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  1. Hey folks. Recently aquired a new cab from a fellow basschatter, genz benz 1x15 focus to be precise. I'm running this with a genz benz shuttle head and took it for its first gig outing last night. I absolutely adored the sound I was getting from it however I did encounter a problem. All that volume and vibration has made the head move around a little and I am worried that in the heat of the moment it may fall off the cab and damage it! Has any body experienced this and does any one have any fixes for it?
  2. Bump for this taking up too much room in my house!
  3. Ashdown 1x15 250watt 8ohm cab for sale. Has been gigged alot over past few years but still in full working order. Great cab, loud and reliable! It is missing the cloth grill and has a dent in the speaker. Usual wear and tear on the tolex. Selling due to aquirement of a new cab. £40 can drop off within reasonable distance at buyers expense. I'm in Chester. Pics on request! Cheers
  4. [quote name='iiipopes' timestamp='1450295128' post='2931514'] With all the planned mods that will cost a substantial amount of money, why not just play the bass as-is while saving the money to purchase another bass? [/quote] This isn't an overnight thing just more of a project to keep me busy. Plus for the money I am spending,I wouldn't be able to get a bass with that sort of quality with regards to pickups etc. It is a great bass as stock and if the mods don't work out I can return the stock parts and continue playing it. The bass itself was a gift so it's not as if I have paid 250 then I'm going to put a further 250 on top. As for the other suggestions, thanks everyone! I'd prefer not to do any routing as I don't have any experience or the correct tools for the job!
  5. I'm putting a set of MECs in place of the stock pickups that I have picked up on here from another user. I plan to combine them with a new preamp (of which I am undecided yet but I dont want it to break the bank!) I am looking at changing the bridge mainly for aesthetic purposes and for the increase in sustain etc. I then plan to change the machine heads to complete the look and again improve the bass. It's a great bass to be fair and I often chose it at the more rockier gigs I play. I am looking to make improvements as abit of a project for myself and to improve the bass where I can but without breaking the bank!
  6. Hey folks. I got a Vm jazz around a year ago and I am looking to make some improvements. I've not done modifications to any instruments before so I'm looking to try make it as easy as possible! The bass currently has a 5 hole bridge but I am looking to fit a 3 hole bridge, the one below to be precise! https://m.thomann.de/gb/schaller_3d4b.htm?o=8&ref=mal_a_8&search=1450131335 My question is will it be a direct fit or will I need to drill new holes? I'd rather Not have to do any routing as I don't really have much experience or the tools to do it! If that doesn't fit, any other bridge suggestions will be considered! Thanks
  7. Thanks for the replies everyone. Have purchased the fake book app which is great for all the chord charts. I am gona look for some books so I can start getting my head around reading. Any suggestions on beginners books for reading that are bass orientated would be smashing!
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone. Have purchased the fake book app which is great for all the chord charts. I am gona look for some books so I can start getting my head around reading. Any suggestions on beginners books for reading that are bass orientated would be smashing!
  9. Is there no way to verify the serial number?
  10. Hi all. I am a self taught bass player and have been playing for around 12 years. I'd say I am a fairly handy player, gigging most weekends in different style bands. I am familiar with basic theory, chords modes that sort of things and putting it into practice when playing. Can pick things up quick etc. I have recently been getting into jazz having been put on to the stuff by a drummer friend. Hes invited me to some open mic nights to play some standards and has told me to buy the "Real" book. However, I can't read music. I can comfortably "walk" over a chord chart but I am worried if I go I won't be able to play because I can't read. Is reading a necessary tool for a bass player? Does the real book have chord charts in there? Should I be learning to read? Thanks!
  11. Hey everyone. Not sure where the best place to share this is so I thought here will do. This is our bands (The Reminisce) new EP. It's completely home recorded in a tiny office space at a friends house. Any feedback would be much welcomed, we are also looking for gigs! Www.soundcloud.com/thereminisceuk/sets/memories-ep Thanks guys!
  12. Thanks very much! Looks pretty easy so I'll give it a go!
  13. I have recently had abit of an accident with my Stagg EUB! I was gigging the bass and one of the support acts tripped on the cable and knocked the bass over which has broken the machine head. I am thinking of just replacing the lot so my question is which ones would be a direct fit and how hard is this to do? Thanks!
  14. Hi everyone. I've am thinking about replacing the speaker in my ashdown 1x15 can to a higher power handling speaker as I seem to be pushing it much harder at some gigs than others and I am worried about blowing it. I am running a gene benz shuttle which is currently overpowering the cab. (I did have two cabs when it wasn't a problem but I have had to move to a smaller house etc.) my question to you guys is, is it worth me swopping out the speaker for something with a higher power handling level? Money is tight at the moment but the gigs are thick and fast so buying a new can is out of the question! Thanks Dave
  15. Recently purchased a Stagg EUB from Mike. Top guy to deal with, fantastic communication and really fast transaction! It was with me the day after posting! Also top packaging! Deal with confidence!
  16. Mixture of both, what ever was in WHS Smith when I had money! I can take a look for you. EDIT: Yeah I have it.
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