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  1. milford59

    Cheap Sound Module?

    I used a Yamaha TG100 sound module for many years - it is small and neat and you may find one secondhand. That will still require wiring.... a wall wart, a midi cable and a headphone cable - so you are not wires-free..... I imagine that you chose the Hammer 88 because of the weighted keys, which are definitely required for serious piano students, but the lack of on-board sounds is a real downer. Could you consider selling p/x your keyboard for something like a Yamaha P-45 which I think is a very similar action ? Best of luck, whatever you decide.
  2. I started playing bass 20 years ago.... 2 years later I had a custom 5-string made with mahogany body wings, AAA grade quilted maple, ebony fingerboard, mother-of-pearl dots, Bartolini pups with 18v pre-amp, gold hardware.... it is absolutely mint as I played it a couple of times but decided I didn't like 5-strings. It cost me £2500 back in 2000... It's been played maybe 10 times in the last 18 years and it just sits in my room looking nice. I can't find a good reason to sell it.... maybe I will play 5-string one day....
  3. Collection ONLY from Beaconsfield, near Junction 2 of M40 I don't have a gig bag, or a box, so unfortunately no postage or couriers - sorry. 30" scale.... 20 frets.... V-V-T knobs. Hardly used - I bought it last November to try short-scale - but after a while I decided that it's not for me , so I am sticking with my Fender Jaguar 34" scale. The bass is in excellent condition, as you can see...... If you want to try short-scale, this will suit you nicely.
  4. milford59

    SOLD - Boss RC-1 Loop Pedal

    Now sold. Thanks
  5. milford59

    SOLD - Boss RC-1 Loop Pedal

    I might do a swap if you have a pedal of similar value in MINT condition.....
  6. milford59

    Feedback for andybassdoyle

    I bought a Sonuus pitch-to-MIDI converter and it all arrived quickly in the original box with the manual. Thanks very much !!
  7. milford59

    Pedal clear out - all sold

    PM sent regarding B2M.
  8. milford59

    SOLD - Boss RC-1 Loop Pedal

    Boss RC-1 loop pedal. Very little home-use only. Comes with original box and manual. I will include a brand new 9v battery as well. £50 + postage.
  9. milford59

    When not playing bass

    Over the last 19 years I have been in a covers band playing bass and in that time I have also played V-drums, harmonica, keyboard, wind synthesizer, guitar and ukulele...... ALL of them to a mediocre level.... 4 months ago I sold my drums and have stopped playing everything else except bass, which I am now practicing hard. I want to get good at ONE instrument instead of very average at half a dozen !
  10. milford59

    Help me choose a pedal board please

    I bought a Boss BCB60 pedal board - it comes with a power supply , connecting lead and a selection of patch cables to connect the pedals together. The first pedal I have in my set-up is a Boss LS-2 line selector which has a power IN and a power OUT socket - fortunately the BCB60 has 7 extensions on the power lead so that works fine. I am very pleased with it. Good luck with whatever you buy.
  11. milford59

    Free Weekend Tickets for LBGS

    Ticket received - Thanks very much to Alex !!
  12. milford59

    bass guitar show

    Ticket received - Thanks very much to Alex !!
  13. milford59

    Free Weekend Tickets for LBGS

    PM'd for the other one !
  14. milford59

    bass guitar show

    PM sent.
  15. milford59

    Problems with Ashdown Amp

    There was an article about Ashdown in a recent mag, and they certainly gave the impression that they are customer focused. !