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  1. If you are spending £150 quid on an interface, you may as well get an HX Stomp which can act as the interface AND gives you loads of great sounds..... only another £300..... go on... treat yourself..... you know it makes sense !!!
  2. I would never know what the one on the right sounded like - as I wouldn’t even touch it wearing welding gauntlets and a full face helmet..... but the one on the left, as I say , is a beauty !
  3. Are you agreeing that the one on the right is plum ugly.... or are you agreeing that someone will be along soon with another opinion ? 😀
  4. Get rid of the one on the right - it’s plum ugly - I wouldn’t even give it house room..... the one on the left however, is a beauty. Someone else will be along very soon with another opinion.
  5. The fingering and learning scales will be the least of his problems.... the mouth shape and getting any sort of sound that does not resemble strangling a cat, will be the first priority...... I couldn’t get a consistent tone when I tried to learn many years ago, so I bought a Yamaha wind synthesiser with the excellent VL-70m tone module.... of course, a tenor saxophone looks way cooler than a WX-5 wind synthesiser, but that cool look might go straight out the window once you blow it !! Best of luck with it though.
  6. There was a good thread about this series a while ago..
  7. milford59

    BOSS GT1-B

    I use to own a GT-1B..... my understanding is that it’s designed to operate with the batteries in place all the time, and then when you insert a Jack-plug into one of the sockets (input or output, I can’t remember which) then the power is switched on. The same probably applies when you plug in the USB....but I think the batteries have to be in situ.... I don’t think that a USB connection would provide enough juice, on its own, to power that pedal anyway.
  8. I have been a Level 42 fan for 30 years. I think you are great and with some stage clothes and a light show this would be absolutely top notch entertainment.
  9. I ordered it last October - I hope to hear from him in a few months , at which point I will decide on the exact spec., although I think I will just go for the plain black as shown on the website. i will certainly post on here, as things develop, with a view to meeting and comparing !
  10. Thanks for your reply. I ordered one from Rob about 3 months ago. Like you, I am not that keen on the headstock, but Rob said I could have a slightly different design if I want it. I think it will grow on me, so I might take it as it is.
  11. Can I ask why you chose the Industrial Radio MIDI bass ? Did you also consider the MIDI bass made in Ireland by ROR Guitars - it looks good as well. http://www.rorguitars.com
  12. My opinion on compressors is the same as my opinion on a*sholes .... They are both useful for getting rid of excess volume.
  13. This thread is incomplete without the full, unexpurgated details of the “less than friendly” parting of the ways with the drummer. ‘What exactly happened ?
  14. Glencoe played at Friars in Aylesbury around 1972/1973 and at the same time Ian Dury’s band (Kilburn and the High Roads) used to play Friars.....maybe that’s where NWR met Ian Dury ?
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