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For Sale Genz Benz Streamliner 900 - £385 

 I’m Selling my Genz Benz Streamliner 900 ; These are great sounding, powerful, and light weight amps. These are getting hard to come by in this country as they as are now discontinued.  This has never been gigged, and the majority of it's use has been for home recording. 

The amp consists of a pre amp which uses 3 x 12AX7 valves, and a very flexible gain structure which can go from smooth hi-fi sounding to over-driven saturation, going into a very powerful lightweight class D power amp section. The amp has lots of connectivity options (please see photos) and pre or post eq DI options. All this and it only weighs 6.5 lbs. 

I've been using it with a Barefaced Big Baby 2, and it sounds immense!


900 Watts @ 4 ohms; 500 Watts @ 8 ohms  
• SMPS and Class D power amplifier design
• Class A Six-Stage Tube Preamp (3 x 12AX7A Tubes)
• Modified Passive Baxandall EQ for the Lows and Highs
• Active Tube Driven Mid EQ
• Selectable 3-Position Mid Frequencies: 220, 600, 2.5K HZ
• Input Mute
• Hi-Gain switch
• Master Volume
• 3DPM™ Power Management 
• Patent Pending P.H.A.T topology
• Full Direct Output Interface
• Effects Loop
• Headphone Input
• Aux. Input
• Dual Speakon Outputs
• Variable Voltage 
• Variable Speed Fan Cooling 
Weight: 6.5lb 
• Size: 3 1/4" x 10" x 11 7/8"

 Sale is because I've got my eye on something expensive and need to generate some funds. I’m based in Shtrewsbury by the way. Collection welcome, but can also courier at buyers expense. Any questions please let me know.

Please look out for other for sale posts as I'm also selling a Phil Jones Bass Double Four, Squier VM ’77 Jazz Bass, Barefaced gen 3 Big Baby 2, and a Stagg EUB with lots of accessories.

Thanks for looking!









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Had the 600 and it was a great amp. Wish i had kept it. Used it with my Berg HT322 and it was full and rich sounding. Lightweight and very versatile amp. Just bought a Mesa Mpulse or i would have had this.



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I had one of these, lots of warm valvey goodness.


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I've had almost every decent bass amp going, and settled on this one. Hard to beat for that vintage valve tone, swap out the preamp valves and they sound even better.

If I didn't already have two, I'd snap this up! 

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Yeah definitely. I've currently got a military spec Mullard in the first slot, and an RFT and JJ in the other two*.


*original valves/tubes will be put back in when sold (I may have a couple of spares I can chuck in too!).


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On 02/11/2018 at 07:30, Handwired said:

I've had almost every decent bass amp going, and settled on this one. Hard to beat for that vintage valve tone, swap out the preamp valves and they sound even better.

If I didn't already have two, I'd snap this up! 

What did you put in and what effect did it have? I have the 600 watt version. 

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The real mccoy, beware of cheap imitations! 

Full of valve/tube lovelyness, powerful (900 watts), light, compact, and still available! 

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      The need to scratch a Super Compact-type itch means my Compact is going on the block.  It's in good to very good condition: even still has the plastic on the grille badge.  One or two scuffs and marks as you'd expect but the brilliant Tuff Coat finish means they're nothing a Sharpie won't hide, and does have the classic 'rubber peel' on the handle (see photo) but I've never had any doubts as to its security.  Been very lightly used: our rehearsal space has backline so it rarely travels there, and sadly gigs never seem as frequent as I'd like so much of its time has been spent relaxing at home.  A hell of a lot of cab for the money: masses of heft in about as lightweight and, well, compact a package as you'll find containing a 15" speaker.  Collection much preferred (I'm about 10 miles east of Oxford) but also happy to discuss halfway meets...

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      The amp weighs 6.5 Kilos and the Cab Weighs 12 Kilos.  
      Don't want to separate these at the moment and not looking for any trades.
      Thanks for looking

    • By Marc S
      It's with heavy heart that I put this bass up for sale, but needs must (with redundancy and a future house-move on the cards).
      In great condition for its' age, and a lovely player, with gorgeous vintage sound

      There are a few dinks and dings on the bass, including a 2mm x 1.5mm x 1mm dink on the back of the neck, around fret 11 - easily filled, though it never bothered me actually.
      There's a light "bloom" of buckle rash in the usual place, which isn't easy to photograph.

      The main thing to say about this bass, is that it's otherwise in great condition given it's approaching 40 years old. Somehow, this bass just feels and sounds absolutely awesome - it has a real vintage tone and feel. These basses are rated very highly by people who own and play them, and you have to try one to understand quite why. It's the best feeling and sounding P bass I've ever played.
      With the job situation being as it is, I have to sell something (not urgently - so no daft offers please) - I just need to thin the herd, as we will be moving house within the next 8 - 10 months, and are down-sizing. I'm gigging with another P bass these days - only because it is slightly lighter weight, and is another great bass. I can no longer justify 3x P basses, plus my P/J Limelight. I may even list another P over the coming days, and keep this one.... as I'm so torn

      It weighs in at just a shade over 4kg - so is no boat anchor. Like I say, I've got 2 other P's which are lighter - though neither is in my favourite 3TSB, Rosewood, Tort combo. Mrs S said to me the other day "Do you really need two basses the same colour?" of my Roadworn Jazz!  I had the bass set up, including a light fret-dress & level, by A-strings of Treforest, near Pontypridd. The frets are in good condition, with plenty of life left in them. I believe everything else is original on the bass (as I was told by the previous BC owner). I did change the control knobs for an old 70's set, as they were in better condition (re the chrome)

      It's currently wearing a set of worn-in Thomastik Flats. It came with some Dunlop flats, and I tried several other strings, but decided it just felt better with the TI's. I can let you have the Dunlops, or a new set of rounds if you prefer? But I'll leave the TI's on, as they just seem to suit the bass

      Based in North Cardiff - but I can meet somewhere half way, as I've got amp headphones and a battery amp (Roland) to test at the ubiquitous Motorway services / pub
      Please note I am NOT looking for any trades at all, and would prefer not to post (abroad or UK) - I also want you to try this bass, and fall for it, like I did, and to know that you've got it safely in your hands
      In this moment of madness, as I'm typing this, I may decide to either sell another bass instead, or else change my mind completely.... lol

      I'm asking slightly less than what I paid for it, given that I had the work done on the bass


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