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  1. This problem happened to me too, even when the kick drum mic was going through the PA. When it did, the drummer used to pull faces at me (as if it was something I was doing). Thankfully he didn't mic up the drums very often... we was too bloody loud without any extra help..!
  2. Great amps, these.... and easy to get a great sound from...
  3. It weighs 3,894g according to my wife's kitchen scales.... That's just over 8.5 lbs.
  4. Exeter is rather remote, so I’m going to change the ad to include the option to ship...
  5. Paul bought a pedalboard from me. Prompt payment, and great comms. Deal with confidence.
  6. This is a great cab with fantastic clarity. It has been to quite a few gigs, so there is some slight 'fluffing' of the fabric covering, and in a couple of very small places the front grill has lost its black colour. I can photograph these if you want to see. 8 Ohms / 500W, speakon or jackplug connection. Lightweight so a really easy load / unload at gigs and practices. Comes with a made-to-measure padded cover. I can ship this, and the extra cost will be about £30. I can get a solid price on that if you give me a postcode. No trades, please - and thanks for looking.
  7. NOW YOURS FOR JUST £300 (plus shipping) This has been a great gigging bass for me, but now that I'm ending my stage career it needs to go. It has all the thump you'd expect from a Precision, along with great balance and a reasonable weight for long gigs. It does need new strings on it, though. There are a few small dings here and there on the body, which I can photograph in close-up if you want to see them. It comes in a Warwick padded soft case which although a little worn does protect the bass very well. I prefer buyer collects, as packing this for shipment is going to be a challenge. I'm in Exeter. No trades, please - and thanks for looking.
  8. This is a great amp, bought from a fellow BC-er a few years ago. It comes in a Gator soft rack case. This has been my regular gigging amp and has never let me down. No trades, please. The price does not include shipping, but I can ship via Hermes insured and signed-for for an extra £25. Thanks for looking.
  9. This is a great way to fill in the sound in a one-guitar band when the guitarist is off on a 10 minute solo or is doing some of that twiddly-fiddly stuff. You can choose octave, fifth, or other even beefier options. At smaller venues I fed the effect signal through a small guitar amp, and that gave loads of options for the sound. The effected signal can also be run into the PA, or you can put both the unaffected and the effected signal through your bass rig. Here's what they say about it at Fishmann: https://www.fishman.com/products/series/fx/fission-bass-powerchord-fx-pedal/ I bought this a good while ago, then I sold it when I joined a two-guitar band - only to buy it back again when we went down to one guitar. It comes in the original box. I'm hanging up my axe now, so it needs a new home. Thanks for taking a look...
  10. Great to kick in if you want more attack as you play each note. Works especially well when using a plectrum. This has done a few miles, but still works great. Price includes postage to mainland UK
  11. Great for some fuzz without losing the punch of the bass. Supplied in original box with instructions. It has Velcro on the bottom. Thanks for taking a look...
  12. In original box with user manual. It has Velcro on the bottom, which can be removed. The four original rubber feet are also included, and can be stuck back on if you want to. I used this in gigs when I needed some instant boost to the input signal on some songs. Thanks for looking...
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