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  1. Ok thanks but too far away from me as I'm in Manchester but good luck with the sale seems a great price for the standard of amp 😀
  2. Pedal Train Mini now sold
  3. Pmd back. Realised I've listed this wrong and it's actually a Pedal Train Mini and not a Nano+! Will edit post when I get a sec. Not much difference just slightly longer and deeper by a couple of inches than the Nano+ 😀
  4. VT pedal now sold to texaspete - thank you. Still have pedal train nano+ (£45) and EBS Multicomp (£95). Delivery included.
  5. Lowered price on EBS MultiComp. New Price of £195 for all three. Delivery included.
  6. Still got Pedal Train Nano, VT Bass Pedal and EBS Compression pedal for sale. Delivery included.
  7. MXR sold to Painy, cheers mate
  8. Bump. Still got Pedal Train bag, MXR, VT and Compression pedal available. FREE DELIVERY
  9. [s]Selling all of the items listed below. Will also include 6 'daisy chain' leads and spare velcro to stick the pedals down. All 3 pedals left and pedal train now for £295 or will sell individually (see individual prices below)...[/s] ALL PEDALS NOW SOLD [b]Pedal Train Mini [/b] [b]£45[/b] Room for about 5 or 6 normal sized pedals. Hardly used. In mint condition. Also includes 'daisy chain' leads and velcro. [url="http://www.pedaltrain.com/pedaltrain-mini/"]http://www.pedaltrai...edaltrain-mini/[/url] [i]N.B. Will need to double check postage price for this. If not too extortionate will include but obviously would prefer pick up! [/i] [s][b]Boss GE-7B Bass Equalizer Pedal[/b][/s] [b]SOLD[/b] Japanese model. Great EQ pedal. Again in great condition. Few minor scratches but nothing major. Works perfectly. [url="http://en.audiofanzine.com/bass-eq-enhancer/boss/ge-7b/user_reviews/"]http://en.audiofanzi...b/user_reviews/[/url] [s][b]MXR Bass DI+ Pedal[/b][/s] [b]SOLD[/b] Great Overdrive pedal, with separate distorsion channel. Can get some really nice sounds with this, ranging from subtle overdrive to screaming metal style distorsion! Again mint condition and works perfectly. Have original box and instructions for this one. [url="http://www.jimdunlop.com/product/m80-bass-di"]http://www.jimdunlop...uct/m80-bass-di[/url] [s][b]Tech 21 VT Bass Pedal [/b][/s] [b]SOLD[/b] Fantastic Ampeg simulator pedal. Probably the most popular pedal used for recreating the Ampeg sound on any amp. I loved using this pedal. In mint condition, works perfectly. [url="http://www.tech21nyc.com/products/sansamp/characterseries.html"]http://www.tech21nyc...cterseries.html[/url] [b]EBS Multi True Dual Band Compressor[/b] [b]£95[/b] One of the best compression pedals on the market. I loved running it in 'tube' mode to give a slight tube like compression. Mint condition, no scratches. Works perfectly. [url="http://www.ebssweden.com/content/multicomp.php"]http://www.ebssweden...t/multicomp.php[/url] Bought all the pedals from various Basschat members and you can see I have 100% positive feedback on here. Reason for selling is that I simply don't use them anymore. Any questions please ask! Jamie [attachment=227191:IMG_2897 2.JPG] [attachment=227193:IMG_2901.JPG] [attachment=227194:IMG_2900.JPG]
  10. Paul bought my zoom b2 pedal off me. Good communication throughout, swift payment. Easy transaction. Buy, trade and sell with confidence
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