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  1. Problems with Ashdown Amp

    There was an article about Ashdown in a recent mag, and they certainly gave the impression that they are customer focused. !
  2. London bass guitar show 2018

    I don't live too far so I am hoping to go on one of the days - not sure which one yet - I am looking forward to it !
  3. Callouses & Touch Screen Devices

    I hardly have any fingerprints on my left hand now ! - I know what you mean....
  4. Hello

    Welcome to the forum from another relative Newbie !
  5. Ukulele tab books

    I play a little bit of tenor uke and to get the songs sounding a bit more like guitar, I string it with a LOW G..... try it !!
  6. More synth stuff

    That looks like a very comprehensive piece of kit ! I bought a Digitech Dirty Robot synth emulation pedal, but I couldn't seem to get the sounds I really wanted (probably user inexperience !!) , so I returned it.
  7. Compressors - Do I need One?

    I use the Boss LMB-3 compressor/enhancer pedal and I am very pleased with it.
  8. Hello from West London

    I have been reading the forum for quite a while so I thought it was time to join and introduce myself. I have been playing bass for about 17 years, but don't let that fool you - I am not very good. Problem is I have always liked a bit of variety so I also play drums, keyboard and ukulele - all of them to a very average standard. Now I have decided that I am going to concentrate on bass so I have sold my V-drums, and I am practicing my bass a lot. I am literally going back to bass-ics ! I have a Fender Jaguar which I got for my 50th birthday, about 8 years ago. Before that I had a Rickenbacker and I started off originally with a Yamaha bass. I have also recently bought a Squier Jaguar Short Scale which I have upgraded with DiMarzio pickups, a Gotoh bridge and some better strings. That's a very nice bass to play and I feel I can make some real progress now. I have been playing in a band for the last 17 years, but we very rarely gig. We meet about once a month to play covers , just for fun , in various different rehearsal rooms around London. I have a Trace Elliott 7215 combo at home , which is plenty loud enough, and I have one of the original grey Line-6 bass-pods to play through. Regards to all - I am learning a lot from reading the various topics on here..