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  1. Cheers Surfguy! That sounds about right, but I'll look into to it and get back to you in a bit. Cheers
  2. Yeah definitely. I've currently got a military spec Mullard in the first slot, and an RFT and JJ in the other two*. *original valves/tubes will be put back in when sold (I may have a couple of spares I can chuck in too!).
  3. Yep, agree, definitely avoid if possible. I've had 3 occassions where I have stayed in to receive parcels delivered by UPS for them not to turn up, resulting in me having to go to the depot to pick up personally. On all occassions theyve claimed they rang the bell but I wasn't in. Couldn't be bothered trying to deliver in other words...
  4. Hi Paul, Ok, it's: Cm: 156 x 17 x 15 Inches 65 x 6.75 x 6 The gig bag is around 3 inches shorter. Hope that helps. cheers
  5. Still here! Great sounding amp, with lovely valve sound which can go from glossy hi fi, to saturated distortion.
  6. Still available! All your double bass needs covered in one go. And if you want a very compact, pokey, and hi fi practice amp to go with it (actually pairs very nicely), I'm also selling a PJB double Four.....
  7. Hi CeeBass, Ok, I'm being a bit cheeky here, but have you thought about an Electric EUB for giogs? It's no coinincidence that I currently Have one for salem, lots of extras with it too (hardcase, padded plush gig bag, stand, bow, and pot of rosin)! The pre amp is really hot, and has a seperatwe sub bass volume, so reallty handy for eliminating or adding rumble. Compact and portable (compared to a conventional DB), made from solid maple. Link is here anyway: Sorry, I know I'm being very cheeky. Rich
  8. It's possible. I initially thought that everything together would make an atttractive package for someone as it's everthing you could need in one go. Leave it with me though, if there's no interest, then I'll consider splitting. Hope that's ok. Cheers
  9. Still available! Go on, buy yourself something you actually want for Chtristmas.
  10. Still available! Go on, buy yourself something you actually want for Chtristmas.
  11. A lot of bass and extras for the money. Go on, buy yourself something you actually want for Chtristmas!
  12. Hi Rebo, PM sent! Basically, the website says: "At the twist of a knob the complex crossover takes you from old school bass cab smoothness to uncompromising studio monitor accuracy". I can confirm that this is exactly what it does, so if the knob is completely off, it should behave in a similar way to the Super Twin.. You cn adjust it to taste and specific needs, and generally I've always had it somewhere between the two. It's got an impressive frequency range which starts lower than the super twin at 30hz (super twin is 37hz), and goes up way higher than the Super twin at 20 Khz (super twin is 4khz). All depends what you put into it though, but it's got plenty of scope to handle whatever you throw at it with impressive accuracy, so should suit lots of fx and different tones very well, although haven't tried it specifically with a Helix.
  13. Thanks guys! Yeah, really nice amps. Reluctant sale to be honest.
  14. *** Now sold *** For sale - my Stagg electric upright bass – PLUS Hard Case, Plush gig bag, adjustable stand, and double bass bow – * Price Drop *The whole lot for £400 Stagg EUB I’m selling my Stagg EUB which I bought from new. It’s in great condition, (with only one or two faint marks which are hard to notice), and has only had light home/studio use. The finish is in a striking red, which allows the pattern of the grain to come through. These are really solidly built instruments, and made from solid maple. The bass features a (hot) pre amp with: - Volume control - Sub bass control, - External input (for Mp3 player, drum machine, whatever you want really), - Head phone socket for near silent practice/recording without annoying anyone, - Handy light which reminds you that there’s a lead plugged in, as well as alerting you if the battery is running low. The bass comes with detachable hand and hip rests, as well as a retractable and adjustable end pin to get the bass to your preferred height. The action is fully adjustable with height adjustment screws at the bridge and conventional truss rod adjustment at the headstock. Hopefully the photos do justice to the lovely red finish this bass has. Hard case Sale includes a plush lined hard case which features a handy compartment large enough to store the detachable rests, tuner, lead, etc. As well as this, there is also storage for a double bass bow. Gig bag The gig bag isn’t a run of the mill flimsy affair; Instead this is nicely padded with a plush interior and two soft pouches for storage of the rests and other things, whilst the exterior has a pocket for a double bass bow, handles with chunky rubber grips, a shoulder strap and additional handle. It also has an embroidered Stagg logo, chunky rubber zip handles, and reflective piping. Stagg EUB stand The Stagg stand is specifically made for the EUB, is very solid and sturdy, fully adjustable, has a hook on the back to hold a bow, and folds up for compact storage. The bass can also be played whilst in the stand. Double bass Bow Double bass bow bought from new specifically for the EUB. Hasn’t had very much use and can sound really impressive! I’ve got some Rosin for it somewhere which I’ll also throw in. Sale is because I've got my eye on something expensive and need to generate some funds. I’m based in Shtrewsbury by the way. Collection is definitely preferred due to the combined size and weight of the items listed. Any questions, please let me know. Please look out for other for sale posts as I'm also selling a Genz Benz Streamliner 900, Squier VM ’77 Jazz Bass, Barefaced gen 3 Big Baby 2, and a Phil Jones Bass double four. Thanks for viewing!
  15. Hi Mark, I was hoping someone might want the whole package to be honest. If there's no interest, I'll get back to you. Hope that's ok.
  16. For Sale Genz Benz Streamliner 900 - £385 I’m Selling my Genz Benz Streamliner 900 ; These are great sounding, powerful, and light weight amps. These are getting hard to come by in this country as they as are now discontinued. This has never been gigged, and the majority of it's use has been for home recording. The amp consists of a pre amp which uses 3 x 12AX7 valves, and a very flexible gain structure which can go from smooth hi-fi sounding to over-driven saturation, going into a very powerful lightweight class D power amp section. The amp has lots of connectivity options (please see photos) and pre or post eq DI options. All this and it only weighs 6.5 lbs. I've been using it with a Barefaced Big Baby 2, and it sounds immense! FEATURES • 900 Watts @ 4 ohms; 500 Watts @ 8 ohms • SMPS and Class D power amplifier design • Class A Six-Stage Tube Preamp (3 x 12AX7A Tubes) • Modified Passive Baxandall EQ for the Lows and Highs • Active Tube Driven Mid EQ • Selectable 3-Position Mid Frequencies: 220, 600, 2.5K HZ • Input Mute • Hi-Gain switch • Master Volume • 3DPM™ Power Management • Patent Pending P.H.A.T topology • Full Direct Output Interface • Effects Loop • Headphone Input • Aux. Input • Dual Speakon Outputs • Variable Voltage • Variable Speed Fan Cooling • Weight: 6.5lb • Size: 3 1/4" x 10" x 11 7/8" Sale is because I've got my eye on something expensive and need to generate some funds. I’m based in Shtrewsbury by the way. Collection welcome, but can also courier at buyers expense. Any questions please let me know. Please look out for other for sale posts as I'm also selling a Phil Jones Bass Double Four, Squier VM ’77 Jazz Bass, Barefaced gen 3 Big Baby 2, and a Stagg EUB with lots of accessories. Thanks for looking!
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