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  1. Hello, I buy a GruvGear 4" Solo strap NÉO for my Spector Alex Webster (10 pounds !!!) Looks very good but i have a little problem : Mine don't have the little round metal pieces that you open with a screw driver. It has 2 long male - female pieces : i think it open with a lever arm somewhere but i don't want to make a mistake and destoy the pieces ! (The You Tube videos have all the little round pieces) Anyone have a clue ? Thanks.
  2. I've tried the Black version, the digital print on the fingerboard are the most funny thing i've seen on a bass ! The most beautiful Attitude !
  3. Bought a Wood & Tronics bass, make cool deal, eveything is OK
  4. You 're lucky, it could have been only 2 speakers !
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