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  1. In the very early days of our band, one member plugged a monitor in with a guitar signal lead. It lasted most of the way through the gig before the smoke and burning smell appeared.
  2. Seen em twice and really enjoyed it. I like the new album less than the first but it's still pretty good. Less raw and a bit more produced and popy. But yes, very slack strings. Probably makes it easier to achieve a lot of the string bends he does. We cover a few of their songs and I can rarely achieve the bends on standard guage strings.
  3. I really loved the first four or five albums by the Foos but since then I feel they have become a bit too formulaic and safe. They are brilliant at creating very catchy pop songs in a rock vein but for me that's about as far as it goes these days. I only saw them once, quite a few years ago when they did the Hyde Park thing and it was an amazing show but that was before I had started to loose interest. A mate saw them last year (or was it the year before) when they toured. He still really likes them but said that after they had played for two hours or maybe more he was starting to get really bored and was ready for it to end. I was lucky enough to see Dave Grohl playing drums with Them Crooked Vultures and that to me was a real highlight. I really rate him as a performing and recording drummer and would happilly pay to see him drumming at any opportunity.
  4. Josh Homme, amazing guitar player who has also recorded some pretty groovy bass lines.
  5. Just to confirm, as some have asked. This is definately for sale. PM me any offers if you are interested.
  6. Bit busy today but will try and get pics and details later or maybe tommorrow.
  7. Not sure about selling this but it doesn't get the use it deserves. Fantastic condition with Roqsolid cover. Previous owner really looked after it. I've had it around six months and it has never left the practice room. All our gear gets trashed from being taken to gigs in a builders van and I don't want this to get that treatment. Will post pics if there is any interest. Pics added...........no idea why they are sideways. [attachment=244323:back.JPG][attachment=244324:cover.JPG][attachment=244326:rside.JPG][attachment=244327:Front.JPG][attachment=244328:panel.JPG]
  8. [quote name='eddiehoffmann' timestamp='1481937798' post='3196471'] Post Pop Depression - Iggy Pop Great album with not one filler. Produced by Josh Homme. [/quote] This!
  9. [quote name='Damonjames' timestamp='1481880784' post='3195861'] Agree, The greatest shame is that his energy live doesn't transfer on his records. His playing is always impeccable, but seeing it live is a sight to behold!! Could you imagine playing with him [/quote] I was lucky enough to get to one of his drum clinics in a small hall in Keighley maybe ten years ago. It was pretty poorly attended so it was no problem to get right up to the edge of the low stage with no barriers. I have to say, it is a pretty impressive experience getting up close while he is laying into the kit! Whether he was playing solo improvs or playing along to RHCP tracks in the PA. He is also a pretty good raconteur /comedian, all in all he came across as a pretty good guy.
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