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  1. VERY good.... I have done an amount of tracking and mixing with older school gear (Akai DPS-24 hard disc recorder) as I prefer that to a computer set up.... I agree with what you said in an earlier post - I think you may be overthinking it.... and although I read an opinion where the bass should be panned dead centre, I think with your band I would go with a little bit of pan for guitar and bass. That’s the fun thing with mixing - you can try various set-ups and see what you like best. The energy of the band is going to come across whatever you do (within reason) so I don’t think you can go far wrong. Good luck with it !
  2. I love Dr Feelgood..... I assume that your guitarist struts round the stage like a cockerel with a deadpan expression ?
  3. I bought loads of different pedals and then decided to sell them all and just use an HX Stomp..... like most “programmable” equipment, you get out of it what you put into it....I am sure it can’t produce all the esoteric tones and effects of individual pedals but it’s fine for my use. Editing on the box itself is quite easy, or you can do it in the software on your PC. Best of luck, whatever you decide to do.
  4. I ordered a MIDI bass guitar last October with a build time of “6-12 months”... with the Covid situation, there has been a bit of a delay but I am told by the builder that it should be ready by the end of next month. In anticipation of that, I have bought a Roland JV-1010 sound module on e-bay yesterday, and I hope to eventually fit that to my pedal-board.
  5. Can you clarify.... you don’t use pedals.... or you don’t use pedals that are located on the floor... it’s not clear to me...or maybe you mean you don’t use stuff that you press with your foot to change the tone of your bass, but you do use stuff located elsewhere...?
  6. Yes - it’s really just to keep it tidier... but as I said, I really don’t notice any latency at all, so apart from the additional expense, I don’t see any downside..
  7. Yes - I am wireless. I have an Xvive Transmitter on my bass guitar and an Xvive receiver on my pedal board..... and the output from my pedal board goes through an AKG wireless transmitter to my bass combo on the other side of the room..... It’s a 2 channel system and the other channel is attached to an output socket on my patchbay, so I can play another source through my combo if I want to. i cannot detect any latency.... that doesn’t mean there isn’t any.... but I can’t detect it....
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. I have been looking at this website, but I don’t understand the lingo..... what is “Emo”..... and what is a “Shoe Gazer”..... ?
  10. If there IS latency, then it should be consistent across the whole recording..... so why not just move the Vocal track a tiny bit at a time in Audacity and then listen to see if you are happier with the results.... of course, if your timing is dodgy as well, then that’s a whole new kettle of fish. Best of luck with it.... I like Audacity for editing, but I track using an Akai DPS-24 and then export the wav files.
  11. Guarantee it will NOT close tonight..... Scott has deliberately chosen 4th July as the closing date so that tomorrow or Monday he can spin some yarn about “National holiday in America.... some people may not have realised its closing .... yada... yada”.... and give everyone one LAST chance to subscribe.... Don’t forget, even though SBL is based in UK, it’s really aimed at America... why else would everything be priced in US Dollars...... Having said all that, I am a Life Member and I think for the price I paid, it is great value for money.
  12. I use the MorningStar box with my Stomp.... it is very comprehensive with all the MIDI messages it can send.... there is a new 8-button Morningstar now, if 6 is not enough.....I use a separate foot switch to go up and down the banks on the Morningstar....
  13. If you are spending £150 quid on an interface, you may as well get an HX Stomp which can act as the interface AND gives you loads of great sounds..... only another £300..... go on... treat yourself..... you know it makes sense !!!
  14. I would never know what the one on the right sounded like - as I wouldn’t even touch it wearing welding gauntlets and a full face helmet..... but the one on the left, as I say , is a beauty !
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