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  1. Something like this???? https://www.gear4music.com/Recording-and-Computers/Kenton-THRU-5-1-In-To-5-Thru-Box/21ET?origin=product-ads&gclid=Cj0KCQjwla7nBRDxARIsADll0kACyurx9YWmzFSiOwHQs0bfBuRZ8g36fVyzwPJ49Yxgg3t2h-86jvkaAkS7EALw_wcB Gonna get a BSP at the end of the month (soon come!!!) I`ll see how it works out for me and report back Hanx Daz
  2. Greetngs Simple enough `problem` really (to someone who knows anyway!!) and first off, pardon my ignorance when it comes to this subject! I want to be able to sync together a Korg Volca Beats, Korg Volca Sample and a Moog Minitaur without using a DAW or laptop etc.. Other hardware I use is a Moog MP201 (which actually DOES have midi in AND out but Im pretty sure this wont be the answer) an Alesis Q25 (which just has midi out) and a Behringer UMC404HD interface and monitors. Syncing the two Volcas together obviously isnt an issue (for folks that dont know, said Volcas only have a standard midi IN but they have a sync `in & out` on 3.5mm jacks for connecting each other) but I need the Minitaur in the equation (that also only has standard midi IN (even though it does have a USB midi connection, but like I said I dont want to use a DAW)) Would the Arturia Beatstep pro be an answer to my issue? Or maybe even a standard beatstep?? Or even something cheaper maybe (he says in hope lol) like the Korg SQ1 maybe??? Would I need an extra midi interface/thru box or something?? (obviously budget IS an issue somewhat!!) Any other suggestions??? Also, Im thinking i`ll need some sort of mixer to connect this `rig` into a bass stack for live use?? ANY thoughts or comments, MOST welcome!!! Thanks in advance and again, pardon my ignorance!!!
  3. https://fanumusic.com/mastering/
  4. have a bump on me, best filter i had until I went Moog
  5. Oxide sold pending the usual I`ll let all 8 of the George L patch cables go for a mere £30 now if anyone wants????
  6. Tuco

    AWESOME free vsts

    https://rekkerd.org/fretted-synth/ I used these a few years back and recently stumbled back across them, they absolutely SLAY!!!!! Check them ALL out, you WONT be disappointed !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Theyre KILLERS!!!!!!!!
  7. Orchid electronics in Exeter make GREAT DI boxes for under £40, I have a Radial also but for the price difference I`d go Orchid EVERY time!!!
  8. Up for grabs is my trusty old IE Oxide (numero 278) which I believe are now discontinued... NEVER thought I`d sell this but if truth be told, my Mastotron does the synthy gated fuzz thing that I need (even though the Oxide has a much more gated gate (if that makes sense??) ) Excellent condition (velcro on the underside tho) and perfect working order. Price includes guaranteed next day delivery to anywhere in the UK. I also have 8 George L patch cables of varying length, plus an extra couple of bits of cable that i`ll let go for £35 all in .... If anyone wants the pedal AND the cables i`ll do them for £25. Im also up for trades, lemme know what youve got.... Could do with a drum machine ?????? Peace Daz
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Trace Elliot ALL the way, even the BLX combos can TUMP!!! Slightly OT but i got my smx head and 1x18" cab at a STUPIDLY low price, IIRC the cab was £60 and the head was a ton' Their old combos are effing awesome imo Trace all the way!!!!!!
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Tuco


    Thankyou all for your kind comments. And yes it is indeed true that my band mates are awesome lads for sticking with me. And its damn good to be back on here
  13. Tuco


    Hello folks @Al Krow thanks for the kind `bygones` comment.. I hold my hands up for messing you and Joe Garcia around last year and apologise profusely and sincerely. Without giving too much of a sob story, I went to hell and back last year, bereavements, split with my wife, couldnt see my daughter, ended up homeless and `fell off` mentally. I became totally useless, unreliable and a right effing liability to everyone that knew me. Im just glad my bandmates stuck by me and didnt sack me. Long, long story short : Ive turned my life back around, with the help of said bandmates and the local mental health team. After 3 months living in a night shelter and a further 5 in a halfway house, I`ve sobered up and now have a council flat and regular contact (most days actually) with my daughter (she`s currently sound asleep in my bedroom) and am engaged to a lovely straight talking Northern lass who my daughter adores. I dont expect to be welcomed back into the BC fold with open arms, I just felt compelled to apologise to all and offer some sort of explanation, even though theres no excuse for my (out of my usual character I hasten to add) sh*tty behaviour. Anyways, I hope you lot are all well and y`all take care. One Love x
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