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  1. Welcome to the forum 🙂
  2. Belated welcome to the forum 🙂
  3. waylander


    Welcome 🙂
  4. Welcome to the forum 🙂
  5. Thanks for the suggestions! Haven’t had chance to watch any videos yet or try out practicing slowly but I think I’ve got a starter for ten now 🙂 will have a crack one night this week if I can
  6. Hey Matti! Welcome to the forum 🙂
  7. Thanks! Pops not to bad but I tend to go a bit too hard at time. As you said it’s the thumb. I’m not comfortable how to strike and get the right balance of tone and percussion from hitting the fret. Seems to be a bit one or other at the moment and the way I’m doing it doesn’t seem sustainable to keep up as my rebound to get the next note is pretty wide and probably wouldn’t be able to hit an off beat if I’d played on the beat. i think the main thing is how to strike the string, where on the thumb to hit with as at the moment I’m pretty sure I’m doing it wrong. thanks for the suggestion, I’ll take a looker later at Talkingbass and see 🙂 I did watch one by them on how to start but didn’t really show the thumb or strike in much detail (was good for the wrist action though!) will see what other videos are on their channel!
  8. Hey All can anyone recommend a good book, dvd or YouTube channel for learning to slap from scratch? I bought Slap It! by Tony Oppenheimer, but it doesn’t actually feature anything on how to hit the string. I figure it’ll be good when I’ve got the basics but don’t have those yet. I’ve never done it before and have had a go watching a couple YouTube vids but need something that’s going to show the very basics like how to strike correctly and proper technique to get me started properly?
  9. Sorry mate Devons pretty much all I can say, it’s nothing personal. I know this forums probably safe compared to a lot of the net that’s like the Wild West at times... but I’m a stupidly cautious about what I post about myself online after some weirdo on Reddit tracked me down using my username on their which was the same as my username on Xbox live and started to stalk me in both, as well as posting my real name and what info he got from that too Reddit. You’d think I’d got into some heated argument with him... all I’d done was quote a Terry Prachett book in a post about books. He either really hated Terry Pratchett or was just a major creep I’ll never know! But it kind of gave me the creeps about posting stuff as just takes one weirdo in an unrelated media to have some spare time and they could find out a lot.
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