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  1. Thanks Paddy, she is a fantastic bass but surplus to requirements as it stands, I'm having to put alot of things into storage due to the amount of traveling I do and my parents wanting to claim my room back (can't argue with that they have been kind enough to let me use it as a base for a long time!) So she has to go.
  2. F/S Warwick Corvette $$ THIS BASS HAS A BROKEN TRUSS ROD Everything else is in working order but the truss rod is cracked so neck relief cannot be sorted unless you take it to a luthier wizz. I checked with Warwick and they want around £600 for a new neck and the old one to be sent back. That said if you like a high action it's still playable. The body has a fair few scratches and dings as to be expected of the work I've put it through. Also the bass currently isn't strung as it's been sat in a case for a long time! This is a German Warwick from 2006 I believe. I'll be able to get more pictures when I am back home 2nd of May. Thanks!
  3. For Sale Squier Classic Vibe P Bass This thing is brand new. I played it once on my last cruise contract as my spare when I had a malfunction with my jazz bass. Can post at buyers expense, not in the market for trades as I am unemployed at the moment so looking to sell! Will get more pictures up when I am home on the 2nd of May. Thanks!
  4. Pino and Steve Jordan with John Mayer Trio. Sublime
  5. I'm currently playing a MM jazz on a cruise contract. 5 sets a day is crippling my back (I'm 27 and I'd like to think I'm in good shape!) And I'm using a Gruv Gear strap, so the weight may be an issue but I absolutely adore the thing. The amount of guests that come up to me after a gig commenting on how great it sounds speaks volumes.
  6. Mine came today but I was two packs light.. I'll have to call them tomorrow!
  7. Recently got the Gruv Gear solo, 4 inches wide and thick padding. Would definitely recommend.
  8. I won't be able to post for a week though as I am away from home 😬
  9. I'll let the Q-Balls for for £50 today!
  10. Gimme your offers! Worst I'll do is say no!
  11. Pick up sold, stand still available.
  12. Thanks mate. Just waiting on people to get back to me!
  13. Hey folks. Couple of things I have found knocking around my garage that are of no use to me anymore! I have this upright bass pick up, don't know the make or model but it works! SOLD And I also have a Tiger double bass stand available. SOLD Cheers.
  14. Hey folks. Few pedals to sell. EHX Enigma Q-Balls - SOLD Solid as a rock envelope filter. A little scuffed but all in good working order. No power supply. Nux Chorus - £7 Apparently the same circuit as the hartke chorus. Sounds great to me ears! Boss OC3 - SOLD We all know about this one. Mooer Bit Crusher - SOLD Bought on a "I'm really into synth sounds" phase which lasted a day. It sounds great but realistically I will never use it. Zoom b1xon - SOLD Bought this to practice on cruise contracts but just upgraded. Cioks dc5 power supply - SOLD The best power supply there is in my honest opinion. Solid as a rock and it will fit under your pedal train, perfect.
  15. Yeah, these are the tunes I can't find! It's nothing to complex just very time consuming!
  16. Before I embark on making a bunch of charts myself, does anybody have any of the following they would be willing to share? Everyday - Buddy Holly I feel the earth move - Carole King Roll Over Beethoven - Chuck Berry Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival Weather with you - Crowded House Glad All Over - Billy Fury C'mon Everybody - Eddie Cochran Summertime Blues - Eddie Cochran I’m still standing - Elton John I'd rather go blind - Etta James Chelsea Dagger - The Fratellis I'm into something good - Herman’s Hermits The air that I breath - The Hollies Reet Petite - Jackie Wilson Hold back the river - James Bay Let it go - James Bay All night long - Lionel Richie Good golly miss molly - little Richard Wagon wheel - Old Crow Medicine Show New Shoes - Paolo Nutini Do ya think I’m sexy - Rod Stewart Twisting The Night Away - Sam Cooke Stitches - Shaun Mendes Thinking of you - Sister Sledge Sha la la la lee - The small faces Last Nite - The Strokes Ballroom Blitz - The Sweet Baba o Riley - The Who My generation - The Who For your love - the yard birds Any of these would be mighty helpful and will save me a lot of time which I already don’t have enough of! email em over to [email protected] Cheers!
  17. Hola folks. My next contract is a cruise ship coming up in June and I would like to take my effects pedals with me. The last two contracts I have done have been in a 4 piece band in the middle east and I found myself using my pedals frequently to fill out the sound etc. I have a cioks dc5 power supply for my pedals which has a switchable voltage from 230 to 120v so if I switch to 120v and use a plug adapter will it work if I am working on a cruise ship?
  18. Purchased a bass off Steve a couple of weeks ago. Top guy to deal with easy transaction. Buy with confidence!
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