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  1. Very interesting set up there! Keep us updated.
  2. [quote name='Al Krow' timestamp='1509706073' post='3401001'] With due respect Alex, I think that's rubbish. Adding a preamp pedal to a signal chain can and does increase volume or I've gone completely deaf (which I haven't), provided the cabs can handle the extra power and there is no way that two of your BF BB2s won't be able to, right? A power amp is boosting (literally 'amplifying') whatever signal it is receiving and whether it be by replacing underpowered pots on your bass or boosting the signal via a preamp the power amp can only boost the signal that it is fed to it in the first place. [/quote] If the power amp is running out of 'steam' (which it seems to be in this case) simply boosting the signal being sent to the power amp will not increase db or headroom. If what you say was true we could all use tiny power amps and just add, or turn up, a preamp.
  3. I had a similar issue with my T65: A sort of fluffy distortion even when on 'clean' only. It wasn't overly loud but it drove me mad. In addition the octave up seemed to be a distorted version of the main signal - not an octave up at all. Sent it back but it apparently tested fine. Using an EBS now - works great with the Le Bass pre.
  4. Only the bigger x10s, not the 12s AFAIK, but Mr C can confirm.
  5. Excellent, thanks for your responses. I will fashion a DIY solution!
  6. I have a 2u power amp in a 2u flightcase. Do I need to bother with the rear supports? The manufacturer's blurb recommends fitting them but they are pricey. Not likely to be on any tours any time soon - car transportation only. Amp weighs about 9kg and is a QSC PLX 1202. Any experiences would be welcome. Thanks.
  7. I'm in the stalls! Looking forward to this....
  8. ...any takers before this gets thrown out?
  9. I'll be at the Brixton gig too. Any more for that one?
  10. Free to anyone who can collect from South London SE24. Bit rusty on the steel parts and needs new rack bolts but very strong. Handles on both sides - lids front & back. Built by John Henry.
  11. [quote name='acidbass' timestamp='1492969200' post='3284490'] What's the difference between the Thumpinator and Micro Thumpinator? Considering adding one of these to my live setup[/quote] http://www.sfxsound.com/thumpinator/
  12. No contest: An old Peavey 410tx. I just sold mine for £35 on e*ay. Slightly more than 40kg and a bugger to lift single handedly.
  13. Free to anyone who can collect from London SE24. Well used, bit rusty and not lightweight. Will need fresh rack bolts. Made by John Henry.
  14. Hello there, I have a One Spot CS7 which is 50mm deep. Would this fit underneath? Thanks.
  15. Interesting! The Le Bass outputs a max of 11dBu. The 1202's sensitivity spec says 1.0v(+2.2dBu) at 8 ohms so I'm guessing the Le Bass is more than capable of driving it. It certainly has h*ft.
  16. [quote name='markstuk' timestamp='1489589673' post='3258209'] Also different power amps have different input sensitivities.. QSC's are known to need a high signal level to drive them - from what I remember 1.5v at unity and there is a mod to make this .775 v [/quote] I have a QSC PLX1202 bought from Owen. It has a sensitivity of 1.0v and 0.9v at 8 & 4 ohms respectively. I'm currently experimenting using it with my Two Notes Le Bass. So far it seems to work well.
  17. MGBrown

    obbm's feedback

    Just received an excellent neutrik speaker cable for a bridged amp and a couple of classy patch cables. Nice job! Thanks Dave.
  18. [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSHVqOYjaDI"]https://www.youtube....h?v=pSHVqOYjaDI[/url] Can't get enough of this!
  19. Please post here with feedback. Thanks, Mark.
  20. Thanks for the forum info. And here goes a short potted history: After many years playing in originals bands and cover bands with varying degrees of success (mostly none) I ended up doing a run in a West End theatre in a production of Peter Pan – the Musical. This then went on a tour round the UK – great fun. I did a couple of tours in Europe with US blues singer/guitarists (Jay Owens and Sherman Robertson). They like their blues ‘American’ in Europe! I also worked in Brian Conley’s backing band on the North Pier in Blackpool. Then I auditioned for and joined a band called Subcircus. We spent six months rehearsing and writing in a small rehearsal room in Kings Cross then got signed after being schmoozed and doing showcases in the UK and US. We recorded in Real World, Metropolis, Air and a few other studios in London (most now gone) and made two albums We had a single of the week in Melody Maker as voted for by Noddy Holder, toured the UK and US and did all the festivals. (Six weeks touring the States in one of those sleeper buses is not something you forget). But it failed to ‘break’ and we split after five years. I then did some session work for The Alice Band, Kelly Osbourne and a few others who I forget. Bit more touring (a week in Cuba was a stand-out) and some TV but not enough to keep me going. So, I entered the world of paid employment and left music behind for many years. But, my interest in music and bass playing has been rekindled. This site has certainly helped with that, although it has also encouraged some spending! PS I’m really happy with the advent of lightweight gear – anyone want a Peavey 410tx, going cheap?! Mark (aka George).
  21. Hello all, Well what a revelation! I’ve learned more in a few months on this site (and Talkbass) than I did as a professional bass player for 10 years in the 90s. It seems bass equipment has improved and we are spoilt for choice. (I've [i]already[/i] bought a few new bits of gear from Basschat members). There’s a great deal of knowledge on this site – thanks to all of you who take the time to impart it, even if the discussions sometimes get a little heated. One question: How do I add a ‘feedback’ link to my profile? Many thanks, Mark.
  22. Good to know you've had no issues with the DI out. How are you routing it for your stage sound? I like the sim. It is dark but sounds good through flat response headphones/Barefaced BB2 cab - and I'm using flats right now.
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