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  1. SOLD - Boss RC-1 Loop Pedal

    Now sold. Thanks
  2. SOLD - Boss RC-1 Loop Pedal

    I might do a swap if you have a pedal of similar value in MINT condition.....
  3. Feedback for andybassdoyle

    I bought a Sonuus pitch-to-MIDI converter and it all arrived quickly in the original box with the manual. Thanks very much !!
  4. Pedal clear out - all sold

    PM sent regarding B2M.
  5. SOLD - Boss RC-1 Loop Pedal

    Boss RC-1 loop pedal. Very little home-use only. Comes with original box and manual. I will include a brand new 9v battery as well. £50 + postage.
  6. When not playing bass

    Over the last 19 years I have been in a covers band playing bass and in that time I have also played V-drums, harmonica, keyboard, wind synthesizer, guitar and ukulele...... ALL of them to a mediocre level.... 4 months ago I sold my drums and have stopped playing everything else except bass, which I am now practicing hard. I want to get good at ONE instrument instead of very average at half a dozen !
  7. Help me choose a pedal board please

    I bought a Boss BCB60 pedal board - it comes with a power supply , connecting lead and a selection of patch cables to connect the pedals together. The first pedal I have in my set-up is a Boss LS-2 line selector which has a power IN and a power OUT socket - fortunately the BCB60 has 7 extensions on the power lead so that works fine. I am very pleased with it. Good luck with whatever you buy.
  8. Free Weekend Tickets for LBGS

    Ticket received - Thanks very much to Alex !!
  9. bass guitar show

    Ticket received - Thanks very much to Alex !!
  10. Free Weekend Tickets for LBGS

    PM'd for the other one !
  11. bass guitar show

    PM sent.
  12. Hello From The Bass Gallery!

    Ok - so there is plenty of feedback which agrees with what I have said. Having looked more carefully at your website, I reckon it would take Panda Technical Services (your website creator) about 10 minutes work to add another field to the table which appears when you choose the Additional Information tab. These fields are then used in the Sort By section. Lets see how quickly you choose to make these changes.
  13. Hello From The Bass Gallery!

    If you would like some constructive feedback on your website:- The one filter that I want to see is "Availability" - I don't want to wade through dozens of pictures on the off-chance that what I am interested in will be in stock. For example, I am interested in a 33", 32" or a short scale Fender, or maybe an Alembic - there are lots of pictures - all sold..... If I was interested in a 4-string fretless Fender (I am not) then I don't want to see the 10 you have sold - at least not in that section of the website. It would be better if you put them somewhere else., or allowed Sold items to be filtered out first.
  14. Problems with Ashdown Amp

    There was an article about Ashdown in a recent mag, and they certainly gave the impression that they are customer focused. !
  15. London bass guitar show 2018

    I don't live too far so I am hoping to go on one of the days - not sure which one yet - I am looking forward to it !