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  1. EHX freeze pedal Light usage at home, twice in the last 6 months! i'm just not that creative. Comes with power supply and box. Postage no problem. Cheers.
  2. I use a line6 Relay G10 and its been reliable for the last 2 years.
  3. Lettuce. Federation of the disco pimp. Tower Of Power
  4. After sitting round on my donkey since getting back from quarantine on a ship, I've been looking for work to very little success. I was offered a couple of 0 hour contracts which didnt seem "legit." However a job offer came through the other day and I've been training for it all week. I've also signed up online for a PT course so I have a side hustle and could potentially supplement being a weekend warrior (if that will ever be a thing anymore) with being my own boss during the week too.
  5. Any takers? Need it gone so any offers are considered..
  6. Head is sold. Someone make me an offer for the cab!
  7. If Skezza takes the cab I'm happy to post the head.
  8. SHUTTLE SOLD. Genz Benz Focus still.available specs and pic below. Prefer pick, postage can be considered https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/GenzBenzfocus.html £150 ONO
  9. Sansamp Bass Driver Deluxe Highly regarded Preamp/D.I, used heavily for the last 3 years on cruise ships and hotels and the odd home gig too. Never missed a beat and sounds fantastic. With no gigs coming in I'm having abit of a gear clear out with the hope of going ampless and gaining a Helix. Comes with no box but I'll pack it up nice if you need postage! Thanks
  10. Ruslan Sirotas piano solo on this is great.
  11. Can +1 on the yamaha. They are fantastic. Also take a look into Sire, the V7 and P7s are fantastic value for money
  12. Big fan of Janek Gwizdalas stuff. Adam Neely and Rick Beato as previously mentioned too.
  13. No, Royal Caribbean. Apparently they are looking at sailings in asia starting in july
  14. I was scheduled for a cruise contract beginning of September, it hasnt been cancelled....yet?
  15. SKB bass safe bass worked for me fine on multiple flights over the years and it's still going strong. Sometimes I even squeeze two basses in there, othertimes I've just put extra undies in because you never know.
  16. Taken from Sire v7. String through or top loading. 18 mm spacing. Postage available
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