I’ll grab some comfort later on 🙂 Yea you gotta be careful with you put on different fabrics. I used to be a bit more just trial and error but I fence in my spare time and my coaches lost their mind when I told them I’d used Vanish on my kit to get marks out. Apparently that sort of fabric is really sensitive to it and starts to degrade 😅
  5. Hey All Recently managed to get hold of my dream bass (MiM fenderJazz) and the guy I bought it off threw in a nice hard case with this felt/faux fur lining. The lining smells really musty, to the point the guitar and strap come out smelling musty after a couple hours in it. no shade to the seller it’s in great condition, just musty. ive had it airing out for a couple weeks but hasn’t done anything for it, so I want to clean it up and get it smelling a bit fresher. Any advice on what to use to get the smell out and not damage the lining?
  6. Belated welcome to the forum 🙂
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