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  1. Hi guys. After a break down of a four year relationship with my partner I am having to move back in with my parents which has made me have a real think about my future. I am 25 and am a prison officer so I am in a dead end job which has got me thinking, could I cut it as a professional player? My friend is a drummer who works on the cruise ships and has suggested that as a possible career move, I am really interested in having ago however my sight reading isn't up to scratch. I am trying to teach myself at the moment to which I feel I am progressing. I have set myself a 6 month goal to get competent so I can start going for auditions. So a few questions I guess! How many of you are professional players? Have you ever worked on the cruise ships? How good a reader have you got to be? What other options are there for breaking through to become a professional player? Thanks for any feedback Dave
  2. Hi! I'm just over the border in Chester but originally from North Wales too. See you around at a jam night some time. Dave
  3. I'm playing Matt and Phreds this Saturday. However it's with a Latin band so I doubt it would be your cup of tea!
  4. Hey guys. My band Caliente are playing Matt and Phreds this Saturday! http://www.mattandphreds.com/diary/caliente-0 Would be nice to meet some of you guys there
  5. Saw them earlier this year. They were great! Jojo is an animal!
  6. I bought a delay pedal from eubassix. It came well packed and in full working order. Great guy to deal with.
  7. I've got the emg jvx pups in my VM jazz and I really dig them.
  8. Fantastic guy to deal with!
  9. Fantastic guy to deal with. Great communication throughout sale and fantastic packing of goods!
  10. How does this perform with active basses?
  11. Hey guys. Making my Manchester debut with Caliente this weekend. Really looking forward to it! Would be lovely to have some support too! http://www.mattandphreds.com/diary/caliente Cheers Dave
  12. Anybody got experience with this? http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/JAZZ-BASS-WIRING-LOOM-with-series-parallel-push-pull-pot-with-VARITONE-/252328299607?nav=SEARCH I'm tempted just as a cheap upgrade to a Vm jazz I have, I've upgraded the pups and other bits so it's only the wiring/preamp that needs upgrading. I can't afford a John East or anything of the like so I am looking for something on the lighter side of my wallet!
  13. Hey everyone. Just wondering if there is a decent website for putting bands on for getting gigs? Been trying to book some for bands I play in recently and just going direct with the venue. However I would like to go a little further a field but I have very limited contacts! Any advice much appreciated! If anyone is interested we are based in North Wales but are willing to travel (within reason) band info below! Bands looking for gigs! 8 piece soul and funk band Yubaba! https://m.facebook.com/Yubaba-1035454199817014/ 8 piece Latin jazz dance band Caliente https://m.facebook.com/Calienteband/ 4 piece blues and classic rock band Mostly Blues https://m.facebook.com/MostlyBlues/ All bands provide own PA and lights. Check us out and give us a like!
  14. One from yesterday. Third gig with this band. We are slowly getting there! https://m.youtube.com/watch?sns=fb&v=fJiL7o80k3Y
  15. If you can see through the writing style (it's all abit cheesy and a little basic) the lessons that can be learnt from the book are great. I'm not a particularly spiritual person but there is plenty I can relate to in the book. Worth a punt I'd say!
  16. +1 on musician. My tool of the trade happens to be bass
  17. Read that Victor Wooten book. It's pretty Spiritual but there is certainly some lessons to be learnt in there.
  18. £20 folks. Decorating my house and need it gone!
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