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  1. I've been wanting to delve into the world of flatwound strings, but apart from a brief experiment with a set of chromes, am not really sure what set to get. A brand that seems to get consistent recommendation is La Bella, so I decided to take the plunge and buy a set for my jazz bass. The only problem, is that there seems to be an extensive array of La Bella flats to choose from, and I don't know which ones to go for! Can anyone help please? I'm interested in playing funk, soul, and possibly rock, but flats seem more versatile than they're sometimes given credit for with some metal players even using them. Anyway, could other La Bella users let me know what sort they are using so I can get a consensus please? And do I go for the top loading or through body option? Many thanks!
  2. [quote name='Count Bassy' timestamp='1444770717' post='2885950'] This is a complete bargain. If I didn't have a DBS 7400 already........ [/quote] Practically giving it away...
  3. Wet and squelchy anyone? A bass line from Bootsy, so filthy it sounds like it should be illegal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93hUaHfNTQo
  4. Hi Tenty, If on a budget, I'd recommend a Behringer hell babe (don't be put off by the name or how cheap it is). It has adjustments for frequency, frequency sweep, etc and even has a boost switch or solos. Only £30.00 quid or so and I think has more bang for buck than any other pedals I've seen. Had mine for years and have no issues with reliability. Seem to get favourable reviews too if you do a google search. http://www.woodbrass.com/en/effet-guitare-electrique-pedale-wah-behringer-hellbabe-hb01-p20330-af833-gbp.html?gclid=CPmdhMycjcgCFSYUwwodTXkI9g
  5. Lots of drunk people + expensive musical instruments, can equal disaster. Down to the individual, but I'd definitely pack my stuff away, even if it's just to store in a cupboard or something until the end of the night.
  6. Haven't tried the UR22, but EMU are really good. I'm sure you've considered this, but just make sure it's compatible if you're going to make the leap to windows 10. In know someone who made the upgrade only to find that the EMU sound card wouldn't work and aren't supported. Whether it will if it's a USB version, I don't know.
  7. What's the difference between a drummer and a drum machine? With a drum machine, you only have to punch the information in once. I'll get my coat...
  8. Seems to depend on where you're based, as others have said. I'm in a duo where we just do recording and do everything between us; he plays guitar and sings, I play bass and keys and we share the the BFD programming and production side of things. I live in Shropshire and he lives in Nottingham, so we submit tracks to both stations, and while we've had about a dozen plays here in Shropshire, we've only been played once in Nottingham. The other obvious point is that there's going to be a lot more competition in Nottingham and larger cities than in more rural counties. Radio station producer and presenter personal taste/bias aside.
  9. I had an old bass with loads of grime and I used spray on automotive cleaner (seriously), but don't leave it on to soak. just spray a little and use a brush, (nothing too abrasive, something relatively soft like a shoe polishing brush), and that should quickly get rid of even years old grime. Then thoroughly wipe off any excess with a cloth.
  10. Nope, still waiting for Gak to get back to me with a delivery date. Have emailed them and am still non the wiser. Very frustrating!
  11. HI, I believe there's a Marshall valve amp in the for the sale section. The old JCM 800's are killer! (It's not me selling it by the way).
  12. Would take some balls to do it live, not least because it's so long and easy to mess one of the bits up if you're playing it exactly like the record. I would be more than happy to see a local band even attempt it, as it makes a change from the usual REM and kings of leon stuff, so I reckon go for it! If the audience seems to lose interest, then perhaps try an abridged version the next time.
  13. Yeah , the video says it works on a lo B. ;-) [url="http://www.gak.co.uk/en/tc-electronic-polytune-clip-clip-on-guitar-tuner/117777"]http://www.gak.co.uk...ar-tuner/117777[/url]
  14. Yep, good point, I must admit I didn't really notice that. Well I've ordered one anyway. I'll let you know when it's processed and I get a delivery date.
  15. Here you go... http://www.gak.co.uk/en/tc-electronic-polytune-clip-clip-on-guitar-tuner/117777
  16. Looks really good. Just ordered one from Gak for £35, couldn't resist!
  17. I've tried top loaded and through body on my Jazz bass, as I wasn't sure if there would be much difference either. I found that there is a definite increase in sustain when strung through body, and it just sings a bit more this way. I definitely prefer the sound when strung through body, and no, I'm not imagining it ;-) (probably a bad idea from what others have said, but I have also done the same with flat wounds without any problems). As others have said, through body may shorten string life though. I don't know.
