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  1. I've now had my two prints framed and they look great. I'll post a pic of them in situ once I get them on the wall. A very nice job Grassie, thanks again.
  2. I've ordered both this and the gu**ar version. Should be a fine pair!
  3. HPF is 45hz: http://www.tech21nyc.com/support/manuals/effects/Qstrip_OM.pdf
  4. I'm considering either the QSC K12.2 or the RCF HD32-A. The QSC has presets enabling eq to be varied and a Hi-Z/line level input so a bass can be plugged in without a preamp. It also has a 3.5mm TRS for phone/mp3 etc. The RCF has a mic/line switch. I'm using a Le Bass preamp/di at the moment but wondering if my basses with built in preamps (MM & J East) would work straight into either of these units. Are they able to drive both the RCF and QSC without an external pre? If that would work maybe I could ditch the pre and use a high quality DI such as a passive JDI after my other pedals with the parallel out to the frfr...or nothing at all if the fancy takes me. I assume a passive bass would not work direct into the RCF? I realise I may have confused some basic impedance or level issues here!
  5. NX have coaxial speakers: The horn is mounted in the middle of the 12" driver so I guess that would add to the cost. http://www.rcf.it/en_US/products/pro-speaker-systems/nx-series/nx-12-sma
  6. I struggled with compressors until I tried and bought a Diamond. It is easy to dial in too much with some compressors. The Diamond works exactly as other posters in this thread have described, is pretty foolproof (difficult to get it wrong), has a nice 'sheen' & makes you and the band sound tight! Very subtle but it's a great help to the overall mix. http://www.ovnilab.com/
  7. @EBS_freak you truly are the voice of reason! Thanks for your posts.
  8. I use mine into a power amp so I do have a need for a clean channel A.
  9. @Al Krow it's easy to get a clean flat response from channel A: Bass in, bass/treble to zero, adjust gain until it distorts, back off a bit, then switch between unit off/channel A to adjust output vol to unity. Then fiddle with bass/treble until you have an (almost) identical sound when on unit off/channel A.
  10. Nope, Channel A does it for me. No mid scoup - just dial bass & treble all the way down and take it from there. A plus B in cold fusion is also really useable.
  11. Very interesting set up there! Keep us updated.
  12. [quote name='Al Krow' timestamp='1509706073' post='3401001'] With due respect Alex, I think that's rubbish. Adding a preamp pedal to a signal chain can and does increase volume or I've gone completely deaf (which I haven't), provided the cabs can handle the extra power and there is no way that two of your BF BB2s won't be able to, right? A power amp is boosting (literally 'amplifying') whatever signal it is receiving and whether it be by replacing underpowered pots on your bass or boosting the signal via a preamp the power amp can only boost the signal that it is fed to it in the first place. [/quote] If the power amp is running out of 'steam' (which it seems to be in this case) simply boosting the signal being sent to the power amp will not increase db or headroom. If what you say was true we could all use tiny power amps and just add, or turn up, a preamp.
  13. I had a similar issue with my T65: A sort of fluffy distortion even when on 'clean' only. It wasn't overly loud but it drove me mad. In addition the octave up seemed to be a distorted version of the main signal - not an octave up at all. Sent it back but it apparently tested fine. Using an EBS now - works great with the Le Bass pre.
  14. Only the bigger x10s, not the 12s AFAIK, but Mr C can confirm.
  15. Excellent, thanks for your responses. I will fashion a DIY solution!
  16. I have a 2u power amp in a 2u flightcase. Do I need to bother with the rear supports? The manufacturer's blurb recommends fitting them but they are pricey. Not likely to be on any tours any time soon - car transportation only. Amp weighs about 9kg and is a QSC PLX 1202. Any experiences would be welcome. Thanks.
  17. I'm in the stalls! Looking forward to this....
  18. ...any takers before this gets thrown out?
  19. I'll be at the Brixton gig too. Any more for that one?
  20. Free to anyone who can collect from South London SE24. Bit rusty on the steel parts and needs new rack bolts but very strong. Handles on both sides - lids front & back. Built by John Henry.
  21. [quote name='acidbass' timestamp='1492969200' post='3284490'] What's the difference between the Thumpinator and Micro Thumpinator? Considering adding one of these to my live setup[/quote] http://www.sfxsound.com/thumpinator/
  22. No contest: An old Peavey 410tx. I just sold mine for £35 on e*ay. Slightly more than 40kg and a bugger to lift single handedly.
  23. Free to anyone who can collect from London SE24. Well used, bit rusty and not lightweight. Will need fresh rack bolts. Made by John Henry.
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