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  1. 20 - 24" (that's 600mm to you youngsters) concrete paving slabs. Collection only, free to a loving home.
  2. [quote name='presoulnation' post='12707' date='Jun 5 2007, 09:58 PM']There aint many places I hate more on this planet than Stockport There isn't a single road I hate more on this planet than the A6.[/quote] Motherwell. A1 around Newcastle. Sorry, didn't add much to the thread did it?......I'll get m'coat
  3. When I got my Sterling it had a dead spot at the 5th on the E - not a good place. None of note anywhere else. If you post on EB forum about it they tend to get a bit shi**y. Strangely it wasn't noticeable acoustically only when amped up. Anyhow tweaked the rod a little (just an 1/8th turn - more relief) and now the bass seems to have settled down the problem seems to have dissapeared. I gather the G string deadspots are pretty classic.
  4. Cheers m'dears. Yup, considering the Jazz is the 'lowest spend item' it is pleasing to the eyes. Still needs some money spending on it tho' - decent pups, a pearloid or abalone pick guard and a BA2 wouldn't go amiss.
  5. Well most of my basses have been swapped out since I last posted this in good 'ol BW. As before I guess you can't really describe these as porn but they're good honest basses. From left to right: 1. Warwick Thumb 2006. Now happily assimilated into the bass line up after some initial 'balance' issues 2. Musicman Sterling 2004. Sold a 1990 'Ray to Hairy Diamond (haven't heard from him in a bit) to fund this. Bought from the Bass Merchant and was NOS when I bought it mid last year. 3. This has been posted before - a 2001 MIM Jazz fretless with a Status unlined graphite neck - gotta love this bass.
  6. For the sort of stuff you play EM (and BTW my 15 year old still says she loves it) what about a MM Sterling? Got the grunt, looks sort of traditional and has the J type neck profile. I've got small hands and its the most comfortable neck I've ever played. The oil finish makes it a bit faster than a standard Fender neck.
  7. For the unfinished (gunstock oil) neck I use the Warwick wax to keep it well sealed and minty fresh. AFAIK this should be ok as it's a 'natural' colour - it certainly aint done any harm to mine. +1 on the damp cloth on the maple board. +1 on infrequent conditioning with Dunlop Lemon oil on the rosewood or pau ferro board.
  8. I got your number written on the back of my hand - The Jags Best friends girl - the Cars Start me up - Rollin' Stones Olivers Army - Elvis C Centrefold - J Geils Band Money For Nothing - Dire Straights The Time Warp - it's astounding but it always works.
  9. +1 on the neck issue. I had two MIM Jazzes, a 1996 Fretted and a 2001 Fretless. The necks were definately NOT interchangeable. When I got the Status Fretless replacement neck it fitted fine (initially tight so a little sanding was req) in the 2001 but seemed only to be able to enter at an angle in the 1996. Also +1 on the scratch plates. Last change I made on the 1996 Jazz with a 'Genuine Fender Part' - only 2/3 of the holes lined up and it needed lots of reaming out around the neck pup and the neck socket to get the damn thing to fit.
  10. I've always wanted to be able to do good 'slap n pull. Can't do it. Watched the vids...no help. Same with tapping, it sounds good (in the right context) but alas not for me. To compensate I have developed 'reasonable' finger technique and happily play most music styles where this technique suites. It would be nice to be able to 'impress' at Jamnights, but for every person who thought 'whooyarr' there would be one who thought T***pot.
  11. martthebass

    My babies

    [quote name='Painless' post='9649' date='May 31 2007, 12:34 AM']My favourite here, a MIM Fretless Jazz, I added a Badass II bridge, Basslines Pickups, Graphtec Nut & Rotosound Jazz Flatwounds. When I first got this bass, the nut was ruined, it had been filed down so low that the strings had worn grooves in the fingerboard on the headstock side of the nut.[/quote] Strange you said that. My MIM fretless had exactly the same thing going on. Plus, a couple I saw in SC were the same, maybe it's a design flaw? or just coincidence. I made the problem go away by swapping in a Status Graphite neck.
  12. Or...............a good US Jazz body, with a Status Graphite neck and Hipshot tuners. Then maybe swap the pickups for Barts or EMG's. Put in a Aggie preamp. Badass 3 bridge. Then take it up to Jon at Shukerville and have a nice exotic wood topped body made for it. Just joking, luv 'em meself. especially the nice high quality ones made in China.
  13. Preferably a 70's Jazz, about 14 pounds in weight......it'll keep the fire going longer
  14. To keep the EB MM lovin' going....you also can't go wrong with a Sterling. + it's got a J type neck (if you like that sort of thing).
  15. Could be right BA but I've never seen elm. Just assumed ash with a 'stain'
  16. Deffo stange. Think I would put it in the 'cash and collect only' category.
  17. Deffo looks like ash. Could be one of the heavier varieties (i.e. not swamp ash).
  18. My 4 string Thumb is good for rock, metal, and slap. Not as versatile as some basses. Wouldn't say it's so good for 'honk' (if you mean the sort of 70's funk/disco thang that seems more set up for Jazzes). Regarding the Wenge/Ovangkol thing I would suggest you audition yourself, I don't find that much difference myself, if anything I prefer the feel of Ovangkol.
  19. If you're not logged in you get 'the words', log in and they miraculously turn into smilies
  20. Having just picked up the latest BG mag....Bruce Foxton.
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  22. Gotta admit that I've had a bit of GAS for a Black Jag after seeing one in the latest MCR vid (no..no..no..not a fan but daughter 2 loves Gerrard Way). Unfortunately since I agreed the 3 bass max policy with 'her that must be obeyed' it would have to kick out a Sterling or a Thumb. Now if there's a Fretless....
  23. [quote name='bassboy115' post='6093' date='May 24 2007, 10:22 PM']and not a clue bout the Wilma and Betty m8 :S cheers[/quote] Fred and Barney? Hannah and Barbera? God I'm getting old....
  24. [quote]Bassboy115 - a corvette standard[/quote] Save yourself the cash....go straight for the Thumb Bolt On The Corvette's good but it's a bit like Wilma and Betty, you'd go with Betty but you'd be thinking of Wilma.....(Which 90/80's TV sitcom did that quote come from)
  25. Where do you start? Start small - get bigger! 1. Some decent pickups for my Status-Jazz Basstard (maybe a black perloid scratch plate as well) 2. Dargie Delight Sterling HS 3. Thru neck Warwick Thumb4 - possibly custom shop 4. A Shuker JJB Precision - starting to really like the look of that Oh and some lightweight Mark Bass gear to send it all thru.
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