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  1. For sale Phil Jones Bass Double Four - £285 I’m Selling my Phil Jones bass Double Four – These are great amps with a sound and clarity I'd associate with bigger amps, and capable of surprising volumes for its size. It has 70 watt output (RMS), and sounds hi fi, especially compared to other practice amps. These sound great with electric, and double basses, and can handle low B strings with ease, producing a powerful, clear bass fundamental without distortion. The amp section includes: Low and high input selector and mute switch Mute led indicator which also doubles as a clipping indicator Eq and gain structure controls Aux input with dedicated volume control Headphone socket Line out It’s solidly built with metal knobs, control panel, and protection bars, and has a robust rubber carrying handle. Very light at only 8.8 lbs / 4kg. Sale is because I've got my eye on something expensive and need to generate some funds. I’m based in Shtrewsbury by the way. Collection welcome, but can also ship at buyers expense. Any questions please let me know. Please look out for other for sale posts as I'm also selling a Genz Benz Streamliner 900, Squier VM ’77 Jazz Bass, Barefaced gen 3 Big Baby 2, and a Stagg EUB with lots of accessories. Thanks for looking!
  2. For sale - my Stagg electric upright bass – PLUS Hard Case, Plush gig bag, adjustable stand, and double bass bow – The whole lot for £450 Stagg EUB I’m selling my Stagg EUB which I bought from new. It’s in great condition, (with only one or two faint marks which are hard to notice), and has only had light home/studio use. The finish is in a striking red, which allows the pattern of the grain to come through. These are really solidly built instruments, and made from solid maple. The bass features a (hot) pre amp with: - Volume control - Sub bass control, - External input (for Mp3 player, drum machine, whatever you want really), - Head phone socket for near silent practice/recording without annoying anyone, - Handy light which reminds you that there’s a lead plugged in, as well as alerting you if the battery is running low. The bass comes with detachable hand and hip rests, as well as a retractable and adjustable end pin to get the bass to your preferred height. The action is fully adjustable with height adjustment screws at the bridge and conventional truss rod adjustment at the headstock. Hopefully the photos do justice to the lovely red finish this bass has. Hard case Sale includes a plush lined hard case which features a handy compartment large enough to store the detachable rests, tuner, lead, etc. As well as this, there is also storage for a double bass bow. Gig bag The gig bag isn’t a run of the mill flimsy affair; Instead this is nicely padded with a plush interior and two soft pouches for storage of the rests and other things, whilst the exterior has a pocket for a double bass bow, handles with chunky rubber grips, a shoulder strap and additional handle. It also has an embroidered Stagg logo, chunky rubber zip handles, and reflective piping. Stagg EUB stand The Stagg stand is specifically made for the EUB, is very solid and sturdy, fully adjustable, has a hook on the back to hold a bow, and folds up for compact storage. The bass can also be played whilst in the stand. Double bass Bow Double bass bow bought from new specifically for the EUB. Hasn’t had very much use and can sound really impressive! I’ve got some Rosin for it somewhere which I’ll also throw in. Sale is because I've got my eye on something expensive and need to generate some funds. I’m based in Shtrewsbury by the way. Collection is definitely preferred due to the combined size and weight of the items listed. Any questions, please let me know. Please look out for other for sale posts as I'm also selling a Genz Benz Streamliner 900, Squier VM ’77 Jazz Bass, Barefaced gen 3 Big Baby 2, and a Phil Jones Bass double four. Thanks for viewing!
  3. Hi everyone, It's possible I my be selling an item or two to Basschat members in Europe; What does everyone think is the best way to transfer money in terms of being protected and avoiding charges/fees? Thanks in advance.
  4. Bowel loosening and chest rattling tone! Barefaced Big Baby 2 - For sale (With rock solid cover) - £550 Serial number B017, so one of the first ever made, and was ordered from Barefaced before the product was even launched following with a conversation with Alex. Amazing tone and bowel loosening, chest rattling, bottom end from a single lightweight cab! The Big baby 2 includes a high frequency cross-over dial, which changes the tone from vintage to modern and anywhere in between depending on your preference and the band you’re playing with at the time. With the versatility this provides, this really could be the only cab you’ll ever need! The cab is light, but very strong and solid, weighs 13kg, and can handle amps of 800 watts. There’s a lot of more information and technical data on the Barefaced website at: https://barefacedbass.com/product-range/Big-Baby-2.htm should you need it. Or drop me a PM and I’ll try and help. I’m selling due to having my eye on something expensive, so gear which doesn’t get much use has to go. The cab has never been gigged and has only been played in a band context on around 20 occasions, so is in fantastic condition, and probably only just broken in. These sound amazing, and are capable of reproducing REAL bottom end, with enough volume to gig with a loud rock band. Or any other style of music for that matter (including dub). There is a thin sliver a the coating on thee handle which has come off which I hope comes through on the above photo. The handle ends are metal, it’s only a foil type coating which has come off and in no way effects the handles functionality. I’m based in Shtrewsbury by the way. Collection is definitely preferred, but could courier at buyers expense (I’ll try and get some suitable boxes and packing materials!). Look out for other for sale posts today or tomorrow as I will also be selling a Genz Benz Streamliner 900, Squier VM ’77 Jazz Bass, Stagg EUB with LOTS of goodies, and a Phil Jones Bass double four. Thanks for viewing!
