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  1. I think his personality is. His gf has her own YouTube channel and he’s featured in that with a totally different personality. he also did an interview about his Chowny signature bass at an expo and he is totally different. Seems very quiet and humble rather then the YouTube persona, I think he mentioned somewhere too he got bullied a lot growing up. In one of his videos he said he was in a band when he lived in the Uk prior to moving to Thailand, idk if there’s any footage of him playing online or even their name as he doesn’t mention it
  2. I started watching his videos at the start of the first lockdown. At first his attitude put me off but as I watched I got used to it and can see it’s all an act, he does pretty good videos and they’re entertaining. was semi tempted to sign up for his patreon to get some of the tabs for songs he’s done but I don’t understand the charging methods so didn’t in end
  3. today’s a Magnum day to try and motivate me for tomorrow and going back to work ..
  4. Welcome to the forum 😄
  5. Thank you, i've joined the group and will look for similar ones Illminster really? I've never been even when i lived over near the A303 as didn't seem like there was much to see there, sounds like they've got a decent live music scene... another reason i can use to get the mrs to move over that way again I didn't actually but i've search the forum and found it for 19th September, i'll be all vaccinated up by then so will defintely come along if for nothing else to meet a few other bass players locally. I didn't know that was even a thing!
  6. yours too! Yea the fights are good, we had one person back in January put a ww2 style poster up about reopening local businesses and the “government can’t stop us, covid is fake ” ... local businesses tore the post to shreds over the stupidy Any key words to search on that might make them easier to find?
  7. I’m kind of in middle(?) near Wellington. I’m going to keep an eye on what Taunton has got going on as things start up again. I used to go college there and it had a decent music scene, but I think like you say a lot of places have closed down now.
  8. I’ll take a look and maybe ask if I feel brave enough. Sadly a lot of our local Facebook pages are now just buy/sell sites, someone for the fifth time that day looking for a recommended plumber and trolls. Even ones previously dedicated to events have been so over run the mods just gave up.
  9. Thanks mate, whats the one in langport called? I’ll keep an eye on it as it’s not too far
  10. Sounds like something to wait a while doing then if they've got server problems. JoinMyBand seems pretty active, had a look on there yesterday
  11. Same here mate, much prefer to go home to bed then spent it partying 😂 Thanks for the avatar compliment btw, great game ... shame never got a sequel!
  12. I can speak from experience I no longer judge anyone on their age. I fence in my spare time and my first ever regional match was against this guy in his 70’s. We started and he stood there looking shakey on his feet, I’d seen him sitting down before the match so figured wasn’t great mobility. I had to try and close on him so I could get a hit so I could move on, as soon as I was within range he stabbed me square in the neck. Hell of a nice guy though, he saw I hadn’t been doing it long (easy to tell just by looking at me as I was wearing ill fitting club gear) and found me after to spent 1/2 hour giving me pointers.
  13. I've got to say trying different styles is rewarding. When i was recruited to play bass i played punk as that was the bands main focus, before slightly shifting to rock which was pretty much all i played for a few years. Since starting again i've very rarely played punk and try to learn different styles, really tough but rewarding all the same
  14. So much like Facebook marketplace then 😂 ive found one ad that sounds alright and have shot them a message just asking what type of music and ability level they’re looking for, I’ll give it a couple days and if don’t hear anything I’ll put up an ad myself to see if anyone’s interested 🙂
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