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  1. The “4 plastic rests” on top are actually covers - underneath are 4 screws that you undo if you want to remove the amplifier part of the combo. You can lever them off carefully with a thin-bladed screwdriver , or similar, to access the screws. Good luck with the sale -it’s a brilliant combo (I have the 7215 SMC which is similar)
  2. Only 15 of the patches in the HX Stomp , out of the box, are for bass..... and ALL of the DIR patches have been set up with Guitar amps and cabinets..... so the first thing I have done is to replace every one of the amps and cabs in the DIR patches with Bass amps and cabs. Then I can start to audition them and see whether any of them can be adapted for bass. Note that I am no expert and any other approaches that anyone else has will be gratefully received !
  3. VERSION: HX Stomp 2.70 TITLE: Tip - Numbering your patches DESCRIPTION: If you don't like the format of showing the letters in the banks of patches - 28A, 28B, 28C etc. , you can show numbers instead.... IN DETAIL: Click :- File - Preferences - Pre-set numbering format and just change it to 000-125 Very simple tip, I know - but hopefully it will help somebody ....
  4. I think that’s a great idea to have a separate thread - I was going to start it, with my question - but as I am quite new to the forum I didn’t like to do it in case it was bad form..🙂
  5. I have started to mess around with my Stomp - I like it.... perhaps there are some more experienced people than me who could answer a couple of questions: What is the significance of the order that you put the blocks in ? Should the amp and cab be at the end of the chain ? Thanks very much !
  6. I bought a GT-1B about a month ago.... so I foolishly thought that I didn’t need a Stomp....... do you honestly think THAT stopped me buying one ? Of course not - I got the discounted deal from PMT Music and my Stomp arrived today....
  7. I would like to buy this. Please send me a message with payment details.
  8. I bought stuff from there back in the day (including a TE combo which I still have) as it was easy to travel to Wapping from where I worked. I saw Geezer Butler in there once trying out a couple of amps.
  9. Booked - I am really looking forward to that !
  10. I have the 7215SMC, and the manual (which covers your combo as well) is pretty clear, as you say .... it seems crazy that they would put extension sockets on the back of yours - and then tell you not to use them !!
  11. My theory is that a kid who starts at 4 yrs old and reaches a high standard by 12 years old, is the same as a guy that starts at 20 and reaches a high standard by 60......... both of them have spent double their starting age in years learning the instrument. I started bass when I was 40.... so 19 years later I am bound to be still rubbish at playing it !! On the other hand I might be talking complete drivel.....
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