  18. Great stuff! [list] [*][b]Have you tried Elixir strings before?[/b] [/list] Yes, I have used both the nickel and steel versions on a Jazz bass, Stingray, Squier VM Jazz and Westone bass. [list] [*][b]What other brands are you familiar with?[/b] [/list] ​I have spent the last two years experimenting with a wide variety of strings in an attempt to find the strings best suited to my playing, including D'addarrio, Elite, Rotosound and Elixr. These have included Nickel, Steel, and flatwound versions with a variety of basses, set ups, and playing styles including fingerstlye, picking, slap, and tapping. [list] [*][b]What bass(es) will you try the new strings on?[/b] [/list] [b]​[/b]My main bass of choice at the moment is an American Standard Jazz bass with 60's CS pick ups, but I will also use a Squier VM jazz and Westone Thunder bass. [list] [*][b]What sort of environment will you be playing them in (e.g studio, gigging, practicing)[/b] [/list] [b]​[/b][color=#222222]Practicing, home studio recording with three different projects focusing on different styles of music, two different rehearsal rooms (one very harsh and reflective, one more neutral), and gigging.[/color] [list] [*][b]Why do you think you'll be a good candidate to test the strings[/b] [/list] ​[color=#222222]I employ a wide variety of playing styles for a wide variety of musical styles including jazz fusion, funk, rock, and more experimental music. I have been playing over 20 years and have a lot of experience of different strings and how they work in different contexts, from gigging to recording and feel I will be able to provide honest and constructive feedback of Elixr strings in various situations.[/color]
  19. I've an '84 version with the horizontal inputs, but the same circuitry as yours (the circuits changed in '86 to cut costs apparently). Built to last and easily the most rewarding and responsive amp I've ever used, great bits of kit. Good luck with the sale, amazed it's still here as they rarely come up these days!
  20. I may be wrong about this, but the room acoustics and where you're standing in relation to the speaker could well have a massive bearing on the sound you're hearing (I'm sure the bods at barefaced will correct me if I'm wrong). My understanding is that lower frequencies have longer wave forms, and therefore it takes more distance from the speaker for the lows to reach their fundamental frequency; so if you're standing 20 feet away from the cab (as an audience member in a pub may be for example), you'll perceive more bass than if you're standing 6 feet away from the cab. Assuming the cabs you're using are capable of reproducing the fundamental frequency. It's probably worth standing as far from the cab as you're lead will allow when doing a comparison to give enough distance for the low frequencies to establish themselves. Apologies for my lack of scientific rigour, it's possible that I'm completely wrong about this
  21. [quote name='Damonjames' timestamp='1433254564' post='2789438'] Wow!! As long as you aren't giving any personal details away, I'd go for it, stranger things have happened!!! Just be careful mate! Even though you have shipped my bass, I'd hate to hear you wound up in a ditch somewhere! [/quote] +1 for that. Plus $100 per show isn't a lot to live on when you're there... Still seems really odd to me, and considering how the emails are written, the strange disappearance of other bassists, their inability to find a bassist in the states together with the stuff about the spiritual guru, personally I'd run a mile!
  22. Loads of examples where it's been used to good effect, and loads of examples of Geddy Lee doing it. I quite like it in the right context as it gives the impression you're digging in, and the added top end can hope you cut through.
  23. Sounds good! Over the years I've had demos which we paid for which have sounded a lot worse! One of the drawbacks with home recording is that it's never really finished as you can fiddle with things for ever and it still won't be perfect; you know the songs and the your own bass lines so intimately that the slightest thing can become annoying, and there's always something you would prefer to be different. My advice would be keep in mind what the recording is for, and learn from it for next time if there's something that grates for you. Re fret buzz, don't worry about it. Check this link and skip to 2:11, didn't do them any harm! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fPYyoY49Bc
  24. [b]****** Possibly SOLD pending the usual **[/b]*** Will update when confirmed either way. cheers
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