  5. ** SOLD ** Price drop - £210 - Shiny…Squier VM Jazz Bass 77 for sale Immaculate shiny condition and includes shiny mirror scratch plate and the original black one, plus a gig bag! - £210 Plus it’s very shiny…. This really is in as new condition, and the photos don’t do justice to how gorgeous this bass is with lacquered finish, white pearloid block neck inlays and choice of black or custom made mirrored scratch plate (both included) depending on how flamboyant you’re feeling. It’s also exceptionally light, easily the lightest bass I’ve ever tried anyway. Squier's Vintage Modified Jazz Bass '77 features a sleek offset body, crisp dual Fender®-designed pickups and a super-fast "C"-shaped maple neck. Comfortable and sonically versatile, this bass offers super '77 sound and feel for today's bassists, along with superior Squier performance and value. (Fender website). I bought this around 5 years ago from a fellow bass chatter. Originally intended as a back up to my American standard Jazz bass, this has seen hardly any use apart from a once over every 6 months to make sure it’s still in tune. Never gigged and has always been stored in the gig bag in my bedroom (hence the great condition). I’m based in Shtrewsbury by the way. The reason for sale is I’ve got my eye on something expensive and so have to let some things go to fund it. Collection is great, but can courier at buyers expense. Look out for other for sale posts today or tomorrow, as I'm also selling a Genz Benz Streamliner 900, Barefaced Big Baby 2 (gen 3), Stagg EUB with lots of goodies, and a Phil Jones Bass double four. Thanks for viewing.
  6. Do you have any before and after sound files?
  7. I always wash my hands before playing, and before I put my bass back in it's case, I apply a little methylated spirit to a cloth and quickly wipe the strings. Managed to get about a year of my last pack of NYXL's doing that.
  8. Cheers Breadbin. That's fair enough. Re cutting, I've been playing for around 30 years, and I cut the string exactly the same way, and the same length as the last set of strings. I always go for 3 wraps round the post with no overlaps. I'm not sure if it was a problem with the cutting of the string which is at fault in the this instance though.
  9. New PM sent, doesn't look like you opened the last one. Cheers
  10. Cheers guys, I'll see what they say.
  11. Hi , I've just excitedly put on a spanking new set of strings, and whilst the G, D, and A are all really zingy, the E is flabby and dull after only playing for around half an hour. What's strange, is that they're exactly the same set as the old ones I've just taken off, including the gauge. There weren't any issues with the last set at all. They're D'Addario NYXL 45-100, so not the cheapest strings available. I just wandered if anyone has had a similar issues, or has any suggestions on something I'm missing? Cheers
  12. This is my contribution. Don't be put off by the truly awful cover, it's a great album!
  13. I have a Squier VM Jazz, and a Fender American std Jazz (2013), and played side by side, with same set up, strings, etc, the difference is night and day. In my opinion of course. The Fender sounds much richer and 3 dimensional, there really is a pronounced difference. I also find a lot of neck dive with the Squier as the body is so light. Could you do a gig with a Squier? Yes of course. The first bass I owned was an 80's Korean Squier, and I really liked the sound of it at the time.
  14. I'm a bit of a fan to be honest. I learned a lot about setting up guitars, and it was his videos which first gave me the confidence to tackle my own basses after my local music shop made a balls up of it. I find him quite entertaining too!
  15. I'm in a similar position to you; I sold my stingray after it served me royally for 18 years because I had a hankering for a passive jazz bass tone, and wanted a change from active pups (my first main bass was a Korean Squire (which I still have)). I bought a new American standard jazz in 2013 and it's really good. That's not to say that Fenders aren't without their quirks, but I still love the sound of them. It took a bit of experimenting with the set up after playing an active bass with a really low action, but once I found the right combination, I absolutely love it. Lovely organic tone, and very versatile. Second hand pries are pretty reasonable too. Not wanting to open a can of worms, but in my personal experience, the American jazz bass is far superior to the squire if you're able to do it.
  16. Funniest youtube clip I've seen all year. Cheered me up no end!
  17. Or get one of these? Very portable and loads of fun too... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dG3Vrc-nyxI
  18. Cab now sold. I've decided to keep the head (unless I get an offer I can't refuse) for recording and as a back up. Thank you all for looking.
  19. No takers? This really is a superb rig. Come and give it a whirl, and I think you'll be impressed.
  20. Thanks Karlfer! Yeah, really good bits of kit, and really versatile.
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